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Hypixel SkyBlock Coins Making and Earning Guide

Hypixel SkyBlock Coins Making and Earning Guide

Learn how to earn Coins in Hypixel Skyblock via the best methods available in 2021

Hypixel SkyBlock
Coins Earning/Farming Guide



There are a lot of ways of earning Coins, the main currency of Hypixel SkyBlock, but not many of them are worth your while. Struggling to make a decent in-game profit is a problem many players have, while others make good amounts of Coins but sink a lot of time in the process. We are of the opinion that the time you spend logged into the game is your most precious currency. This guide should help you invest it more efficiently, into making Coins. We will go over multiple interesting and worthwhile Coin-making methods so that you can choose the one (or more) that suits your playstyle and needs the most. 

Note: For those of you who value numbers more than words, we have devised a simple Star Rating System that should make spotting bellmaking activities that meet your requirements/playstyle much easier. We have granted from 0 to 5 stars, to each of the below-described activities, in three self-explanatory categories: Easiness, Quickness, and Profitability. 


How to get Coins

Keeping your Earnings Safe

Not losing your Coins is even more important than making them as you will never become rich if you keep bleeding out all your hard-earned money. So... 

Let's start with the basics. Each time your Character is defeated in Hypixel SkyBlock, you lose half of the Coins kept in that Character's purse (the information detailing how much you have lost is displayed under the death message). There are some ways of reducing (and even completely negating) this harsh penalty: 

  1. The Piggy Bank, an Uncommon Accessory, prevents you from losing your Coins upon death but is turned into a Cracked Piggy Bank in the process. The Cracked Piggy Bank saves 75% of your Coins and gets turned into a Broken Piggy Bank in the process (with some #quickmaths we can calculate that, with a Cracked Piggy Bank, you lose 12.5% of the Coins from your purse). Broken Piggy Bank does not affect your Coin loss, but it keeps the reforge effect. The Piggy Bank requires Raw Porkchop V and 40 Enchanted Pork (6400 Raw Porkchops in total), and 1 Chest to craft. Both Cracked and Broken Piggy Banks can be repaired with 8 Enchanted Pork. While Piggy Bank saves your Coins, in case of an unexpected death, it will not work if you fall more than once without repairing it first (which makes it rather unreliable for dungeon-crawling). It is also worth to note that Piggy Bank only activates after you have at least 20k Hypixel SkyBlock Coins on you. 
  2. There are Items that flat out prevent your Character from dying (and thus suffering the on-death Coin loss penalty), these include Phoenix Pet, Saving Grace, and Remnant of the Eye. We will take a closer look at these on another occasion. 
  3. Wolf Slayer 8 Perk permanently reduces the Coin Loss death penalty by 5%. 
  4. The Booster Cookie Legendary Consumable prevents you from losing any Coins on death. Once consumed, it lasts for 4 Days (multiple can be eaten at once to prolong the duration). 
  5. Using the Bank Enchantment decreases the number of Coins you lose on Death. Enchanting 2 parts of your Armor with this enchant will completely negate the penalty. 
  6. Storing your Coins in the Bank will prevent you from losing them on Death, however, there is much more to the Bank than just this, so let us have a closer look. 

The Bank

The bank is one of the buildings you can access in the Hub World. By interacting with the Banker NPC who resides within, you can interact with your Bank Account. Bank offers you a range of useful functions: 

  • Coin Storage that prevents you from losing them on death. You can Deposit and Withdraw your Coins anytime you want. 
  • Earning Interest on deposited Coins. At the start, the Maximum Interest is 250k Coins but it can be increased by upgrading your Bank Account.
  • A Vault that serves as additional Item storage. It is unlocked by paying 10k Coins and can store up to 27 Items. 

As mentioned above, the Bank serves not only as a storage for Coins but also makes you some Coins in the process, thanks to the interest (the interest* is given to you at the end of every in-game season, so every 31 hours). The Maximum Interest you get and the Maximum Account Balance can be increased by upgrading your Bank Account: 

  • Starter Account - Balance Cap: 50kk Coins, Maximum Interest: 250k Coins (to obtain the maximum interest, you have to have at least 15kk Coins stored on the Account). Starter Account is free and available right from the get-go. 
  • Gold Account - Balance Cap: 100kk Coins, Maximum Interest: 300k Coins (to obtain the maximum interest, you have to have at least 20kk Coins stored on the Account). Gold Account Upgrade is unlocked with the "100k Gold Collection" and costs 5kk Coins and 1 Enchanted Gold Block. 
  • Deluxe Account - Balance Cap: 250kk Coins, Maximum Interest: 350k Coins (to obtain the maximum interest, you have to have at least 30kk Coins stored on the Account). Deluxe Account Upgrade is unlocked with the "250k Gold Collection" and costs 10kk Coins and 5 Enchanted Gold Blocks. 
  • Super Deluxe Account - Balance Cap: 500kk Coins, Maximum Interest: 390k Coins (to obtain the maximum interest, you have to have at least 50kk Coins stored on the Account). Super Deluxe Account Upgrade is unlocked with the "500k Gold Collection" and costs 25kk Coins and 20 Enchanted Gold Blocks. 
  • Premier Account - Balance Cap: 1kkk (1 Billion) Coins, Maximum Interest: 500k Coins (to obtain the maximum interest, you have to have at least 160kk Coins stored on the Account). Deluxe Account Upgrade is unlocked with the "1m Gold Collection" and costs 50kk Coins and 50 Enchanted Gold Blocks. 

*The Interest has diminishing returns (for lack of a better term); Your first 10kk has a 2% interest rate (0kk-10kk), the next 10kk has a 1% rate (10kk-20kk), the following 10kk has a 0.5% rate (20kk-30kk), another 20kk on top has a 0.2% rate (30-50kk), and anything over (up to 160kk) has 0.1% rate only (for example, 15kk deposit will give you 250k Coins interest [10kk × 0.02 + 5kk × 0.01 = 250k], but you will need whooping 160kk on your account to gain the maximum 500k interest). 

The Interest from an unupgraded Bank Account is basically free money every 31 hours, but the higher the Bank Upgrade, the more time will be needed for it to pay itself off via Interest (with the exception of the last upgrade); Gold ~135 days, Deluxe ~284 days, Super Deluxe ~910 days, Premier ~846 days. This means that upgrading your Bank Account is a long-term investment, but also a necessary one if you plan on making a lot of Coins. 

Summary - Better safe than sorry; keep your earnings safe to avoid the frustration associated with losing them on death. If you decide to keep them in the Bank, you will even earn some extra Hypixel SkyBlock Coins via the bank interest. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star | Quickness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star | Profitability Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star*

*We have maxed out the score in all categories to emphasize how important it is to keep your Coins safe. Also, it really is Quick and Easy, and one might even argue that it's Profitable (not losing an n number of Coins is almost like making an n number of Coins, after all). 


Turning your Private Island into a farm is always a viable option when it comes to making Coins. The main drawbacks are that a cost-effective farm has to be very large (often bigger than 2 levels, each taking up the whole of your Private Island's area), and that harvesting the crops takes quite some time and requires some learning if you want to do it in the most efficient way. 

There are a few things that affect your Coins/Hour ratio from farming; Your Farming Skill Level, your harvesting technique and the farm's layout (and size), your equipment, and what you sow on your farm. 

  • Farming Skill Level - Farming is one of the Character Skills available for all players in Hypixel SkyBlock. Leveling up your Farming Skill will gradually unlock higher levels of the Farmhand ability (Each Farming Level grants one Farmhand level). Each level of Farmhand grants you an additional 4% chance for any Farming XP-yielding block (this means that blocks that do not give farming experience are not affected); to drop between 2 and 4 times its original amount (2x Crop Harvest at levels 1-25, 3x at levels 26-50, 4x at levels 51-60). Because of the Farmhand bonus, your Farming Skill will greatly affect your Coin yield/hour from farming. 
  • Farm Size - Prepare to make a very large farm (about 1.5-2.5 levels). The ultimate goal is to make an "infinite" farm, meaning a farm large enough that once you harvest everything, the crops at the start of it will again be ready for harvest (an infinite farming loop, essentially). 
  • Equipment - Gearing up properly will greatly increase your Gold yield per hour from farming. At the very least, you should invest in Items that will increase your movement speed - even a pair of Farmer Boots will make a massive difference (they will increase your speed by up to 230 if your Farming Skill is high enough). Young Dragon Set is a good choice as it increases your Speed by a total of +150 and gives +100 to the Speed cap. Any Item that affects drop chances from farming is also very good - an Elephant Pet is always a top choice (+50% chance to get double crops while farming just cannot be passed up upon). 
  • Choosing the Best Crops for Farming - What you sow on your farm is, by far, the most important profit-determining factor. There are a few choices (but if you're only after Coins there's one, really): 
    • Nether Wart - To make this farm as efficient as possible, you will need a maxed-out Nether Wart Hoe, an Elephant Pet, a Maximum Farming Skill, and a high bonus to Movement Speed (as high you can manage).  If you optimize everything, you will be able to make around 6 million Hypixel SkyBlock Coins per hour, which is the highest possible profit/hour of all crops. To make planting Nether Wart quicker, you should invest in the Nether Wart Pouch which will allow you to plant whole rows on it with a single click of a mouse, as long as you have enough of them in your storage. If you decide to farm Nether Wart without your Farming Skill maxed, remember that it does not give you Farming Experience (it gives Farming XP instead). 
    • Sugar Cane - A very popular option that has the advantage of growing up to 3 tiles high which results in much higher crop yield/tile. With the current prices, you pretty much have to sell Sugar Cane at the vendor price, however (still, it offers a very good Coins/hour ratio compared to other crops). It also yields high amounts of Farming Experience, which is important if you still have some Farming Levels to grind. 
    • Pumpkin - Farming Pumpkins yields the highest farming experience/hour of all crop farms. This makes it an optimal choice for leveling up your farming skill, while still making some decent profit. 

⇒ The next "method" will tell you how to improve your farming efficiency a lot, by taking advantage of Jacob's Farming Contests. 

Summary - Living off the land is a real possibility in Hypixel SkyBlock. If you don't mind spending some time on building, planting, sowing, and harvesting (which can get very boring for some people) this is one of the best Coin-making methods. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf a Star | Quickness Full StarFull StarHalf a StarNo StarsNo Stars | Profitability Full StarHalf a StarNo StarsNo StarsNo Stars/Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf a Star*

*The profitability depends on what crop you decide to sow on your farm, what gear you wear, what your Farming Level is, and so on. 

Jacob's Farming Contests

We are cheating here a bit, as this will not make you Coins directly, but will rather make your character much, much better at farming which will greatly increase the profits you get from harvesting crops.

These are events that take place every three Skyblock Days and last for 20 minutes. During the events, three random crops from the Farming Collection are selected; players who manage to increase their collection the most, each event, earn Jacob's Tickets and other unique rewards. The entry-level for these contests is rather low - all you need is a farm with the appropriate crop and Farming Skill of X. If you want to win, however, you will need to prepare. 

Firstly, let's take a look at the rewards. There are three tiers of them: 

  1. Gold Medal (Earned by Top 5% of all contestants) - Level 1 Turbo-Crop Book from the appropriate collection (from the crop you've earned the reward for), and 25 Jacob's Tickets*
  2. Silver Medal (Earned by Top 25% of all contestants) - Level 1 Turbo-Crop Book from the appropriate collection (from the crop you've earned the reward for), and 15 Jacob's Tickets. 
  3. Bronze Medal (Earned by Top 60% of all contestants) - Level 1 Turbo-Crop Book from the appropriate collection (from the crop you've earned the reward for), and 10 Jacob's Tickets. 

*Jacob's Tickets and Medals can be spent at the Farmhouse (NPC Anita) on various Farming-related Items or used to increase your Farming Skill Level Cap to 60. 

⇒ The profit here comes from your farms - you get Medals and Tickets, and you invest them into Tools from Anita to make your character better at Farming, and repeat the process until you get everything you want. After that, you can focus on making Coins. To do it, you should invest all your Tickets into the Newton Nether Warts Hoe - doing it will allow you to max out your profits from farming the Nether Wart which is the most profitable crop you can farm. 

Your main goal is to obtain Gold Medals as often as possible to upgrade your Farming Items as quickly as possible (the better your farming items, the more money you will make out of farming). 

How to Start

  1. Firstly, you will have to make a large farm (full width of your island and 2,5 layers would be optimal) and plant your chosen crop - we recommend the Sugar Cane. Tip: Using the Builder's Wand and the InfiniDirt Wand will make the construction process much faster. 
  2. You will need some gear; Farmer's Boots are nice, however, the Rancher's Boots are better as they allow you to adjust your movement speed. Young Dragon Armor is also worth your consideration. 
  3. If you want to get somewhere with this, you will also need a Personal Compactor. The first tier should be enough, but the higher the better really. 
  4. A Legendary Elephant Pet is a must. Everyone is using it, so you have to as well. Otherwise, you will always fall behind. This will cost you ~17kk Coins (for a level 1). Once you got it, don't forget to put the Experience Boost on it. 
  5. Once you have your Farm, Gear, and Pet sorted out, you will have to level up your Farming Skill (we recommend the featured order as it will allow you to level up your Pet simultaneously). 
  6. After you have a high enough Farming Level and all the recommended gear, it is time to start farming Medals by participating in Jacob's Contests (lobby-hopping will help you farm them much faster). Invest those first Medals and Tickets into quality-of-life Items that will make building more farms much quicker. 
  7. Make other farms so that you can participate in other contests as well. This will also allow you to find the crop you are the most comfortable farming. Hint: the less profitable the crop, the easier it will be to get Gold Medals for it. 
  8. Invest your Tickets and Medals into tools specific to your farms, Bless them with the Blessed Fruit - it gives you a double drop chance, and enchant them with Harvesting and Turbo Crop enchants. Doing this will greatly increase your efficiency and finally allow you to compete for Gold Medals. 
  9. After everything else is done and you are at least at Farming Level 50, it is time to invest in the ultimate farming tool - the Nether Wart Hoe. It is, by far, the best option as it will allow you to get the most Coins. 

Summary - By participating (and eventually placing in the top 5%) in Jacob's Farming Contests you will eventually become the ultimate farming machine and make unbelievable amounts of Coins. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarHalf a StarNo StarsNo Stars | Quickness Full StarHalf a StarNo StarsNo StarsNo Stars | Profitability Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf a Star*

*Taking advantage of these contests will greatly improve your profits from farming.


There are two different Player Markets in Hypixel SkyBlock - the Bazaar and the Auction House. In most aspects, they work similarly but, unlike the Auction House, Bazaar allows Buyouts only (there is no bidding system there). Both of them can be used for profit, here is how: 

The Bazaar

The Bazaar, an NPC who resides at the Bazaar Alley, close to the Auction House. He allows players to trade items with each other for fixed prices (meaning that the price set by buyer or seller is final, not that the Bazaar itself fixes prices of certain goods in place). It was added to the game to encourage trading between players and kickstart the economy, as there are buy limits imposed on goods offered by NPCs; Thanks to Bazaar, players can exceed the purchase limit by trading with others. This means that the sought-after items sell on the Bazaar very easily and for a price much higher than they can be bought from NPCs - this is where the "easy" profit lies: 

⇒ The first way of making a daily profit on the Bazaar is very straightforward: You buy stacks of items, that are in high demand, from NPCs and sell them on the Bazaar at a profit. This is very easy but also rather limited as you can't go around the 10 stacks daily limit this way. Profit margins you can get vary greatly from item to item and tend to fluctuate over time. If you focus on the right items, you can turn your daily NPC purchase limit into around 90k Hypicel SkyBlock Coins in a couple of minutes. Here are some items with the best NPC-Bazaar price margins (remember to double-check them before you commit as margins like to change):

  • Raw Fish - The first "worthwhile" item that can be bought from an NPC and then sold on the Bazaar at a profit. Reselling 1 stack of Raw Fish will net you around 5.5k Coins.
  • Sand - Buying one stack of sand from an NPC, and selling it on the Bazaar, will get you around 8000 Coins after you account for the tax. Please note that this margin applies if you buy Sand from the Farm Merchant; If you can get it from the Builder, you will make closer to 10k Coins on each stack. 
  • Packed Ice - Even better than the Sand, Packed Ice can be flipped to get around 9.4k profit per stack, tax excluded. You can Buy Packed Ice from the Builder NPC. 

Note1: While flipping items you get from NPCs will never give you more than around 90k Coins per day, it is still worth doing each and every day as it's free money essentially. Also, it only takes a few minutes and does only require a minor investment. 

⇒ The second way of making a profit on the Bazaar is more complicated, quite risky sometimes, and much more profitable if you know how to do it. Bazaar (more or less) follows the general laws of Supply and Demand and reflects a real stock market because of that. This results in three basic "rules": 

  1. If the Demand for an item is lower than its Supply, the Price of the said item will decrease. 
  2. If the Demand for an item is higher than its Supply, the Price of the said item will increase. 
  3. If the Demand for an item is the same as its Supply, the Price of the said item will stabilize. 

Understanding these three points will help you make a profit on the Bazaar, by buying, and then reselling various items at a profit. The main conclusions you can take from them are the following:

  1. Cheap Items that sell in high numbers very often are difficult to profit on as their Margins are very low. 
  2. Items that are very easy to get and not that useful currently are almost impossible to profit on as their Bazaar price is almost the same as their vendor price. 
  3. Items that are currently in demand and require some hassle to get are the best for flipping as their price will rise until the demand lowers or the supply rises enough. 

Note2: To determine which Items are worth flipping, you will have to calculate their margin (profit per item); Margin is the difference between an item's minimum Sell Order market price and maximum Buy Order market price 9minus taxes). 

After this rather long introduction, let's get straight to the point. At its core Flipping follows a very basic principle - buy low and sell high. To do this, you simply place a Buy Order for an item - remember to undercut the competition or this will not work (usually you want to buy the item in a bulk), wait until your order is filled, and then place a Sell Order for that Item at an increased price - again, you will have to undercut the competition; the Item sells and you are left with the profit margin in your pocket. This sounds very simple and in some ways it is, but in some others - it is not. There are some rules you have  to  follow, and things you should keep in mind, if you want to flip successfully: 

  1. You must follow the game's development and read patch notes carefully - you will find valuable hints, about which items will rise in price after an update strikes, in them (for example, a new craftable item will be introduced and it will require 50k Potatoes to make - this would mean that the price of Potatoes will certainly rise for some time). If you do this, you will be able to stock on items before an update and sell them after it, at unbelievably high margins. 
  2. Sometimes it is better to wait. If you are not sure if an item sells well, you might want to perform some research before committing. Reading the trade chat is often a good idea. 
  3. Always calculate your margins before flipping. Doing this will ensure that you won't lose Coins instead of gaining them. 
  4. The more time you spend placing, canceling, and placing your Buy and Sell Orders again (after re-checking the prices each time) the more Coins you will make. Why? Because there is fierce competition in the market and you can be sure that people will undercut you very fast. The only way to ensure that people will sell their goods to you and buy them from you is by controlling the Bazaar constantly. Spending an hour doing this should be enough to make millions of coins, if you flip the right items, of course. 
  5. Remember that knowledge is everything. The more time you spend studying the market, the better you will become at flipping. 
  6. Periods, when prices are plummeting down, are a good time for restocking your warehouse with items for future auctions (invest your money and be patient! - the prices will most likely get back up to normal). Usually, prices go down on weekdays and go back up during weekends. 
  7. Last, but not least; If you think of flipping a lot, you HAVE TO get the "Bazaar Flipper II" Account Upgrade. It will allow you to place a total of 28 Orders and reduce the Tax to 1%. Bazaar Flipper II costs 100 Gems and lasts for 10 days. 


The Auction House

Auction House building is located to the west of the Hub Portal, very close to the Village spawn point. To access auctions, players must interact with the Auction Master of one of the Auction Agent NPCs who reside in the building. Auction House allows players to sell and bid on items by using Hypixel SkyBlock Coins. Unlike the Bazaar, Auction House allows players to bid on Items and is focused on trading Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Consumables, and Tools (i.e. items that sell in smaller quantities but are often much more expensive than the stuff you trade via the Bazaar). 

⇒ Flipping the Auction House is quite similar to flipping the Bazaar, but there are some differences: 

  • When Flipping the Auction House, you will buy and resell Items at much higher margins, but in much lower quantities (you only need 1 sword, not 500). High margins also mean that prices on the Auction House fluctuate a lot. 
  • You can Bid on offers posted by others on the AH. Each Bid must be at least 15% higher than the last one unless it's the first bid - then it has to match the starting price. You will get Items for flipping mostly by bidding on auctions and trying to purchase assets for a good price. 
  • You can post BIN (Buy It Now) offers instead of regular Auctions. This allows players to purchase your items instantly. BIN prices are often higher than the ones achieved by regular auctions - You will resell your Items via BINs. 

To flip the Auction House, firstly you will have to spot which Items have the best margins. Usually, the best items to flip are the ones that are quite pricy and, at the same time, very popular or simply needed by every player (like simple Farmer Boots, of intermediate sets of Armor/good starting Weapons). After you spot such Items, you Bid on them (while remembering your margins to ensure that you don't actually lose Coins), and resell them via the BIN option*

*This works because players tend to be impatient and will rather buy an Item instantly, for a higher price, than wait for an auction to end and risk being outbid. 

Flipping on the Auction House is riskier than doing the same thing on the Bazaar, so here are some additional tips that will help you do it successfully: 

  1. Remember that the longer your Auction, the higher the tax. Usually, it is not worth making long auctions (especially when posting BINs), as other players will undercut you anyway. Posting short auctions will save you Coins in the long run. 
  2. If you spot an Item for an unusually low price, consider searching for other auctions made by the Player who posted it (use the command "/ah [Username]"). Chances are that is not the only Item they have posted for below the actual value. 
  3. Read auction advertisements in the chat. People often want to sell stuff quickly because they need Coins fast or just can't be bothered to wait. Spotting such occasions will enable you to make a higher profit. 
  4. Use third party websites that offer various auction-related information, like current prices and the popularity of Items (the more units of a given Item sells per day, the more Coins can be made by flipping it - high demand = high potential profit). 
  5. You can try to snatch items at the last possible moment by bidding on them just before their auction ends. Auction sniping is a known tactic - it is effective, but also forces you to invest more time. Using the "sort by ending soon" option helps to locate such occasions. 
  6. Prices of Items tend to go down during weekdays and increase during weekends. If you are not in rush, you can stack up on Items in the middle of the week when the prices are lower and fewer people are playing, and sell your stock during the weekend when the server population and prices grow. Patience is rewarding when it comes to flipping. 
  7. As mentioned in the Bazaar section, read the patch notes - items that will receive a buff will increase in price which equals to sure profit. This also means that items needed to craft the soon-to-be-buffed items will increase in price. Take advantage of this to make extra profit. Information is power. 

Summary - Take advantage of the player-driven in-game economy that revolves around the Bazaar and the Auction House. Invest your Coins on the Hypixel SkyBlock Market and it will come back to you with interest. The more you invest, the more you gain, but also the more you risk. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarHalf a StarNo StarsNo Stars | Quickness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarNo Stars | Profitability Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf a Star


With Minions, you can passively generate resources (and you don't even have to be online for them to work). They remain active for as long as they have space in their inventory, which means that the maintenance needed to keep them active is minimal (especially if you use Minion Upgrades, like Super Compactors). Each Minion is specialized in generating a single resource and requires a 5x5 area to operate (you can increase this area to 7x7 by using the Minion Expander, a Rare Minion Upgrade). The Minion's efficiency can be increased by giving it special gear (via the Minion UI panel) and upgrading it up to tier XI. To make the most out of Minion farms, you will have to increase your Minion Capacity - at the start, you will only have access to 5 Minion Slots. This number can be increased up to 25 by creating enough unique minions; 600 unique minions, in total, have to be made to unlock all slots. On top of that, upgrades available at the Community Shop will give you 5 more Minion Slots to work with. 

⇒ There are dozens of Minion types and not all of them are worth your while, however, some of them can make you substantial amounts of Coins every day. Depending on your playstyle, your account type (Hardcore Profile owners will be happy to hear that some minion farms revolve around generating resources with high vendor prices), and the money you want to invest upfront, there are a few Minion types we would recommend: 

  • Clay Minions - These have some advantages over other minions. Mainly, they are extremely cheap to make, cost close to nothing to set up and upgrade (you upgrade them with Clay, and they generate Clay... so you can just wait a bit and upgrade them with resources they generate), and the resources, they generate, have high vendor prices, which means that market prices do not affect them at all. The downside is, they do not generate as much money as some other choices - you can expect around 57k Coins per minion per 24 hours with the following upgrades: Minion Tier XI, Diamond Spreading, Super Compactor 3000, and an Enchanted Lava Bucket. 
  • Snow Minions - "Snow is the new Clay" was a quite common saying in Hypixel SkyBlock some time ago and for a good reason. Snow Minions have all the advantages the Clay Minions have but generate about 15% more Coins if you sell their products to an NPC vendor. Their main downside is their relative rarity - they are a rare drop from opening the Gifts from the Jerry's Workshop event - the drop rate is ~2% from White and Green Gifts, and ~3 from Red Gifts; also, they cannot be crafted. To make the most out of these, you should use Minion Tier XI (Snow Minions are even cheaper to upgrade than the Clay Minions are), Diamond Spreading (especially important as it will produce 4 extra Diamonds instead of 1 with Snow Minions), Super Compactor 3000, a Large Minion Storage (these minions fill up very fast, and using them without this upgrade counters the point), and an Enchanted Lava Bucket. It is also worth noting that Snow Minions give the most Mining Experience out of all Minion types. 
  • Tarantula Minions - These are widely regarded as minions with great money-making potential. Tarantula Minions are unlocked by reaching level 5 in the Spider Slayer Branch (once you do that, you will receive one of them for free - it does not count towards your minion slot unlocks, however). The resources you get from these are Iron Ingots, Spider Eyes, and String (Enchanted String, Enchanted Spider Eye, Enchanted Iron, and Enchanted Iron Block if you use the Super Compactor 3000). Unlike with the previous two minions, you will make much more Coins if you sell Tarantula Minions' products on the Bazaar. Just as with pretty much all other Minions, we recommend Diamond Spreading, Enchanted Lava Bucket, Super Compactor 3000, and upgrading them up to Tier IV or V (upgrading them to higher Tiers would be a long-term investment as Tarantula Minions are EXTREMELY expensive to upgrade; ~78kk Coins for Tier XI in total). 
Summary - Create your own little industry that will generate Coins passively. Minions do not tire, which makes them one of the most consistent sources of money in Hypixel SkyBlock. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf a Star | Quickness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf a StarProfitability Full StarFull StarHalf a StarNo StarsNo Stars

*The main factor that determined this score was the time needed to create, upgrade, equip, and "harvest" the minions; They are some of the most time-efficient moneymakers available. 



Hypixel SkyBlock presents a lot of opportunities for money-making, we have described just a small portion of them. Thanks to the variety, every player will surely find a way of making a lot of Coins without getting too bored or exhausted. 

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If we have missed a method that is worth mentioning, please let us know! Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.