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Combustion/Frozen Orb Sorceress PD2 Build

Combustion/Frozen Orb Sorceress PD2 Build

A complete guide for Combustion/Frozen Orb Sorceress which is a top tier Fire Sorceress setup

Combustion/Frozen Orb
Sorceress Build

Updated for Season 4

Build notes:

April 8, 2021
-Build created

January 12, 2022
-Build updated for Season 4


Build Overview

Combustion is one of the most enjoyable Spells to use for the Sorcerer. It fires many flaming balls in all directions, covering basically your entire screen, and deals decent damage with each hit. As several balls can hit the same target, the damage can scale quite well in close range. The main downside to this build is quite a long cooldown which limits your end-game DPS output significantly. The build has also received nerf in Season 2, which reduced the bonus Damage from Combustion's synergies by one-third. It's still a great and enjoyable build to breeze through low and mid-tier content, but without excessive investments in gear, you will struggle in higher Tier Maps and against end-game Bosses. 

For the defenses, this build relies on high Life, Shiver Armor, and extra Block Chance from Shields. It should allow you to smoothly progress through the campaigns and farm some of the lesser Bosses on Hell difficulty. This build has been adjusted to offer better Skill diversity so that it's viable for Solo play. You are going to allocate between 15-20 Points into Frozen Orb, and a single point in Cold Mastery, allowing you to take down Fire immune enemies while you have no allies around that could deal with them (a well-geared Act 2 Merc could help you out with that as well, but if you rely only on his powers, the build would end up being way too slow).

Season 4 Note: As of season 4, our Combustion/Frozen Orb Sorc build remains strong. Combustion wasn't changed, but we've added some new interesting gear options for increasing fire damage. As for the Frozen Orb, its AoE was buffed by 20% which is welcome, especially after the nerfs introduced in season 3. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Amazing AoE  Recent nerfs definitely lowered this build's performance against end-game content
 Very high damage in close/medium range with multiple Combustion orbs hitting the same target   Can't really kill end-game Bosses efficiently
 Insane mobility (well, it's a Sorc...) allowing you to rush through low and mid-tier content  Mainly oriented on solo play, Frozen Orb and its' prerequisites should be swapped for Fire Bolt/Warmth when playing in teams 
 Flexibility and viable for solo play thanks to the use of Frozen Orb against Fire immune monsters  Combustion's cooldown




  1. Strength - All you want, in terms of Strength, is enough of it to equip everything you will want to use on your character
  2. Dexterity - no Points needed
  3. Vitality - all the remaining Points should go into Vitality to boost your survivability
  4. Energy - no Points needed


This Tree has the mandatory Shiver Armor, which is your go-to defense Spell for Sorceress. In our recommended setup, you are also going for Frozen Orb (FO). It's quite important in this build, otherwise playing Maps with this Sorceress would be a real struggle. If you plan to play this Sorceress only in a team, where other members can deal different types of damage, you may skip Frozen Orb entirely and just take Shiver Armor from here. 


  1. Cold Enchant [1/20] - a prerequisite for Shiver Armor only
  2. Shiver Armor [1/20] - a mandatory defensive Spell that boosts your defenses. There is no need to spend more than 1 Point here. Make sure to keep the buff up at all times
  3. Ice Bolt [1/20] - FO prerequisite
  4. Ice Blast [1/20] - FO prerequisite
  5. Glacial Spike [1/20] - FO prerequisite
  6. Frost Nova [1/20] - FO prerequisite
  7. Blizzard [1/20] - FO prerequisite
  8. Frozen Orb [15-20/20]  - used mainly to help against Fire Immune enemies where you can't rely on anyone else to do it. That's the best non-Fire Spell for that purpose which offers solid damage and decent AoE coverage
  9. Cold Mastery [1/20] - Boosts your Cold DPS. Having one Point here is mandatory if you are using Frozen Orb 


This Tree offers the Teleport Spell which is mandatory for 100% Sorceress characters. Just pick one Point in each of the Spells listed here so that you have it unlocked. Disregard anything else on that Tree. You can skip this tree entirely if you feel like Enigma is enough for you. 


  1. Telekinesis [1/20] - Teleport's prerequisite
  2. Teleport [1/20] - pretty much the best movement Spell in the entire game, and the main reason people love Sorceress

Fire Spells is the main Tree in this build where you will find Combustion and all of its synergies. You are going to use both Combustion and Fire Ball to kill enemies, because of the Combustion's cooldown. You should swap Fire Ball with Frozen Orb against Fire immune enemies, whereas everyone else should be taken down by Fire Ball which deals significantly more damage.


  1. Fire Bolt [10-15/20] - you are not going to use Fire Bolt directly (except for the early levels) but it's important to allocate Points here because it's one of the Combustion synergies
  2. Fire Ball [20/20] - one of the core Spells used in this build which deals high single-target damage and causes small AoE explosions to take down smaller groups of enemies
  3. Combustion [20/20]  - used mainly to help against Fire Immune enemies when playing solo
  4. Fire Mastery [20/20] - a mandatory Passive skill that increases your Fire Spell Damage and makes it pierce a portion of your enemies Fire Resistance 
  5. Warmth [1/20] - increases your Mana Regeneration Rate. No need to spend more than 1 Point in here



As always, you want to increase the level of All or All Sorc Skills to the highest level possible. As a Spell Caster, your second most important stat is Faster Cast Rate (FCR) in order to reach higher Breakpoints. Preferably, you should aim to get 105% increased FCR and if you find it to be out of reach, you can stay at 63%. In most cases, your Resistances will be capped from Charms and your gear should be more DPS-oriented


[BIS] Harlequin Crest (Shako) - the most popular choice. Not only it grants +2 to All Skills and high Life/Mana, but boots your Magic Find, which is always great to have


  • Defense: 98 to 141 
  • Required Level: 62
  • Required Strength: 50
  • Durability: 20
    • +2 to All Skills 
    • +1-99 to Life(1 per character level) 
    • +1-99 to Mana(1 per character level) 
    • Damage Reduced By 3-5% (varies) 
    • 50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • +2 to All Attributes 

Nightwing's Veil (Spired Helm) - presumably the best option for pure DPS. It also boosts your Frozen Orb damage

Nightwing's Veil

  • Defense:303 to 352
  • Required Strength: 96
  • Durability: 40
  • Required Level: 67
    • +2 to All Skills
    • +5-15% Cold Skill Damage (varies)
    • +10-20 to Dexterity (varies)
    • +5-9 Cold Absorb (varies)
    • Half Freeze Duration
    • Requirements -50%
    • -(5-10)% to Enemy Cold Resistance (varies)

Kira's Guardian (Tiara) - A very interesting Helmet that supplements the build's Damage by lowering enemy resistances (Both Combustion and Frozen Orb will benefit A LOT from this). It also increases your own resists by quite a margin. Moreover, it gives the most important stat of them all - Cannot Be Frozen which frees up 1 of the ring slots (that would otherwise be taken by the Raven Frost). 

Kira's Guardian

  • Defense: 90 to 170 
  • Required Level: 77 
  • Required Strength: -
  • Durability: 25
    • +50-120 Defense (varies) 
    • 20% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • Cannot Be Frozen
    • All Resistances +25-45 (varies) 
    • -(5-10)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance (varies) 
    • -(5-10)% to Enemy Cold Resistance (varies) 
    • (5-10)% to Enemy Fire Resistance (varies) 


[BIS] Heart of the Oak (Rune Word) - achieved by socketing Ko • Vex • Pul • Thul in a 4 socket Flail for lowest attribute requirements. It offers +3 to All Skills, high FCR, and All Resistances on top of all the other valuable Bonuses


  • Damage:  Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Level: 55
  • Required Dexterity: Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Ko + Vex + Pul + Thul 
    • +3 To All Skills 
    • +30% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +75% Damage To Demons 
    • +100 To Attack Rating Against Demons 
    • Adds 3-14 Cold Damage, 3 sec. Duration (Normal) 
    • 7% Mana Stolen Per Hit 
    • +10 To Dexterity 
    • Replenish Life +20 
    • Increase Maximum Mana 15% 
    • All Resistances +20-30 (varies) 
    • Level 14 Raven (60 Charges) 

The Oculus (Swirling Crystal) - a Sorceress Class item that can also roll +3 to All Sorceress Skills and has a high FCR bonus. It's the preferred option if you want to maximize your Magic Find bonus


  • Damage: 18 to 42
  • Required Level: 42 
  • Required Dexterity:
  • Required Strength:
  • Durability: 30  
    • +2-3 To Sorceress Skill Levels (varies) 
    • +5 To Mana After Each Kill 
    • All Resistances +10-25 (varies) 
    • 2% Chance To Cast Level 1 Teleport When Struck 
    • +30% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +20 To Vitality 
    • +20 Energy 
    • +20% Enhanced Defense 
    • 25-50% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 

Eschuta's Temper (Eldritch Orb) - another strong Sorc Class Item that can roll high Fire bonuses. If you get high rolls on the fire mods, it's also extremely strong, but it has more variables and it's more likely to be an inferior weapon to an average Oculus


  • Damage: 18 to 50
  • Required Level: 72 
  • Required Dexterity:
  • Required Strength:
  • Durability: 30  
    • +1-3 To Sorceress Skill Levels (varies) 
    • +40% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +10-20% To Fire Skill Damage (varies) 
    • +10-20% To Lightning Skill Damage (varies) 
    • +20-30 To Energy (varies) 
    • -(5-10)% To Enemy Fire Resistance (varies) 
    • -(5-10)% To Enemy Lightning Resistance (varies) 


Phoenix (Runeword) - A definitive top choice for raw damage output, thanks to its -28% to Enemy Fire Resistance. Also, it provides some great elemental resistances boost and high Fire Absorb. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Shield 
  • Required Level: 65
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Shield ​​​​​
  • Durability: Depends on base Shield 
    • 20% Chance to Cast Level 22 Fire Ball on Striking 
    • 100% Chance to Cast Level 40 Blaze when you Level-Up 
    • Level [10-15] Redemption Aura when Equipped (varies) 
    • +[300-350]% Enhanced Damage (varies) 
    • -28% to Enemy Fire Resistance 
    • +[350-400] Defense vs. Missile (varies) 
    • +50 to Life 
    • +4% to Maximum Lightning Resist 
    • +8% to Maximum Fire Resist 
    • +[15-21] Fire Absorb (varies) 

Lidless Wall (Grim Shield) - Great all-around Shield for this build. It grants up to +2 Skills and high FCR. It doesn't provide much defensive utility, but in terms of DPS this is great. 

Lidless Wall

  • Defense: 271 - 347
  • Required Level: 41
  • Required Strength: 58
  • Durability: 70
    • +80-130% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +1-2 to All Skills (varies) 
    • Increase Maximum Mana 10% 
    • 20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +4-6 to Mana After Each Kill (varies) 
    • +10 to Energy 
    • +1 to Light Radius 


[BIS] Mara's Kaleidoscope - one of the best Amulets in the game for pretty much most of the builds. You can't really go wrong with Mara, though it's also one of the most expensive Amulets even with low rolls


  • Required Level: 67
    • +2 To All Skills
    • All Resistances +20-30 (varies)
    • +5 To All Attributes

Tal Rasha's Adjudication - another very good choice that can also offer additional bonuses if you decide to use additional set pieces (for example Tal's Armor for the extra MF bonus)

Tal Amulet

  • Required Level: 67
    • +2 To Sorceress Skill Levels
    • Lightning Resist +33%
    • Adds 3-32 Lightning Damage
    • +32-52 To Mana (varies)
    • +40-60 To Life (varies)
    • +10% Faster Cast Rate (4 Items)


Skin of the Vipermagi (Serpentskin Armor) - best if you want to have the highest possible DPS. It increases All Skills and FCR making it a pure offensive option

Skin of the Vipermagi

  • Defense: 279
  • Required Strength: 43
  • Durability: 24
  • Required Level: 29
    • +120% Defense
    • +1 to All Skills
    • 30% Faster Cast Rate
    • Magic Damaged Reduced by 5-8 (varies)
    • All Resistances +20-30 (varies)

Enigma (Rune Word) - the best all-around Armor. It grants +2 to All Skills and since you are stacking Vitality, the Maximum Life% bonus will invaluable. It's also the most expensive option out of the Armors listed because of the Jah • Ith • Ber runes required to complete it


  • Defense: Depends on base Armor 
  • Required Level: 65 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Armor 
  • Durability: Depends on base Armor 
  • Jah + Ith + Ber  
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • +25% Faster Run/Walk 
    • Level 1 Blink* (5/5 Charges)
      Replenish 1 Charge in 3 Seconds
    • +500-775 Defense (varies) 
    • +[0-74] to Strength (+[0.5-0.75] per Character Level) (varies)
    • Increase Maximum Life 5%
    • Damage Reduced By 4%
    • 15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    • [0-74]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items ([0.5-0.75]% per Character Level) (varies)

Tal Rasha's Guardianship (Lacquered Plate) - the best Armor if you are building a Magic Find character. It also offers very high defensive bonuses and should be the cheapest option here

Tal Armor

  • Defense: 833-941 (varies)
  • Required Strength: 84
  • Durability: 55
  • Required Level: 71
    • +400 Defense
    • Requirements -60%
    • Magic Damage Reduced By 10-17 (varies)
    • Cold Resist +40%
    • Lightning Resist +40%
    • Fire Resist +40%
    • 60-100% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (varies)
    • +10% Faster Cast Rate (2 Items)

Ormus' Robes (Dusk Shroud) - This Armor works very well with Fire and Cold Spells, as it boosts their Damage by quite a bit. Moreover, it boosts your Cast Rate quite nicely. 

Ormus' Robes

  • Defense: 361-467 
  • Required Strength: 77
  • Required Level: 75
    • +20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +[10-15]% to Fire Skill Damage (varies) 
    • +[10-15]% to Lightning Skill Damage (varies) 
    • +[10-15]% to Cold Skill Damage (varies) 
    • +3 to [Random Sorceress Skill*] (Sorceress Only) 
    • +[10-20] Defense (varies) 
    • Regenerate Mana [10-15]% (varies) 


[BIS] Wisp Projector - the BiS Ring for raw damage, and also the Lightning Absorb is a great addition to your defenses. Plenty of your deaths will be caused by Lightning Damage 

Wisp Projector

  • Required Level: 76
    • Lightning Absorb 4-6% (varies)
    • 8-15% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies)
    • +1-3 to Spirit of Barbs (varies)
    • +1-3 to Heart of the Wolverine (varies)
    • +1 To All Skills

Raven Frost - Freeze immunity is a must-have. The easiest way is through this Ring. If you have the immunity from another source  (Most likely some other Item corrupted modifier) you replace Raven Frost with a Stone of Jordan or Random Rare FCR Ring with Resistances

Raven Frost

  • Required Level: 76
    • +150-250 Attack Rating (varies)
    • 15-45 Cold Damage
    • +15-20 Dexterity (varies)
    • +40 Mana
    • Cold Absorb 5-10% (varies)
    • Cannot be Frozen

The Stone of Jordan - one of the most iconic Items in Diablo 2 which increases the level of all your Skills, and your max Mana. It also grants some extra Lightning Damage


  • Required Level: 29
    • +1 to All Skills
    • Maximum Mana to 15-20% (varies)
    • Adds 1-120 Lightning Damage
    • +20-40 to Mana (varies)


[BIS] Magefist (Light Gauntlets) - the best Gloves to maximize your DPS. They grant a bonus to Skills and FCR which irreplaceable in this Item slot


  • Defense: 24 - 25 
  • Required Level: 23
  • Required Strength: - 45
  • Durability: 18
    • +1 to [Fire, Lightning, Cold, or Poison] Skills 
    • +20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • Adds 6-36 Fire Damage or Adds 1-45 Lightning Damage or Adds 10-18 Cold Damage or +60 Poison Damage over 3 Seconds
    • +[20-30]% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +10 Defense 
    • Regenerate Mana [10-25]% (varies) 

Frostburn (Gauntlets) - These gloves can give you up to -10% to Enemy Fire and Cold Resistance, and a healthy boost to the mana pool. A solid and versatile addition to the build. 


  • Defense: 39-59 
  • Required Level: 29
  • Required Strength: 60
  • Durability: 24
    • Adds 14-28 Fire Damage 
    • Adds 6-22 Cold Damage 
    •  +[20-40]% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +[20-40] Defense (varies) 
    • Increase Maximum Mana [15-25]% (varies) 
    • -[5-10]% to Enemy Fire Resistance (varies) 
    • -[5-10]% to Enemy Cold Resistance (varies) 


War Traveler's (Battle Boots) - the best pair if you want to increases your Loot by boosting MF stat. They also provide decent Movement Speed and extra STR/VIT

War Traveler's

  • Defense: 120 to 139
  • Kick Damage: 37 to 64
  • Required Strength: 95
  • Durability: 48
  • Required Level: 42
    • +150-190% Enhanced Defense (varies)
    • 25% Faster Run/Walk
    • +10 to Vitality
    • +10 to Strength
    • Adds 15-25 Damage
    • +40% Slower Stamina Drain
    • Attacker Takes Damage Of 5-10 (varies)
    • 30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies)

Aldur's Advance (Battle Boots) - this pair of Boots offers very high bonus Movement Speed and Life. Also, they have a very high bonus to Fire Resistances, which should help you cap it @75 without having to find additional small charms for it

Aldur's Advance

  • Defense: 39-47 (varies)
  • Required Strength: 95
  • Required Level: 45
  • Assassin Kick Damage: 37-64
    • Indestructible
    • 40% Faster Run/Walk
    • +180 Maximum Stamina
    • 10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    • Heal Stamina Plus +32%
    • +50 To Life
    • Fire Resist +40-50% (varies)

Itherael's Path (Mirrored Boots) - These versatile boots will not only boost your attributes, defense, and hit recovery, but also increase your running speed and casting rate. A solid option for the build. 

Itherael's Path

  • Defense: 99-128
  • Required Level: 85
  • Required Strength: 163
  • Kick Damage: 59-68
  • Durability: 18
    • +20% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +20% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • +[40-60] Defense (varies) 
    • +[10-20] to Dexterity (varies) 
    • +[10-20] to Vitality (varies) 


[BIS] Arachnid Mesh (Spiderweb Sash) - grants extra Skills and FCR which makes it the best DPS-wise belt for this build. It also allows you to slow down enemies, which is useful in terms of survivability

  • Defense: 119 to 138
  • Potion Slots: 16
  • Required Strength: 50
  • Durability: 12
  • Required Level: 80
    • +90-120% Enhanced Defense (varies)
    • Slows Target by 20%
    • +1 To All Skills
    • +10-20% Faster Cast Rate (varies)
    • Maximum Mana 5-10% (varies)
    • Level 3 Venom (31 Charges)

String of Ears (Demonhide Sash) - if you want to boost your defenses, this is the best way. String of Ears offer up to a 15% damage reduction bonus which is just amazing for this Item slot

  • Defense: 102-113 (varies)
  • Required Level: 29
  • Required Strength: 20
  • Durability: 22
  • 16 Potion Boxes
    • +150-180% Enhanced Defense
    • +15 Defense
    • 6-8% Life Stolen Per Hit
    • Damage Reduced By 10-15%
    • Magic Damage Reduced 10-15

Tal Rasha's Fine Spun Cloth (Mesh Belt) - a great option if you decided to go for higher MF. Obviously, it works great if you are using Tal's Amulet and Armor together with it

Tal Belt

  • Defense: 35-40 (varies)
  • Required Strength: 47
  • Durability: 16
  • Required Level: 53
  • 16 boxes
    • Requirements -20%
    • 37% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    • +20-40 To Mana (varies)
    • +20 To Dexterity
    • 10-20% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (varies)
    • +60 Defense (2 Items)
    • +10% Faster Cast Rate (3 Items)


  1. Gheed's Fortune - pretty much a must-have for Sorcs as you are going to aim to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible, so it's always good to have a bit of extra MF stat
  2. Hellfire Torch - again, the BiS Unique Large Charm which increases your Vitality, Skills, and more
  3. Annihilus - similar to Hellfire Torch, boosts Skills, Stats, Resistances. It's the best Unique Small Charm, and it's limited to just 1 in your equipment
  4. Grand Charms - with Fire Skill and Life preferably, Faster Hit Recovery is also a good addition to them
  5. Small Charms - in most cases you want to get Life/Resistances small charms to boost your defenses and cap all Resistances @75 


We recommend picking up Act 2 Defiance Mercenary for extra damage mitigation bonuses. He should be equipped with:

  1. Infinity Rune Word in Ethereal Spear for Conviction Aura which reduces the defenses and resistances of nearby enemies and offers very high bonus damage
  2. Fortitude Rune Word in Armor - making the Mercenary nearly immortal
  3. Steelrend Gloves - for massive damage bonus and Crushing Blow
  4. Vampire's Gaze - for high Life Leech and damage reduction
  5. String of Ears - very high damage reduction again
  6. Gore Rider Boots - for Deadly Strike and Crushing Blow greatly boosting the merc's DPS



This is our premiere Project Diablo 2 build where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If you would like us to add some other type of information, like Leveling Tips & Gear, more alternative equipment options, recommended farming areas and such, please let us know in the comments below! 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment.