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Support/Tank Arms Maester Wolcen Build

Support/Tank Arms Maester Wolcen Build

A sturdy build with amazing team utility and tanking capabilities

"The Shield Maester"
Armes Maester Tank build

Beta build for Patch 1.0.7/0


Guide notes
March 7, 2020
-Beta version created


The tank is by far the least appealing of the "Holy Trinity" roles present in most RPGs (DPS, tank, and healer, if someone, somehow, didn't already know). This happens for a few reasons, main of them being: 1. A lot of responsibility rests on the Tank; if a group wipes, there is a good chance that the tank will get most of the blame. 2. Tank gameplay is, on average, much more complicated and often less rewarding than DPS gameplay. Luckily, the situation seems to be a bit different in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, where gameplay dynamics are much more appealing from the tanking perspective. CC and defensive abilities feel very impactful there, a well-built tank can steel dish out a respectable amount of damage, and cooperating with teammates is fun, even for a tank. This is why we have decided to create our own Tank build for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. 

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Important note: This is a beta version of our "Shield Maester"  Arms Maester Build that we have just recently started working on. It features unparalleled survivability, great utility and surprisingly decent damage (at least for a Tank Build). As mentioned earlier, we have just started this "project" so we are still far away from determining the perfect mix of passive and active skills (it is possible that we will swap some of them around in the foreseeable future, especially if another hotfix, that turns everything on its head, comes around again). Despite being in the early stages of development, the build shows great promise and performs at a very high level in the group environment, but struggles when played solo (this is to be expected from such a setup, however). As it stands, this is one of the most durable and supportive builds you can currently run while in a group. 


1. Gameplay

The first thing to remember when choosing this build is: remember that it is designed for a party play and it will be much less effective when playing solo (however, with some Passives and Modifiers swaps, it is very possible to turn it into a solo build). As a Tank, you will be in the spearhead of your team's advances. You will be the one engaging enemies and you will be the one taking the most of the punishment associated with it. To make your main job satisfying and easily-executable, we have chosen a range of specially Modified skills. Wings of Ishmir will allow you to easily engage and group up bands of enemies so that they can all be affected by your AoE abilities. Sovereign Shout will work as an Area of Effect taunt paired with a solid debuff, that will make enemies less likely to overcome you. With Tracker's Reach, you will easily keep all nearby enemies in your melee range, which will help your teammates eliminate them with their abilities. The Bladestorm will enable you to deal solid AoE damage to all the gathered enemies yourself, and Juggernaut will greatly increase your survivability and, thanks to the Equalizor mod, you will be able to cast it on your allies, often saving them from certain death. If the above-mentioned description sounds fun for you, feel free to try our Tank build with a group of friends! 


2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • Great Survivability 
  • Very good Group Utility 
  • Surprisingly good Damage (for a Tank) 
  • Solid CC options 
  • Not suited for solo play 
  • Overall Damage output is below average 
  • Requires some stance micromanagement to maximize efficiency 
  • Somewhat reliant on gear


3. Attributes

For this Tank build, you want to focus on Ferocity for increased offensive capabilities, but you also can't forget about your main role, which means that you should balance the Ferocity with a good amount of Toughness. If you feel comfortable and have good enough defensive gear, you can allocate more of your points into Ferocity. Toughness should be treated as compensation for lackluster gear and more points should be allocated there if needed. As for Wisdom and Agility, any points allocated to them are a waste, and you should avoid doing that. 

Attribute priorities
  Ferocity 60%
  Toughness 40%
  Agility 0%
  Wisdom 0%


4. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passives for our "Shield Maester" Arms Maester build. It primarily utilizes Defensive Passives, but also ventures into the Warlock Archetype to grab "Duty to Exterminate", which synergizes with the Warmonger's Manic Slaughter. Build's Passives are allocated in a way that increases Survivability, Block, Resource Generation/Savings, and of course Life Leech, but they also provide some much-needed Damage (despite being a designated Tank, the character that uses this Build should be able to pull his weight on the offense). 

Wolcen Tank/Support Arms Maester

Blessed Manna

Health Globes now not only give you Health but they also increase All Resistances Score by +40 for a short duration. Make sure you pick up the globes, they are really worth it with this passive. 

Selfless Courage After you block an attack, you and your allies get +25% All Resistances Score for a short duration. This is a great defensive passive that increases the survivability of the whole team. 
Kingless Aegis It allows you to block enemy attacks with any weapon type. This means that you can drop a Shield for a Catalyst and turn the build into a "Paladin" of sorts by swapping some Active Abilities around. Moreover, this passive adds +6% to your block chance. 
Duty to Exterminate Increases maximum Willpower and, more importantly, Rage levels, which allows you to cast more spells and attack skills. This also synergizes with Warmonger's Manic Slaughter passive and is one of your highest DPS increases because of that. 
Manic Slaughter

Increases the Damage Dealt proportionally to the current amount of Rage. This modifier applies to all forms of damage, which makes it universally good. 

Feast for the Crows It provides you with a +2% Global Life Leech that greatly increases your survivability. This, combined with solid resistances and a high amount of health, makes you very hard to put down. 
Belligerent Banner Every few seconds you gain a "Fortress" point up to a maximum of 10 points. Each "Fortress" Point increases your block chance. Points are removed when a block is completed. This boosts your defenses by quite a bit and synergizes with Praetorian's Selfless Courage. 
Salvatory Anchor This gives you a bonus based on the Chest-piece type you are currently wearing. We recommend you go for a Heavy Chest-piece as it will provide you with additional All Resistances Score equal to All Resistances Score on your equipped Heavy Chest-piece (this passive effectively doubles your Heavy Chest-piece's All Resistances Score, which is huge). 
Furious Appetite You will now generate Rage instead of the Will Power and all your Will Power regeneration will be applied to Rage instead. 
Proud Reprisal When you block an attack, you instantly deal a percentage of your weapon damage in a counter-attack. This synergizes very well with your high block chance gained from other passives and provides you with a solid damage reflection. 
Virtuose Stance You gain access to two stances: "Stalwart Resolve" and "Probing Weakness". "Stalwart Resolve" increases your defenses at the cost of your offensive capabilities and the "Probing Weakness" does the opposite. Stances are swapped when you use a Dodge Roll. You should use "Probing Weakness" by default and swap it to boost your DPS if needed. 


5. Skills

[PRIMARY DPS] Bladestorm
Bladestorm Bladestorm is your main offensive ability. It makes you spin around and deal AoE damage to all enemies within range.
  Lethal Momentum increases the Rage generated by killing enemies with Bladestorm, allowing you to sustain it with high Rage. This also allows you to benefit more from the Maniac Slaughter Passive. 
  Unfettered Determination allows you to hold down the button to channel the skill for a longer duration, which increases your damage output and synergizes the High Velocity Rotation
  High Velocity Rotation increases the attack speed of your allies, inside the Area of Effect, and yourself. This adds a nice group utility to your main DPS skill, which is very convenient to use. 
  Cascading Rhythms is the most important offensive Passive for Bladestorm, which increases it's hit frequency after you Critically Strike an enemy. This will considerably boost your DPS. 
[Crowd Control / AoE Utility] Tracker's Reach
Tracker's Reach Tracker's Reach turns you into a Scorpion from Mortal Combat; Isn't that enough to know about this skill? It allows you to pull back enemies that are aggroed on your allies, which can save their lives. Tracker's Reach is also very satisfying to use (Get Over Here!). 
  Arresting Claw causes the chain to apply Stasis Aliment on enemies that are pulled in. This improves the ability's CC potential even more and synergizes with the Unrelenting Hunt
  Unrelenting Hunt causes your Tracker's Reach to pull in enemies from all directions, turning the skill into a very effective AoE Crowd Control ability. 
  Preserving Momentum cuts some time from the ability's Cooldown. 
  Ever Wakeful Justice reduces the ability's Cooldown allowing you to use it more often, which can be essential in back-to-the-wall situations. 
  Restricting Chain also reduces the ability's Cooldown allowing you to use it more often. 
[UTILITY] Sovereign Shout
Sovereign Shout Sovereign Shout grants substantial buffs to both your defenses and DPS. It increases your Resistances and generates a lot of Threat if you choose the recommended modifiers for it. 
  Hold the Line grants a buff to All Resistances per enemy hit by the shout. If you group enemies with Trucker's Reach before shouting, this will provide a very high Resistances bonus. 
  Infectious Determination increased the duration of all buffs granted, making the skill much more efficient to use. 
  Blade Eater causes your Sovereign Shout to generate more Threat. This converts this ability into an AoE Taunt, which is essential for a good Tank build. 
  Belligerent Promises makes your shout generate even more Threat. 
  Dawnbreaker makes your Sovereign Shout also apply Weakness to all enemies hit by its effect. This enables you to tank them more effectively by reducing their damage. 
[UTILITY] Juggernaut
Juggernaut Juggernaut a defensive Skill that gives you a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage. Upon receiving a set amount of damage, it will explode damaging nearby enemies. What makes this ability special is the fact that it is slightly overtuned and allows you to obliterate bosses with its Damage Reflection Modifier. 
  Grudges Collected causes you to generate Rage when you receive damage while the Juggernaut is active. a very convenient Modifier that nicely synergizes with the build. 
  Crushing Wall inflicts a portion of your character's Weapon Damage to all enemies attacking the shield. This minor retaliation effect ramps up Damage surprisingly quickly. 
  Perpetual Osmosis which increases the maximum possible damage absorption at the cost of emptying the Fore Shield. 
  Cold Steel reduces the cooldown, making the ability even more powerful. 
  Equalizor allows you to cast Juggernaut on your allies, which can be life-saving. With this Modification, the ability turns into a powerful emergency cooldown that will let you keep your teammates alive after they make an otherwise grievous mistake. 
[MOBILITY] Wings of Ishmir
Wings of Ishmir Wings of Ishmir allows you to perform offensive (and defensive) Leaps. It allows you to engage groups of unsuspecting enemies quickly and provides you with various powerful buffs. Moreover, it can be used to jump away from danger. 
  Noble Bearing reduces the Skill's cooldown, for each enemy slain with this ability, allowing you to Leap again more quickly and benefit from the Skill's bonuses more often. 
  Berzerker's Onslaught increases the amount of Rage generated by Wings of Ishmir. This Modifier synergizes with the build's passive setup, which makes it even better than usual. 
  Twisting Harbinger makes your Wings of Ishmir pull all enemies in its Area of Effect to the place where you will land. This allows you to group up enemies in one place for your allies to eliminate quickly. It also improves your Crowd Control capabilities. 
  Meritorious Crew which is the most important modifier for Wings of Ishmir, giving you (and your allies) a very high damage bonus after landing. 


5. Recommended Gear

This section is still in "construction" as we don't have enough data to give you exact item proposals. We can't provide too detailed gear suggestions right now as there aren't many Unique and Legendaries revealed. However, below you can find the recommended Stat priority for items used in this build, which should help you get through the campaign. In the following days, we will try to update this section. 

Note: This build is based on a set of Melee skills and assumes that the player uses a Shield. We recommend Sword & Board setup, but Shield can possibly be switched for Catalyst, together with some of the Active Skills (if you go for Catalyst, you can switch Wings of Ishmir for Aether Jump, for example). 

Stat priorities
  1. All Resistances Bonus
  2. Health
  3. Toughness
  4. Life Leech 
  5. High Base Physical Damage
  6. Attack Critical Hit Chance
  7. Attack Critical Hit Damage
  8. Ferocity


If you have any other build requests please let us know in the comments section below. We are going to continue our work on Wolcen characters to fill up the list with all major build archetypes in the following weeks. Stay tuned. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Wolcen Studio.