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Last Epoch Legendary Crafting and Temporal Sanctum Guide

Last Epoch Legendary Crafting and Temporal Sanctum Guide

Complete Guide on how to create Legendary Items in Last Epoch

Last Epoch
Legendary Crafting and Temporal Sanctum Guide



Legendary Items are the very peak of Last Epoch Itemization. If you're looking for the most powerful gear in the game, they are it. Unlike in most other CRPG games, however, you can't simply spend hours mindlessly farming to eventually get them; it's a bit more complicated (and enjoyable) than that! To create a Legendary, you'll have to venture into an End-Game Dungeon called Temporal Sanctum, defeat a challenging boss at the end of it, and use the Eternity Cache to forge the Legendary of your dreams yourself. 

This guide will go over the process of creating Last Epoch Legendary Items. It will shine some light on the intricacies of the Legendary Crafting System and explain, in detail,  how it works. It will also break down the Chronomancer Julra encounter from the Temporal Sanctum, to help you get to the Eternity Cache easier. 


Creating a Legendary in Last Epoch

Every Last Epoch Legendary Item is an amalgamation of a Unique and Exalted item. To create a Legendary, you'll have to make such an amalgamation. There are some restrictions that force you to use items that meet specific criteria during the combination process. 

Legendary Potential

One of such criteria is Legendary Potential. Every Last Epoch Unique Item has a chance to drop with a "Legendary Potential" property. Its value ranges from 0 to 4; 4 being, of course, the best possible roll (and also extremely rare). Legendary Potential determines how powerful Legendary Item can be created out of the Unique. 

Legendary Potential
Examples of Unique Items with Legendary Potential

The higher the required Level of a Unique, the lower the chance that it will drop with any Legendary Potential. 

  • Low-Level Uniques, with high Legendary Potential, are considerably easier to obtain, but the ones with 4 are still extremely rare. 
  • High-Level Uniques with any Legendary Potential at all are very rare and usually very valuable. Dropping one with 4 Legendary Potential is like winning a lottery - possible but extremely unlikely. 

Exalted Item Restrictions

Only Exalted Items of the same type as the chosen Unique Item can be used in the Legendary Item Creation. So, only Shields can be used in the creation of Legendary Shields, etc. Moreover, only Exalted Items with 4 Unsealed Affixes are usable. 

  • These 4 Unsealed Affixes will be transferred to the newly-created Legendary, so you not only need an Exalted Item with 4 Affixes; you need one with 4 good Affixes (or you can just roll the dice...). 

Exalted Item
Example of an Exalted Item with 4 Unsealed Affixes

Creating a Legendary

Once you have a Unique with Legendary Potential and an Exalted Item with 4 Unsealed Affixes, you have to head to the Temporal Sanctum, a Dungeon that holds the secret of creating Last Epoch Legendary Items.

At the end of Temporal Sanctum, you'll find the Eternity Cache - a container that has the ability to combine your Unique and Exalted Items into Legendaries. Using it is extremely simple and requires you to do 2 things: 

  1. Place your chosen Items into the Cache in the past. 
  2. Return to the future and collect your newly created Last Epoch Legendary! 

IMPORTANT: Legendary Potential is the only factor that determines how many Affixes will be extracted and transferred from your chosen Exalted Item into the newly created Legendary! 

  • Unique Item with 1 Legendary Potential will obtain 1 Affix, chosen randomly from 4 Affixes present on the Exalted Item used in the creation process. Unique with 2 will obtain 2 at random, etc. 
  • Unique Item with 4 Legendary Potential will inherit all 4 Affixes from the used Exalted Item. 

It's also important to take into consideration the level restrictions of Uniques that can be used in the process. The higher the Tier of Temporal Sanctum, the high the level of Unique Items that can be used - as least for now, those restrictions don't apply to Exalted Items used

  • Tier I - Unique Items with a level requirement of up to 50 can be used
  • Tier II - a level requirement of up to 65
  • Tier III - a level requirement of up to 75
  • Tier IV - no restrictions whatsoever

Legendary Item
A rare example of a Legendary Item created out of a Unique that had 4 Legendary Potential. You can recognize it by 4 added Affixes (highlighted green). 

Things to Know

  • Affixes of different Tiers, present on the used Exalted Item, have the same chance to be chosen for the newly created Legendary Item. 
  • Affixes that are already present on the used Unique Item will always remain in place and won't be affected by the Legendary Creation process in any way. 
  • Exalted Items with 0 Forging Potential can be used in Legendary Creation! 
    • Bumping up the Affixes to as high tier as possible has no downsides in Legendary Creation. 
  • You can use the Rune of Creation to duplicate the Exalted Item you want to use in Legendary Creation (the Duplicate, as well as the original, can be made into a Legendary). 
  • Exalted Items used in Legendary Creation must always have 4 Unsealed Affixes. Even if the used Unique has Legendary Potential lower than 4. 
  • Exalted Items with a Sealed Affix can still be used in a Legendary Creation, provided that they have 4 Unsealed Affixes. 
    • The Sealed Affix will be ignored in the creation process. 
  • Level Requirement of the created Legendary is calculated based on the Affixes brought over to it. 
    • This means that your new Legendary may have a higher Level Requirement than the used Unique. 
  • You can access your Stash from inside the Eternity Cache room! No need to bring the items you want to use in Legendary Creation with you. 
  • Every Unique Item has a chance to drop with some amount of Legendary Potential, but the chances for that are very slim. Prepare for a lot of farming if you want to obtain one yourself! 
  • CAUTION: Putting a Class-Specific Affix on a Unique Item will turn it into a Class-Specific Legendary! 
    • The game won't allow you to create unusable items by combining Uniques and Exalted Items for different Classes. 


Temporal Sanctum Guide

As you can see, Crafting a Last Epoch Legendary Item is very simple if you have the ingredients. The real challenge lies in actually getting to the Eternity Cache! The Cache is located at the end of the Temporal Sanctum, which is a High-Level Dungeon that requires special Keys to enter. 

What is Temporal Sanctum?

Temporal Sanctum is Last Epoch's first End-Game Dungeon, where you'll face off against Chronomancer Julra, a powerful boss that stands guard in front of the Eternity Cache - the device that can be used to create Legendary Items. To get to the Boss and the Cache, you'll have to navigate through the Sanctum by using the time-travel mechanic, solving puzzles, and defeating packs of powerful enemies. 

You can't simply knock at the door and be granted access to the Temporal Sanctum. To enter, you'll have to obtain a special Key first! 

Entrance Dialogue
Give a Key to this guy and you'll gain access to the Temporal Sanctum

Temporal Sanctum Key Farming

Generally speaking, Temporal Sanctum Keys can be dropped from Rare Enemies in Zones of Level 54 or higher. They also drop from Bosses in the Monolith of Fate. 

The above means that to optimize your chances of obtaining Temporal Sanctum Keys, you have to defeat as many Rares in Level 54+ Zones as possible in as short a timeframe as possible. This is a bit trickier than it sounds. Here are tips you should follow to maximize your Key yield per hour: 

  • Firstly, you should learn how to recognize Rare Enemies. 
    • This part is very easy - just hover your mouse over them - Rare Enemies have Yellow Nameplates. They will also often have visible Auras or other visual effects distinguishing them from the mob of regular enemies. Also, Rare Enemies are often very big, so they stand out. 
  • The best strategy for farming Temporal Sanctum Keys involves running Echoes; Depending on the Echo you get yourself into, you might encounter a lot, or close to none Rare Enemies. 
    • If there is close to 0 Rares in the Echo, you should rush to the end as quickly as possible and not waste your time. 
    • If the number of Rares in the Echo is satisfying, you should full-clear it to maximize your Rare kills per hour. 
  • Some Echoes have a higher chance to spawn Rares than others and different Echoes are available for different Timelines. This means that some Timelines are bound to be better for Temporal Sanctum Key Farming in Echoes than others! 
    • Lagon Timeline seems to get a solid choice for Key Farming in Echoes. 
    • Quest Echoes are also a solid option as they usually contain multiple Rare Enemies. 
  • Your Build matters! Builds designed for Speed-Running through content will yield much more Keys/hour than slow and steady ones! It's all about the speed at which you can clear Echoes. 
  • Corruption and Echo Modifiers affect Temporal Sanctum Key drop chances! 
    • To maximize the Key drop chance, You should run the highest Corruption you are able to clear in a reasonable amount of time. 

Temporal Sanctum Boss Strategy

Chronomancer Julra, the end boss of Temporal Sanctum, is a powerful Nagasa Priestess that went insane from studying the Ethernity Cache. To gain access to the Cache and make a Legendary Item, you'll have to defeat her. 

The fight takes place in a circular room. Four sides of the room are harmful, so look out and try to keep your distance. Julra itself is fairly stationary, but She will force you to shift between the two eras to avoid some of her abilities. She can also use Temporal Shift as she pleases and will always follow you after you shift between eras. 

Julra's abilities include (some of them can overlap, which creates tricky situations): 

  • Creating homing orbs of water - you can run away from those. 
  • Firing off a cone of chilling water - this is telegraphed and can be dodged; failing to dodge it is painful, so save your movement abilities for it. 
  • Summoning a healing fountain that has to be destroyed immediately - it will heal Her rapidly otherwise. 
  • Creating Lightning Explosions on the ground (these become larger with each subsequent one) - just walk out of the marked area before they explode. 
  • Creating an arena-wide implosion - this is extremely dangerous and has to be dodged by using the Temporal Shift! Failing to do so will result in instant death. 
    • She will always open the fight with this ability. 
  • Summoning three pillars that discharge lightning in a line - these can only be destroyed in the Divine era and pose threat only in the Ruined era (where they are indestructible). 
  • Firing a Void Orb in a line - this can be deadly if you have low defenses as it can 1-shot you and the telegraph is quite hard to see sometimes. 
    • When you notice a Void Orb falling down on the boss, quickly look out for a telegraphed "line" pattern on the ground and move out of it! 
    • She will use this only if you are in close proximity to her. 
  • Creating a "windmill" of Void Lasers (two lasers that cross each other at a 90-degree angle in the middle of the arena and start spinning) - This is very deadly. You can dodge it by passing between the Orbs that spin with the lasers, creating safe zones. Safe Zones are marked with Green Rectangles on the image below. 

Void Lasers
Position yourself between the Void Orbs so that you stand in an area marked by a Green Rectangle when the Laser passes through you. 

  • Tearing the fabric of reality and causing Dimenstional Tears to appear. 
    • Dimensional Tears deal Void Damage in an area and shred Void Resistance.
    • They exist in both eras and persist throughout the whole fight - so, you'll have less and less free space to move around as the fight progresses. 
    • She will always create one Dimensional Tear upon switching Eras, at the player's location. Because of this, you should navigate to the edge of the room when you switch eras so that the Tear is created at the edge of the Arena and not at the center of it. 
    • A good strategy is to stack these Tears in one area to make dodging other Boss abilities easier. This is especially important for dodging the Void Lasers! 

The fight consists of the above-mentioned abilities being cast by the boss in semi-random patterns (some of them happen in specific situations - as mentioned above). To defeat Julra, you must DPS Her down while dodging mechanics. Simple as that! 



Congratulations! You have defeated Julra and gained access to the Eternity Cache! Now all you have to do is place your chosen Unique and Exalted Item in the Cache during the Divine Era (in the past) and shift to the Ruined era to receive your Legendary (in the present time)! If we have missed a piece of information that is especially important to you, please let us know and we will make sure to add the missing information. 

Please note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below. We also plan on expanding this guide with further sections, so stay tuned. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games