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SWTOR Credits Farming Guide

SWTOR Credits Farming Guide

Find out what are the best and the most efficient ways to farm Credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic

SW: TOR Credits Farming Guide


Star Wars: The Old Republic, like any other self-respecting MMORPG, provides you with a lot of possibilities when it comes to progression, questing, socializing with other players, and of course, earning Credits. Money-making methods present in SW: TOR vary greatly; some of them require hours upon hours of grind to make them work, while others do not consume even nearly as much of your precious time. However, those faster methods are usually riskier and require lots of experience in order to make them work. This guide will aim to describe the most popular and profitable ways of making “Easy” Credits in SW: TOR. In order to make described methods easily comparable, we have come up with a point system. It should help you choose a gold earning activity that suits you the most. Please also remember that the most the Meta Game is fluid and the number of credits earned by doing any below-described activity may depend on the then present state of the game. 

Point system explanation

We have awarded a maximum of 10 points to every described farming activity in each of the following categories: Time Consumption, Fun Factor, Risk Level, Potential Profits, and Initial and Sustained Investment Needed. You can check the table below for categories explanation (scoring system in some categories may feel unintuitive or reversed, but this is necessary in order to make the Total Score straightforward).

Also, please keep in mind that awarded scores are subjective and might vary substantially from your own experience or/and opinion!

Time Consumption - A higher number means LESS time needed for the activity (This category shows you how much time is needed in order to set your Character (or yourself) up for the said activity. Activities that are simpler to set up, and/or less time consuming will get better scores).
Fun Factor - A higher number equals MORE Fun to be had while performing said activity (this is probably the most subjective category, and your opinion may vary greatly. Less repetitive activities will get better scores, but repetitive activities that feel rewarding will get some recognition as well).
Risk Level -  A higher number means LOWER risk associated with the said activity (this shows the probability of losing money/not making a worthwhile profit when performing an activity, don’t get discouraged, however, because the real risk level will decrease gradually as you gain experience).
Potential Profits - A higher number means HIGHER potential profits (this is quite straightforward; it shows how many credits an activity could earn you. Methods that will provide you with more income per hour spend will get better scores).
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed - A higher number means that LOWER initial investment is needed (some of the below-described activities will require a hefty initial investment, while others will just require time; an activity that is expensive to set up and maintain will get a low score in this category).
Total Score - This shows how easy and profitable said activity is overall, the HIGHER the number, the better (keep in mind that this is just an approximate score, and you should choose the farming method that suits your play style and current situation the best; if you are very low on Credits, but have a lot of time, just pick the activity that doesn’t require much investment to begin with, but is a bit more time consuming).

How to earn Credits

1. Flipping the Galactic Trade Network
Time Consumption 10 / 10
Fun Factor 6 / 10
Risk Level 4 / 10
Potential Profits 10 / 10
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed 3 / 10
Total Score 33 / 50
Description - Galactic Trade Network (GTN) is the center of SW: TOR’s economy, where indecent fortunes are made and lost. Knowing the GTN, and manipulating it skilfully by buying and reselling items can be a great way of making (or losing) a lot of Credits.

General Strategy - First of all, you will need to have a lot of Credits, to begin with, so if you don’t have any to spare, just focus on other described activities for now. Then you have to familiarize yourself with the Network; memorize the prices, identify the hottest, and most wanted items, learn to spot occasions, and to avoid bad deals. After all these steps, start buying items posted for a price below their real value, and then repost them in order to make a profit. The most important thing in all this is patience. Don’t rush your decisions; if your items are not selling quickly, do not repost them for a lower price immediately, just wait and analyze, there is a good chance that they will sell eventually.

Tips and Tricks
  1. If you have accumulated a large stock of the one type of Item (a Crafting Material for example), do not post it all at once, just stash it for a later time instead; this will save you money in a long run.
  2. If an item is rare and in high demand, you could try to monopolize it, by buying it out completely and then reposting it for a new much higher price. This requires a lot of continuous investment (you have to buy out all items posted below your new price or this will not work), and is very risky, however, as someone can potentially have a large stock of the said item just waiting for the price to increase).
  3. Don’t panic if the price of an item is dropping, GTN is very fluid, and prices are fluctuating monthly, weekly or even daily; you will learn to spot those fluctuations over time (they are often related to holidays, weekends, and so on).
  4. Don’t rush your auctions, it is sometimes better to wait for a few days before posting items (periods with increased player populations are generally better for posting auctions, as the Demand rises and Supply drops during those periods).


2. Crafting
Time Consumption 6 / 10
Fun Factor 5 / 10
Risk Level 7 / 10
Potential Profits 7 / 10
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed 7 / 10
Total Score 32 / 50
Description - Some of the Crafted Items are heavily demanded by players and creating them for sale can be a great source of profit; this will require some setup time, as you need to max out corresponding Crew Skills, however.
General Strategy -  First of all, you’ll need at least one Character with good Crew Skills. Secondly, you will have to do some research on the Galactic Trade Network to identify what Crafted Items are in the highest demand at the given moment. Thirdly, you will have to start creating, and posting them on GTN, and there are two main ways of doing it: the First one involves you Gathering all the required materials by yourself; this will be time-consuming but will require less initial investment, and your profit per item Crafted will be higher (but you will make much fewer items this way). Second one is much faster, but involves high initial investment, because it requires you to buy all the needed materials on the GTN (it is important to analyze the prices thoroughly before doing it in order to estimate potential gains and avoid Credit loss), this way you will be able to craft sellable items quickly, but your profit per item will be considerably lower; this is a good strategy for those who don’t have much time to spare for Gathering.
Tips and Tricks
  1. If you plan to farm Credits via crafting items from your mats, you could level up alts, and set their Crew Skills for Gathering and Missions (if you have Crafting Skills already leveled on your main that is).
  2. Analyze the GTN on a regular basis, because prices tend to change regularly, and you don’t want to be caught off guard by a sudden price drop.
  3. Always use the shortest possible duration when posting up your Crafted items on the GTN; other players will surely undercut you, so there is no point in posting up Items for longer
  4. Remember to utilize your Companions to their full potential! Sending them on Missions will provide you with quite a few valuable Crafting components.


The Heroic Missions Farm
Time Consumption 4 / 10
Fun Factor 7 / 10
Risk Level 7 / 10
Potential Profits 6 / 10
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed 7 / 10
Total Score 31 / 50
Description - Heroic Missions that can be picked up from the Activities Window are a good source of income while leveling, as well as when level capped. They can be done solo or with a group.
General Strategy - This activity will not require much preparation, research, or initial investment. All you have to do is: firstly - open your Activities tab, secondly - select a Heroic Mission, and thirdly - complete it in order to get your reward. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. You have to be at the max level in order to get the most out of those missions, however, but you can run them on a low-level character as well. Every completed Mission will earn you some Credits, Command Points, and a Supply Crate. This is a great example of an activity that lets you make a respectable amount of Credits via exploring the game content. Those missions can be very entertaining but will get repetitive sooner or later. If you get too bored while performing other profitable activities, just try running those Missions instead.
Tips and Tricks
  1. You can do those missions much quicker if you team up with a friend.
  2. Remember that all those Missions are sharable, so there is no need for every group member to select chosen Missions by themselves.
  3. Use the teleport feature; the game allows you to quickly travel to the Mission’s location.
  4. You can sell Companion Gifts gained from Supply Crates for even more profit.


4. Gathering Crafting Materials
Time Consumption 2 / 10
Fun Factor 4 / 10
Risk Level 9 / 10
Potential Profits 3 / 10
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed 9 / 10
Total Score 27 / 50
Description - This is the baseline money making activity in pretty much every MMORPG to date. It is not very profitable, but anybody can do it, as the only thing that is required for Gathering is time.
General Strategy - Gathering is very straightforward and does not need much explanation; there are four Gathering Skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic (Archaeology that lets you seek ancient artifacts and lightsaber crystals, Bioanalysis that lets you collect genetic materials from creatures and plants, Scavenging that lets you recycle parts of damaged or old tech pieces, and Slicing that lets you hack computer systems in order to acquire valuable data) and you can choose up to three of them. Before you start your Resource Gathering trip, you should visit the Galactic Trade Network and check which mats sell the best. Armed with that information, you should choose your Gathering Spots accordingly. We mention this activity because it is a good way to start if you are not level-capped or have very little Credits.
Tips and Tricks
  1. You can combine this with Crafting for increased profit.
  2. You should always have the maximum number of companions ready to be sent on Missions. This will provide you with a bonus loot that could be sold for some more profit.
  3. Try to memorize where resources are located and optimize your Gathering Path for increased efficiency.



Star Wars: The Old Republic gives you one the most important things when it comes to making money in MMOs – the freedom of choice; you are not limited to just one Credit farming method, you can mix and match them however you like to maximize your profits, and minimize boredom. Activities described above are just the tip of an iceberg as far as possibilities that the game presents go. Please remember that the most important thing is to have fun while playing, if you get bored or tired while making credits, just take a break and something else for a bit, or you will get fatigued; because after all, games should be played for fun, don’t make a second job out of them.

Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below. We also plan to add further Money-making activities to the list in the foreseeable future, so stay tuned.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of BioWare.