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Mag Prime Crusher Warframe Build

Mag Prime Crusher Warframe Build

Solid Mag Prime build with potent AoE and control-control based on the Crush ability

The Crusher build

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Build notes
March 2, 2019
-Build created

1. General information

This Mag Prime build revolves around his Crush ability. Our main goal was to make Crush as strong and as efficient as possible in order to make it Mag's real ultimate weapon. This has resulted in the creation of very potent AoE Damage and Crowd Control Frame which deals with multiple enemies with ease.

This build excels at:
  •  Exterminate missions
  •  Defense missions
  •  Assassination missions
If possible, avoid:
  •  Solo missions
  •  Extermination missions

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Good Crowd Control capabilities
  •  Easy to play
  •  Versatile
  •  Good utility
  •  Expensive
  •  Unsuitable for solo play

3. Mods

The main focus of this Mag Prime build was to maximize the range and strength of Crush and make it castable as many times as possible without sacrificing its power. To achieve this we have increased the maximum Energy pool by a bunch and added mods which increase Efficiency, Strenght and Range. This build provides you with strong AoE damaging ability combined with solid Crowd Control utility. With the recommended Mods your stats will be at

Detailed stats
  • 300.00 Health
  • 450.00 Shield Capacity
  • 37.50/sec Shield Recharge
  • 743.25 Energy
  • 65.00 Armor
  • 1.00 Sprint Speed
  • 0.60 Energy Regeneration
  • 154.00% Power Strength
  • 67.50% Power Duration
  • 235.00% Power Range
  • 160.00% Power Efficiency
  • +30.00% Chance to Resist Knockdown
Notable Skill: Crush
  • 40.00 Energy Cost
  • 2310.00 Magnetic
  • 42.30m Radius
  • 1.00sec Knockdown
  • +1500.00 Damage Bonus if the Enemy is Affected by Magnetize
  • 40.00 Shield Recharge
  • 38.50 Shield Regen for Party per Enemy hit per Tick
  • 1.50sec Charge Speed
  • -50.00% Enemy Armor
  • 4.73sec Enemy Armor Reduction Duration
  • 4.73sec Immobilization

This build utilizes the Fracturing Crush Augment mod for Mag Prime which decreases armor of all enemies who have survived Crush by 50% and immobilizes them, greatly increasing build's Crowd Control and support potentials.

List of used Mods and add-ons

Helmet: No Helmet equipped

Formas: 4 Formas required

Arcane Enhancements: Arcane Agility or Arcane Guardian for some more defense.

Mod Capacity: 1/74

Corrosive Projection

Energy Siphon: requires changing polarity to - polarity

Blind Rage

Fleeting Expertise: requires adding - polarity

Primed Flow

Primed Flow: matches - polarity


Transient Fortitude: requires adding V polarity


Overextended: requires adding D polarity

Cunning Drift

Fracturing Crush: neutral polarity

Transient Fortitude

Stretch: matches - polarity

Augur Accord

Primed Continuity: matches V polarity


Umbral Intensify: neutral polarity


Power Drift: neutral polarity

Mag Prime build

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