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The Best Gauss Redline DPS Warframe Build

The Best Gauss Redline DPS Warframe Build

This Gauss Redline Killer is one of the fastest builds in Warframe

Redline Killer DPS build

Build notes
November 3, 2019
-Build created


1. General information

Gauss is one of the fastest Frames in Warframe which has a very unique Passive ability, which gives him the ability to store and use Battery Power. It's his secondary resource, as Gauss uses both Energy and the Battery to use his abilities. Gauss is a very versatile Frame, which can generate Battery Power as Gauss moves, so this build is primarily focused on mobility. When using this build you should be able to have a 100% uptime on Redline, benefiting from all Gauss bonuses with maximum effect. This build provides solid balanced bonuses, making it a very flexible Frame, suitable for nearly all Mission types.

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This build excels in:
  • Survival Missions
  • Excavation Missions
  • Mobile Defense Missions
  • Versatility
If possible, avoid:
  • Defense Missions
  • Hijack Missions


2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • insane speed
  • high Shield and Shield Recovery Rate
  • versatility
  • good for speed farming for Loot
  • not many Formas required
  • mediocre DPS abilities
  • hard to control


3. Mods

Below you will find the recommended Mods for our Gauss Redline builds. This build is heavily oriented on Sprint Speed and balancing out stats to be able to efficiently use all of his abilities. This build heavily focuses on Redline but thanks to high Efficiency, and Duration, we can almost spam our abilities without much concern for our Energy reserves. Also, Ability Duration will increase the bonuses granted by Redline, partly covering up the lack of extra Ability Strength. Our setup is designed for speed farming Mid to High Tier content without issues.

Detailed stats
  • 300.00 Health
  • 1110.00 Shield Capacity
  • 70.50/sec Shield Recharge
  • 637.50 Energy
  • 150.00 Armor
  • 2.03 Sprint Speed
  • 100.00% Power Strength
  • 194.00% Power Duration
  • 190.00% Power Efficiency
  • 109.00% Power Range
Notable skill: Redline
  • 25.00 Energy Cost
  • 400.00 Impact Damage
  • 58.20 sec Power Duration
  • +29.10% - 145.50% Rate of Fire
  • +15.52% - 87.30% Melee Attack Speed
  • +19.40% - 97.00% Reload Speed
  • +38.80% - 194.00% Holster Speed
List of used Mods and add-ons

Helmet: None

Formas: 2 Formas required

Arcane Enhancements: Arcane Grace, Arcane Guardian

Mod Capacity: 2/74

Sprint Boost

Sprint Boost: matches - polarity

Primed Continuity

Primed Continuity: matches V polarity


Redirection: matches polarity


Stretch: neutral polarity


Streamline: neutral polarity


Rush: matches - polarity

Narrow Minded

Narrow Minded: neutral polarity

Augur Reach

Augur Reach: neutral polarity

Primed Flow

Primed Flow: requires adding - polarity

Fleeting Expertise

Fleeting Expertise: requires adding - polarity

Gauss Redline Build


If you have any other build requests, or suggestions regarding this build please leave a comment below.

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