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Best Legendary Farming Locations in Borderlands 3

Best Legendary Farming Locations in Borderlands 3

Complete list of the best Legendary Farming Locations for Borderlands 3

The Best Legendary Farming Locations
in Borderlands 3


Grinding Legendaries is pretty much the most popular and the most captivating things to do in Borderlands 3. The Legendary Item's drop-rate has been significantly lowered in the recent Patches, requiring players to actually choose the right spots to farm Legendary Items efficiently. In this article, we will cover the best locations to farm Legendary Items and Weapons in Borderlands 3, with several interesting spots that less geared players may also benefit from. 

We have added a simple indicator of how easy the specified locations is to farm, and how hard it is to get to the desired checkpoint. Also, we will not build our list in any particular order, if you want to know which one works best for you, simply check them all out and see how many Legendary Items and Weapons you can Loot there after several runs, and how long did it take. 

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Chupacabratch Location

Type Legendary Hunt for Sir Hammerlock
Location Athenas
Boss Type Flesh/Beast
Difficulty level Very easy
Getting to the location  Easy
Overview - this is one of the easiest Legendary Hunt Bosses in the game, with the checkpoint right next to the location. You need to travel a bit to get to the big bridge, but you should be able to avoid most combat if you find it too challenging - the actual Boss is easier than the masses of Maliwan forces on the way there. Chupacabratch is one of the best farming Locations for players that are just starting Mayhem-level games. 

GravewardGraveward Boss Location

Type Boss
Location Eden-6: The Floating Tomb
Boss Type Flesh
Difficulty level  Medium
Getting to the location  Easy
Overview - Graveward is the most popular Boss for farming Legendaries in Borderlands 3. You can fast travel right next to his location, and jump into the battle within seconds after restarting the game. Graveward itself is quite easy, his damage is mediocre, and the only problem for less geared players is his Health Pool. Graveward, however, has some nice juicy Crit. Spots making the fight significantly easier if you have a character with decent burst and you know where to aim.

CrushjawCrushjaw Legendary Hunt

Type Legendary Hunt for Sir Hammerlock
Location Pandora: Cathedral of the Twin Gods
Boss Type Armor/Flesh
Difficulty level  Medium
Getting to the location  Easy or Hard
Overview - Crushjaw is my personal favorite when it comes to farming Legendaries, though you need to get through the entire Cathedral of the Twin Gods to get to his locations. It's filled with Badass and Anointed enemies, so if you are just starting your adventure on Mayhem 3 it may be a challenge to get there. There is an alternative way to reach him; you can fast travel to The Great Vault and just head back to the Cathedral of the Twin Gods. There are no enemies at all, but there is no checkpoint either so you need to fast travel to The Great Vault every single time. On top of the high Legendary Drop Chance from Crushjaw, there is a big Chest behind him, and there is a chance for Eridium chest to spawn in the room as well.

JabbermogwaiJabbermogwai Location

Type Legendary Hunt for Sir Hammerlock
Location Eden-6: Voracious Canopy
Boss Type Beast/Flesh
Difficulty level  Easy
Getting to the location  Easy
Overview - Jabbermogwai is a mini-Boss that creates a clone of himself whenever he touches the Water next to his hut, or when he is hit by Cryo Damage. Simply get some Splash Cryo Weapons like Hex Grenade to have him multiply to whatever number you feel comfortable facing, and kill them all. Jabbermogwai(s) will drop a lot of loot with high chance for Legendaries, and it appears to have a guaranteed Hellfire SMG drop if you kill him with Fire Element. 

Captain TrauntCaptain Traunt Boss

Type Boss
Location Athenas
Boss Type Shield/Flesh
Difficulty level  Easy
Getting to the location  Easy
Overview - one of the most rewarding Bosses from the list. He isn't too much of a challenge, and has a very high Legendary drop chance. You will have to walk quite a bit to reach his checkpoint, but when you do, you will be spawning right next to his location. 

Slaughter ShaftSlaughter Shaft

Type Circle of Slaughter
Location Pandora: Konrad's Hold
Difficulty level  Medium
Getting to the location  Medium
Overview - the most popular Circle of Slaughter Map which apparently offers the highest possible drop chance. It's most likely the hardest location on the list, with enemies attacking you constantly from all directions. You should adjust your difficulty level accordingly

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Make sure to leave your feedback below, and possibly include information on how many Legendaries you manage to find in those locations. Apparently Loot chances change all the time, and it would be great to have your insight to have this list updated constantly. We do plan to expand this article further in the future as new content is introduced in Borderlands 3.

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