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Clay Golem Necromancer Build for PD2

Clay Golem Necromancer Build for PD2

Complete Build Guide on one of the most popular Minions/Pet Build for the Necromancer Class

Clay Golemancer
Necromancer Build

Updated for Season 4

Build notes:

June 8, 2021
-Build created

January 12, 2022
-Build updated for Season 4 


Build Overview

The Golemancer is one of the most iconic Diablo 2 build archetypes. Almost everyone has tried it in the original game and almost everyone was amazed (or bored to death) by the power of Golems and the fact that they do all the work by themselves. In Project Diablo 2, a Golem Necro is more powerful than it was in the original game, as Clay Golems have received a buff - They now deal Splash Damage which makes them much more effective against packs of enemies. Thanks to this, you can successfully farm with a Golemancer in the end-game. 

This version of the popular Golemancer Necro Build is fully capable of solo clearing high-end content without putting too much effort into it - your Golems will take care of pretty much everything. The build offers a very laid-back playstyle and is a great choice for Hardcore as dying with it is very unlikely if you pay at least some attention to what's happening on your screen. It also offers very good mobility with Vigor merc and Blood Warp so its clear speeds are solid. If you're looking for a low-effort, cheap to gear up (you can run this build on a budget, no problem) farming build, it should meet your requirements. 

Season 4 Note: With the recent AI improvements, all summon-based Necromancer builds are much more reliable and seem even stronger than before. As for Golemancer, the build has received a rather substantial buff (Clay Golem had its synergies doubled, basically) and performs better than ever. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Very easy to play   Not as powerful as Summoner Druid 
 Good Mobility and Great Survivability   Can get very boring if you like active builds 
 Very Versatile thanks to resistance-breaking curses   Fully relies on Summons - little to no direct damage options 
 Can be played on a budget   



  1. Strength - All you want, in terms of Strength, is enough of it to equip everything you will want to use on your character. 
  2. Dexterity - Get enough Dex for your gear unless you can achieve max block by spending some more points on it (this will mostly depend on your gear, however). 
  3. Vitality - You should put all your remaining points here - main stat. 
  4. Energy - Adding points to Energy is an extreme waste - don't do it. 

This is the core Skill Tree of this Build. It contains not only the main source of its offensive power - Golems, but also the powerful Blood Warp which offers mobility comparable to Sorc's Teleport. 


  1. Clay Golem [20/20] - The first Golem Summon, you get while leveling is actually the strongest one overall. Don't ever underestimate Clay Golems - they deal massive Damage and can soak up a lot of enemy attacks before they break. This is the build's main Summoning skill. 
  2. Golem Mastery [20/20] - Putting 20 points here gives 4 additional Clay Golems (for a total of 5) which improves our survivability by providing more meat shields, and greatly improves the build's offensive potential. 
  3. Blood Warp [X/20] - Necromancer's equivalent of Sorceress' Teleport. It has a mana cost of 10 and will drain 12% of our current HP each cast. Additional Points only reduce its Cooldown. This Skill is essential for the build's mobility - being able to teleport out of trouble is unbelievably strong. Blood Warp's Cooldown decreases with every subsequent Skill Point - if you have enough soft points from gear, spending a single point on it is generally enough (if you use Enigma, you might want to skip this entirely). 
  4. Blood Golem [X/20] - Creates a Golem made of Blood. Blood Golems restore some of the Necromancer's Life on hit, however, the amount of life restored is quite minor. Don't summon this one as it shares golem slots with Clay Golems. Each point in Fire Golem boosts Clay Golems' damage by 40%, thus you should spend all your remaining points here. 
  5. Iron  Golem [20/20] - Summon a Golem from a metal item. The golem gains properties of the item. Iron Golem has a thorns aura and is quite tanky, but it tends to not work how it's supposed to. Don't summon this one as it shares golem slots with Clay Golems. Every point in Iron Golem gives +35 Defense to your Clay Golems. 
  6. Fire Golem  [20/20] - Summons a Golem of fire that uses fire damage to heal itself. Unlike the other three Golems, this one deals Fire Damage which comes in handy against monsters with high physical immunities (we already use Amplify Damage boosted with Curse Mastery to take care of Physical Immunes, but some immune enemies might still prove to be hard to crack). You should invest some points into this Skill to make the build more versatile. You Should summon Fire Golems when needed. Each point in Fire Golem boosts Clay Golems' damage by 40%. 


This build utilizes Curses to break the enemy's physical resistance. With maxed-out Amplify Damage and Curse Mastery, you can lower enemy physical res by 75%. The rest of the Curses is not really worth spending any additional points on, but you can do it if you like their effects. 


  1. Amplify Damage [20/20] - A Curse that lowers the monster's physical resistances making it take more damage from physical attacks. Clay Golems deal physical damage which means that Amplify Damage has a great synergy with them. Maxing this greatly increases the build's offensive power and makes it much stronger against enemies with physical immunities. Also, this is handy to have while playing in a group with physical damage dealers. 
  2. Life Tap [1/20] - Optional. Prerequisite. 
  3. Weaken [1/20] - Optional. A Curse that makes groups of enemies deal much less Damage which is life-saving, to say the least. If you need some additional survivability, you can spend 1 point here. 

This skill tree is not the focus of this build and all the skill points are needed elsewhere, but we can afford to invest 2 points to get Bone Armor. 


  1. Teeth [1/20] - Prerequisite. 
  2. Bone Armor [1/20] - Surrounds the caster with a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage. This will give you that little extra bit of survivability; well-worth 2 total points. 



As per usual with PD2 Builds, you want to get as many Skill Levels (Necromancer/Summoning Spells in this case) as possible to increase the build's overall power level. Resistances are also important, but they should never come before the offensive power. A faster cast rate is nice to have, but not nearly as essential as with other types of necro builds. Defensive stats, like faster hit recovery and life on each kill, are a nice addition but you should not choose gear for them specifically. 


Harlequin Crest (Shako) - You can't go wrong with Shako (and chances are, you already have one). This helmet gives you everything you might want for your Necromancer - Skill levels, Mana, Health, Damage taken reduction, attributes, and magic find. 

Harlequin Crest

  • Defense: 98 to 141 
  • Required Level: 62
  • Required Strength: 50
  • Durability: 20
    • +2 to All Skills 
    • +1-99 to Life(1 per character level) 
    • +1-99 to Mana(1 per character level) 
    • Damage Reduced By 3-5% (varies) 
    • 50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • +2 to All Attributes 

Delirium (Rune Word) - A very powerful Helmet Runeword that gives a solid boost to Magic Find and +2 to Skill Levels. A good budget alternative that will also help you make some more money. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Helmet
  • Required Level: 51
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Helmet
  • Durability: Depends on base Helmet
  • Lem + Ist + Io 
    • +261 Defense 
    • +10 Vitality 
    • +2 to All Skills
    • Level 17 Attract (60 Charges) 
    • 11% Chance to Cast Level 18 Confuse on Striking 
    • 6% Chance to Cast Level 14 Mind Blast When Struck 
    • 14% Chance to Cast Level 13 Terror When Struck 
    • +50% Extra Gold from Monsters
    • 25% Better Chance of Finding Magic Items 

Steel Shade (Armet) - This Helmet is a surprisingly solid option as we use an off-hand that works as a Shield. It provides +2 to All Skills, a 30% Faster Cast Rate, and offers a solid defensive boost on top (with 20% better blocking and 30% faster block rate). Moreover, it has high Magic Find bonus which makes it a great choice for farming. 

Steel Shade

  • Defense: 300 to 345 
  • Required Level: 62
  • Required Strength: 109
  • Durability: 24
    • [4-8]% Mana Stolen per Hit (varies) 
    • +[100-130]% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • Replenish Life +[30-48] (varies) 
    • +[5-11] Fire Absorb (varies) 
    • +[1-2] to All Skills (varies) 
    • +30% Faster Block Rate 
    • 30% Increased Chance of Blocking 
    • [60-80]% Extra Gold from Monsters (varies) 


Beast (Runeword) - A very solid Weapon Choice for a Summon Necro. This gives 8-10 levels of Fanaticism Aura when equipped which greatly increases the damage output of your summons. The downside is its extortionate price. It can be inscribed into Axes, Scepters, and Hammers that have 5 sockets. 


  • Damage: Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Level: 63 
  • Required Dexterity: Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon
  • Ber + Tir + Um + Mal + Lum 
    • +8-10 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped 
    • +3 to Hunger
    • +3 to Maul 
    • +3 to Werebear 
    • +40% Increased Attack Speed 
    • +260-290% Enhanced Damage 
    • 20% Chance of Crushing Blow
    • 25% Chance of Open Wounds 
    • Prevents Monster Heal 
    • +10 to Energy 
    • +2 to Mana After Each Kill 
    • Level 13 Summon Grizzly (35 Charges) 

Heart of the Oak (Runeword) - This is a solid "budget" alternative to the beast Runeword. It gives +3 to All Skills, provides a nice cast rate boost, and some resistances. 

Heart of the Oak

  • Damage:  Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Level: 55
  • Required Dexterity: Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Ko + Vex + Pul + Thul 
    • +3 To All Skills 
    • +30% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +75% Damage To Demons 
    • +100 To Attack Rating Against Demons 
    • Adds 3-14 Cold Damage, 3 sec. Duration (Normal) 
    • 7% Mana Stolen Per Hit 
    • +10 To Dexterity 
    • Replenish Life +20 
    • Increase Maximum Mana 15% 
    • All Resistances +20-30 (varies) 
    • Level 14 Raven (60 Charges) 

Boneflame (Succubus Skull) - One of the most powerful off-hands in the game. It makes you Run faster, improves your elemental Resistances, and boosts your offensive power by a lot. You should try to get one that has +3 to Necromancer Skill Levels.


  • Defense:  323-367
  • Required Level: 72 
  • Required Strength: 95
  • Durability: 20
  • Block: 30% 
    • 5% Chance to Cast Level 3 Terror when Struck
    • +[2-3] to Necromancer Skill Levels (varies) 
    • +20% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +[120-150]% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • All Resistances +[20-30] (varies) 
    • Physical Damage Taken Reduced by [10-20]% (varies) 
    • +[4-8] Life after each Kill (varies) 

Homonculus (Hierophant Trophy) - An extremely powerful Class item that increases Necromancer's Skills by 2 and provides some nice defensive bonuses (increased block chance and faster block rate are great). Homonculus pairs especially well with the Steel Shade. If you go for this one, you should invest some more points into Dexterity to make your block relevant. 


  • Defense:  177-213
  • Required Level: 42 
  • Required Strength: 58
  • Durability: 20
  • Block: 72% 
    • +150-200% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • 3-5 Mana After Each Kill (varies) 
    • 40% Increased Chance of Blocking 
    • 30% Faster Block Rate 
    • +2 To Necromancer Skill Levels 
    • +20 To Energy 
    • Regenerate Mana 33% 
    • All Resistances +25-35 (varies) 

Stormshield (Monarch) - a BiS defensive option that will allow you to achieve Max Block. Pick it if you want to make your Summon Necro even less likely to die. 


  • Defense: 136-519 (Depends on your level)
  • Required Level: 73
  • Required Strength: 156
  • Durability: Indestructible
    • +3-371 Defense (+3.75/level) 
    • 25% Increased Chance of Blocking 
    • 35% Faster Block Rate
    • 20-30% Physical Damage Taken Reduction 
    • +40-50% Cold Resist 
    • +25% Lightning Resist 
    • +20-30 Strength 
    • Indestructible 
    • Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 150-250 (varies)

Call to Arms (Rune Word) - This powerful Runeword will allow you to pre-buff yourself up with Warcries (buffs persist through weapon swap). 


Call to Arms

  • Defense: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Required Level: 57
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon ​​​​​
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Amn • Ral • Mal • Ist
    • +1 to All Skills 
    • +40% Increased Attack Speed 
    • +250-290% Enhanced Damage 
    • Adds 5-30 Fire Damage 
    • 7% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    • +2-6 To Battle Command 
    • +1-6 To Battle Orders 
    • +1-4 To Battle Cry 
    • Prevent Monster Heal 
    • Replenish Life +12 
    • 30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 

Lidless Wall (Grim Shield) - A very powerful Shield that grants up to +2 Skills and high FCR. 

Lidless Wall

  • Defense: 271 - 347
  • Required Level: 41
  • Required Strength: 58
  • Durability: 70
    • +80-130% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +1-2 to All Skills (varies) 
    • Increase Maximum Mana 10% 
    • 20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +4-6 to Mana After Each Kill (varies) 
    • +10 to Energy 
    • +1 to Light Radius 


Mara's Kaleidoscope - In a build that wants +All Skills, this amulet is a must for the end game. It provides a great combination of offensive (+2 to all skills) and defensive (+20-30 to all resistances) properties. 

Mara's Kaleidoscope

  • Required Level: 67
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • All Resistances +20-30 (varies) 
    • +5 To All Attributes 

[Alternative] Rare/Magic Amulets with + Necromancer/Summoning Spells are great budget choices and solid fillers before you are able to get Mara's Kaleidoscope. 

Amulet Amulet

  • Required Level: varies. 
  • In Magic Amulets, look for:
    • +3 to Summoning Spells  
  • In Rare Amulets, look for:
    • +2 Necromancer Skills 
    • Magic Find 
    • Resistances 
    • Attributes 


Enigma (Runeword) - A solid all-around choice that takes care of your defense and offense. Blink Charges it gives you are less relevant because of Blood Warp, but still handy to have in some situations, as you won't achieve 0 Cooldown Bloodwarp (unless you want to sacrifice your offensive power for it). Because of the Jah • Ith • Ber runes required to complete it, it is very expensive, however. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Armor 
  • Required Level: 65 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Armor 
  • Durability: Depends on base Armor 
  • Jah + Ith + Ber  
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • +25% Faster Run/Walk 
    • Level 1 Blink* (5/5 Charges)
      Replenish 1 Charge in 3 Seconds
    • +500-775 Defense (varies) 
    • +[0-74] to Strength (+[0.5-0.75] per Character Level) (varies)
    • Increase Maximum Life 5%
    • Damage Reduced By 4%
    • 15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    • [0-74]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items ([0.5-0.75]% per Character Level) (varies)

Atma's Wail (Embossed Plate) - A solid defensive choice with very high defense, replenish life, +1 to All Skills, and a nice bonus to magic find. 

Atma's Wail

  • Defense: 670 to 988
  • Required Strength: 125
  • Durability: 105
  • Required Level: 41
    • +120-160% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +2-198 Defense (+2 per Character Level) 
    • 30% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • Replenish Life +10-20 (varies) 
    • Increase Maximum Mana 15% 
    • +15 to Dexterity 
    • +20% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 
    • +1 to All Skills 
    • 30% Faster Cast Rate 

Trang-Oul's Scales (Chaos Armor) - A solid defensively-oriented armor that will also make your summons better. A solid choice, even if you don't plan on using a full Trang's set. 

Trang-Oul's Scales

  • Defense: 857
  • Required Strength: 84
  • Durability: 70
  • Required Level: 49
    • +2 to Summoning Skills (Necromancer Only) 
    • +40% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +150% Enhanced Defense 
    • +100 Defense vs. Missile 
    • Poison Resist +40% 
    • Requirements -40% 
    • +[1-2] to Blood Warp (Necromancer Only) (varies)
    • Lightning Resist +50% (3 Items) 
    • Physical Damage Taken Reduced by 25% (Complete Set) 


The Stone of Jordan - One of the most iconic items in Diablo 2, which increases the level of all your Skills and your max Mana. A solid offensive choice. 

The Stone of Jordan 

  • Required Level: 29
    • +1 to All Skills
    • Maximum Mana to 15-20% 
    • Adds 1-120 Lightning Damage 
    • +20-40 to Mana (varies) 

Raven Frost - This ring provides Freeze immunity which is extremely important to have. If you have freeze immunity from another item, you can choose a different ring. 

Raven Frost

  • Required Level: 76
    • +150-250 Attack Rating (varies) 
    • 15-45 Cold Damage 
    • +15-20 Dexterity (varies) 
    • +40 Mana 
    • Cold Absorb 5-10% (varies) 
    • Cannot be Frozen 

Wisp Projector - This is a BiS build for this build as it allows you to buff your summons with Heart of the Wolverine. 

Wisp Projector

  • Required Level: 76
    • Lightning Absorb 4-6% (varies)
    • 8-15% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • +1-3 to Spirit of Barbs 
    • +1-3 to Heart of the Wolverine 
    • +1 To All Skills 


Gravepalm (Sharkskin Gloves) - These gloves give us +1 to Summoning Skills which automatically makes them a BiS item. They also increase Strength which is rather nice as it allows us to put fewer points into it. 


  • Defense: 96-112
  • Required Level: 32
  • Required Strength: 20
  • Durability: 14
    • +140-180% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +100-200% Damage to Undead (varies) 
    • +100-200 to Attack Rating Against Undead (varies) 
    • +10 to Energy 
    • +10 to Strength 
    • +1 to Summoning Skills (Necromancer Only) 
    • 10-15% Deadly Strike (varies) 

Bloodfist (Heavy Gloves) - A solid defensively focused choice. Alternatively, you can use gloves with magic find - we prefer to go for these ones as they give +30% faster hit recovery which is often life-saving. 


  • Defense: 17-18
  • Required Level: 9
  • Required Strength: -
  • Durability: 14
    • +10-20% Enhanced Defense 
    • +10 Defense 
    • +10% Increased Attack Speed 
    • +30% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • +40 To Life 
    • +5-10 to Maximum Damage 


Waterwalk (Sharkskin Boots) - You can't go wrong with these boots - they are an extremely solid all-around choice. The most important thing about them is the very high, up to +65, Life bonus. 20% Faster Block Rate is amazing as well. Also, you will appreciate their amazing +40% faster Run/Walk and almost infinite Stamina. 


  • Defense: 112-124
  • Required Level: 32
  • Required Strength: 47
  • Kick Damage: 28-50
  • Durability: 14  
    • +180-210% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • 40% Faster Run/Walk 
    • 20% Faster Block Rate 
    • +15 to Dexterity 
    • +5% to Maximum Fire Resist 
    • Heal Stamina Plus 50% 
    • +40 to Maximum Stamina 
    • +45-65 to Life (varies) 

Aldur's Advance (Battle Boots) - This pair of Boots offers very high bonus Movement Speed and Life. Also, they have a very high bonus to Fire Resistance, which is handy if you don't have fire resistance charms or want your charms to have other bonuses. 

Aldur's Advance

  • Defense: 39-47
  • Required Level: 45
  • Required Strength: 95
  • Kick Damage: 37-64
  • Durability: Indestructible  
    • Indestructible 
    • 40% Faster Run/Walk 
    • 10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana 
    • +180 Maximum Stamina 
    • Heal Stamina Plus +32% 
    • +50 To Life 
    • Set Bonuses: 
      • +15 To Dexterity (2 Item) 
      • +15 To Dexterity (3 Items) 
      • +15 To Dexterity (Completed Set) 

Itherael's Path (Mirrored Boots) - These versatile boots will not only boost your attributes, defense, and hit recovery, but also increase your running speed and casting rate which makes it a solid option for the build. 

Itherael's Path

  • Defense: 99-128
  • Required Level: 85
  • Required Strength: 163
  • Kick Damage: 59-68
  • Durability: 18
    • +20% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +20% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • +[40-60] Defense (varies) 
    • +[10-20] to Dexterity (varies) 
    • +[10-20] to Vitality (varies) 


Arachnid Mesh (Spiderweb Sash) - Definitely a Best in Slot Belt for this build. Arachnid Mesh gives +1 to all Skills in addition to increasing your Cast Rate. This belt is a must-have in a wide range of caster builds, so purchasing it is a good investment. 

Arachnid Mesh

  • Defense: 119-138 
  • Potion Slots: 16 
  • Required Level: 80
  • Required Strength: 50
  • Durability: 12
    • +90-120% Enhanced Defense  
    • Slows Target by 20% 
    • +1 To All Skills 
    • +10-20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • Maximum Mana 5-10% 
    • Level 3 Venom (31 Charges) 

String of Ears (Demonhide Sash) - A great option if you're after some additional survivability. The String of Ears provides up to a 15% damage reduction bonus which is just amazing for this Item slot. 

String of Ears

  • Defense: 102-113
  • Potion Slots: 16 
  • Required Level: 29
  • Required Strength: 20
  • Durability: 22
    • +150-180% Enhanced Defense 
    • +15 Defense 
    • 6-8% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    • Damage Reduced By 10-15% 
    • Magic Damage Reduced 10-15 


  1. Annihilus - This fabled Charm boosts your Skills, Stats, and Resistances. It's the best Unique Small Charm, and it's limited to just 1 in your equipment. 
  2. Gheed's Fortune - The secret to Gheed's wealth and prosperity. Pretty much a must-have if you're after the best available charms. It adds 80-160% extra gold from monsters, reduces vendor prices by up to 15%, and gives up to 40% better magic find. 
  3. Hellfire Torch - The BiS Unique Large Charm that increases your Vitality, Skills, and more. You should, of course, go for one that gives +1 to Necromancer Skills. 
  4. Grand Charms - These should have +Summoning Spells (mandatory) and +Life/+Faster Run/Walk Speed. 
  5. Small Charms - With these, you should get your desired Resistances, bonuses to Life, or bonuses to Magic Find - whatever suits your needs, basically. 


We recommend picking up Act 1 Vigor Mercenary for extra mobility (Vigor Aura makes your Golems Much faster, which is EXTREMELY important) that helps with clear speeds by a lot, and for the ability to use a Bow with a chance to cast Amplify Damage. She should be equipped with: 

  1. Witchwild String - An exceptional Short Siege Bow that has a 10% chance to cast level 16 Amplify Damage on Striking. The other option is a Bow with "Wrath" Runeword in it. This greatly increases the damage of all your minions and break almost all physical immunities. 
  2. Templar's Might - Provides Might Aura for some extra damage. 
  3. Steelrend Gloves - For massive damage bonus and Crushing Blow. 
  4. Vampire's Gaze - For high Life Leech and damage reduction. 
  5. Nosferatu's Coil - For Life Leech and Deadly Strike. 
  6. Gore Rider Boots - For Deadly Strike and Crushing Blow greatly boosting the merc's DPS. 



This is our premiere Project Diablo 2 build where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed something of importance, please let us know! 

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback.