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MapleStory 2 Mesos Farming Guide - How to earn Mesos in MS2

MapleStory 2 Mesos Farming Guide - How to earn Mesos in MS2

Find out what are the best and the most efficient ways to farm Mesos in MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 Mesos Farming Guide


In MapleStory 2, like in most of the other MMORPGs, there are a lot of ways of making a profit. These methods greatly differ both in time consumption and potential income departments, so choosing the best one might be quite of a hassle for an average player. This guide will go over some of the best, and the most proven ways of making Mesos in MapleStory2. We will focus on more reliable money-making activities, so very good RNG dependent methods, like farming VERY rare items or pets, will not be featured (mainly because the average profit of those RNG farms is very low, unless you basically win the drop lottery, and everyone should know that the odds of that actually happening are... unlikely to say the least. But for those of you who feel particularly lucky, let’s do a quick math; if a catch rate of an epic pet equals to 0.001% chances [and this rate for most of the rarest pets is even lower], and you catch 10 random pets per minute constantly, you will have to spend about 10000 minutes or 166.66 hours, or almost 7 days of playing 24/7 to catch it; this equals to a MONTH of farming 6 hours a day and will probably yield no results, and generate over 100kk expenses, so good luck with that). To make browsing featured activities easier, we have devised a punctuation system, which will help you compare the below-described activities and pick up the best suited for your play style and time resources.

Point system explanation

A score of 1 to 10 points was awarded to every activity in each of the following categories: Time Consumption, Fun Factor, Risk Level, Potential Profits, and Initial and Sustained Investment Needed. The explanation of those score categories can be checked in the table below (scoring system in some categories may feel unintuitive or reversed, but this is necessary in order to make the Total Score straightforward).

Also, please keep in mind that those scores are subjective and may vary greatly from your own experience and/or opinion!

Time Consumption - A higher number means LESS time needed for the activity (This number will show you how time-consuming said activity is; activities that have to be performed for multiple hours at a time in order to be profitable will get the lowest score).
Fun Factor - A higher number equals MORE Fun to be had while performing said Activity (this score is very subjective, because different people tend to enjoy different things, so keep this in mind).
Risk Level -  A higher number means LOWER risk associated with the said activity (This number represents the probability of losing or not making a worthwhile profit while engaging in the described activity).
Potential Profits - A higher number means HIGHER potential profits (Both maximum possible and profit per hour invested is taken into account here).
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed - A higher number means that LOWER initial investment is needed (the amount of Mesos that have to be sunk to start and maintain an Activity; part of the Mesos needed at the start might possibly be saved with more initial time investment).
Total Score - This shows how easy and profitable and enjoyable the said activity is overall, the HIGHER the number, the better.

How to Earn Mesos

1. Black Market Flipping
Time Consumption 8 / 10
Fun Factor 6 / 10
Risk Level 6 / 10
Potential Profits 9 / 10
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed 3 / 10
Total Score 32 / 50
Description - Black Market gives players a worthwhile money-making potential, with some research and game knowledge it is possible to make very high profits from Black Market transactions.

General Strategy - Just like in other MMOs that feature an Auction house in some form, your goal is to buy stuff cheaply and sell said stuff with profit. The main thing to know about the MS 2’s Black Market is that most of the gear can be sold only once, so reselling it after a purchase is impossible. This limitation will force you to focus on consumables and item-enhancement resources, like Onyx. First of all, you have to do some price research, and check if there is any room to profit from flipping resources; you’ll want to check prices of all exceptional level 50 weapons and armor, and the price of Onyx. This sounds simple, but is not that straightforward and has to be made on regular basis. With all this all out the way, here is the strategy: Dismantling a level 50 Exceptional (Blue) item will give you 49 Onyx Crystals (with notable exception of knives and throwing stars which give you half less), knowing this you’ll want to do some basic math; if the price of an item is lower than the price of 49 Onyx Crystals + Market fee, you will profit from buying said item, dismantling it, and eventually selling Onyx Crystals. For this to be really profitable, you should aim to have at least a 15% profit from each item.

You can also buy and resell items like Snares, Solvents, Essences, Onyxes, and Keys, but this might be difficult, because of quite high Market fees. However, even with punishing Market fees, simple item-flipping has high Mesos-making potential.

Tips and Tricks
  1. Check the Onyx prices on a very regular basis, because they can change rapidly.
  2. You can prepare a spreadsheet that will help you identify the minimal item price to Onyx price relation which will result in a worthwhile profit.
  3. Get to know how the Black Market operates in order to speed up search and buyout processes. You should set up available item filters (Types, Job Requirements, minimal level needed etc.); basic search setup looks like that: Level 50 – MAX, Jobs – All Jobs, Name – Blank (do not write anything here), Type – Armor (or Weapons), Sub Type – Blank (or one subtype after the other if you are looking for weapons).
  4. There are new auctions posted on the Black Market every minute, and the ones that present the highest profit possibilities will not stay up for long, so you should search the market in intervals (for example, you search all weapon and armor categories, dismantle bought items, post up Onyx Crystals, and then proceed to next search session, if your search sessions are about 15-20 minutes apart, new items should be available on the Market; remember to check Onyx prices before searching for items, to define your maximum buyout price each time!).
  5. Try to time your market search sessions with prime server hours, because the more people online, the more new auctions created every minute.


2. World Boss Runs
Time Consumption 5 / 10
Fun Factor 7 / 10
Risk Level 7 / 10
Potential Profits 7 / 10
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed 5 / 10
Total Score 31 / 50
Description - This is a well-known strategy, but it works so we are placing it here. World Boss spawns have known timers, which are delayed a bit between channels so they can be farmed by channel hopping efficiently.
General Strategy -  You will need max level, geared character for this one (and be a premium member ideally). First of all, you should team up with at least 3 other people, because groups of 4+ gain 30% increased Mesos gains. Then, you should check which bosses will be active in the next few minutes, and make your way to their location (main farm bosses are Amadon on Ludari Arena (Timer: XX:55), Acreon on Lavender Island (Timer: XX:05), and Ureus on Nazkar Pyramid (Timer: XX:15). For the best efficiency you should be on channel 1 in the Ludari Arena a few minutes before the Boss spawn, so you do not miss the ch1 kill. After killing Amadon on ch1, you will want to hop between channels in order to gain as many Boss Kills as possible in the active 5-minute window. After your hopping is finished, quickly make your way to the Acreon spawn point on Lavender Island, and repeat the whole process. After that, repeat it for the Ureus located on top of the Nazkar Pyramid. The whole cycle will take you 25 minutes, and if you want to repeat it, you’ll have to wait 35 minutes for Amadon to become active again. Running these in 4+ party will net you about 700k Mesos per run because every kill gives you 30k Mesos, Obsidian Essence, one Blue or Green item, and a Green or Blue Crystal (if you do enough DPS).
Tips and Tricks
  1. After a boss is killed, pick your loot up quickly, and move away in order to switch channels.
  2. Use available in-game commands to speed up the channel hopping process; the commands are as follows: /nextchan (used for switching channels downwards ch1ch2 etc), /prevchan (used for switching channels upwards ch2  ch2 etc), /movechannel # (used to switch current channel for the selected one; replace # with a channel number).
  3. If you are not a premium member and have trouble relocating without a flying mount, you can set up portals leading to desired locations from your House via build mode.
  4. If channel 1 if full, you can start your farm at a lower channel, and then proceed by using the /nextchan command; if you have a few minutes until spawn, you should instead spam /movechannel 1 command until you manage to get the 1st channel (do the same thing if more than one of the top channels is full).


Dungeon Farming
Time Consumption 3 / 10
Fun Factor 5 / 10
Risk Level 8 / 10
Potential Profits 3 / 10
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed 8 / 10
Total Score 27 / 50
Description - The baseline method of making Mesos, time-consuming, but reliable.
General Strategy - First of all, please note that there is a 10 Completed Dungeons limit per day, and 30 Completed Dungeons limit per week for each of your characters, so in order to do more than 30 runs a week, you’ll have to have an alt. Dungeons are instanced areas where players participate in PvE fights, they can be done solo or in a group; we recommend grouping up because it will reduce the time needed per run considerably. The fastest of currently available dungeons is the Tronix Bunker, so you should focus your Dungeon farming endeavors around it. A geared and experienced group can complete it in about 4-5 minutes, so 10 runs should not take more than 50 minutes in total. Completing each dungeon awards you with Gear, Onyx Crystals, and Enhancement Items which could be sold on the Black Market for profit.
Tips and Tricks
  1. You can dismantle unneeded Gear Drops for Onyx Crystals and sell them on the Black Marked for increased profit.
  2. Looted Epic Gear is tradable and should be Black Marketed for a nice profit (remember to check prices before posting it!).
  3. If you enjoyed farming in a certain group, you should try to make friends with those group members, this will assembling a good group in the future much easier.


4. Farming Daily Missions
Time Consumption 4 / 10
Fun Factor 4 / 10
Risk Level 8 / 10
Potential Profits 2 / 10
Initial and Sustained Investment Needed 8 / 10
Total Score 26 / 50
Description - This is another of the baseline Mesos-making activities. It is easily accessible, and does not require a particular Gearscore or skill, but will most likely not earn you a fortune.
General Strategy - Every level 50 player character gets Daily Missions to complete. Each completed mission awards you with 10 Mission Points, with a maximum of 300 Mission Points per character, per day. Milestones of 100, 200, and 300 Points will award you with 1, 2 and 3 Gold Mission Complete Boxes respectively. These boxes may contain Chaos Onyx Crystals, Blue Stars, Onyx Crystals, and Metacells which can be sold for profit. Each of the completed missions also awards you with a mission-specific chest (we recommend you to focus on the Get Rich missions, because they award you with the MESO mission box, which contains 7x 1,000-Meso Pouch, 7x 10,000-Meso Pouch, and a pouch that contains 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k or 500k MESO at random; three Get Rich missions are available for every character each day). Daily Missions mainly consist of you running across the map, or completing other mundane and easy tasks, so premium membership could be beneficial. This method gets more profitable if you have more than one character, because of Character specific Point limit, but the same could be said about the Dungeon Farm. This activity is best suited for new players, who are still gearing up, and need some more Mesos in order to speed up the equipment collecting process, but will not sustain an experienced player.
Tips and Tricks
  1. If you don’t have much time every day, just focus on completing 3 Get Reach missions each day, because they will provide you with the highest profits.
  2. There are 6 Daily Missions categories, and each of them provides you with 3 Daily Missions with awards that are category-specific. Check the possible awards before picking up a mission.
  3. As the name suggests, those missions reset daily, and there is a limited amount of them, so they could be learned in order to speed up the completion process.


MapleStory 2 presents a lot of opportunities for Mesos-making, and we have featured just a little portion of them. Every MS 2 player will surely find his favorite way of earning a lot of Mesos without getting too exhausted or bored.

Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comment section below. We also plan to add further Mesos-making activities to the list in the foreseeable future.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Nexon.