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Limbo Prime Crowd Controler Warframe Build

Limbo Prime Crowd Controler Warframe Build

Highly specialized Limbo Prime build optimized for most efficient crowd-control effects

The Crowd Controler build

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Build notes
February 26, 2019
-Build created

1. General information

This Limbo Prime build is designed to Control ongoing engagements with powerful CC combinations. To achieve this we have combined very high Power Duration with largely increased Power Range.  Thanks to this, our build has great synergy with Limbo's Cataclysm and Banish abilities which combine for very strong AoE CC effect.

This build excels at:
  •  Defense missions
  •  Mobile defense missions
  •  Excavation missions
  •  Rescue missions
  • Crowd control
If possible, avoid:
  •  Unexperienced teams
  •  Extermination missions

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Very good AoE Crowd Control capabilities
  •  Boosts team's Energy Regeneration rate
  •  Great utility
  •  Somewhat complicated to operate optimally
  •  Limbo has a bad reputation among the community

3. Mods

The main focus of this Limbo Prime build was to create a very potent Crowd Control Frame. Achieving this was possible thanks to prioritizing Duration and Range because both of these stats synergize well with Limbo's Cataclysm and Stasis abilities. This setup provides you with very strong CC combo. With the recommended Mods your stats will be at

Detailed stats
  • 300.00 Health
  • 300.00 Shield Capacity
  • 30.00/sec Shield Recharge
  • 262.00 Energy
  • 85.00 Armor
  • 1.15 Sprint Speed
  • 40.00% Power Strength
  • 306.00% Power Duration
  • 214.00% Power Range
  • 130.00% Power Efficiency
  • +40.00% Knockback Recovery
  • -30 Enemy Armor
  • +12.00% Slide
  • -30.00% Friction
Notable Skill: Cataclysm
  • 70.00 Energy Cost
  • 200.00 Blast
  • 34.24m Radius
  • 91.80sec Power Duration
  • 10.70m Radius after Duration is Over
  • 300.00 Damage Upon Entering or Leaving the Rift
  • +2.00 Energy Regeneration if Target is an Ally
List of used Mods and add-ons

Helmet: No Helmet equipped

Formas: 1 Forma required

Arcane Enhancements: Arcane Agility or other Defensive Enhancement of your choice

Mod Capacity: 4/74

Corrosive Projection

Corrosive Projection: matches polarity

Blind Rage

Constitution: requires switching V polarity to - polarity

Primed Flow

Primed Continuity: matches V polarity


Augur Reach: neutral polarity


Stretch: neutral polarity

Cunning Drift

Cunning Drift: neutral polarity

Transient Fortitude

Streamline: matches - polarity

Augur Accord

Narrow Minded: matches D polarity


Overextended: neutral polarity


Augur Message: neutral polarity

Limbo Prime Build

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