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Avenger Autoturret Exorcist Wolcen Build

Avenger Autoturret Exorcist Wolcen Build

Try out a Tower Offence build for Wolcen which offers a very unique playstyle and a decent survivability

Avenging Exorcist
Autoturret build

Beta build for Patch 1.0.0


Guide notes
February 26, 2020
-Beta version created


The "Avenger" Autoturret is one of the more interesting abilities in Wolcen.  It basically turns you into a combat engineer of sorts and allows you to summon a powerful heavy weapon contraption that will aid you in battle. With certain Modifiers (Flak Launcher) it even allows you to automate your damage dealing, which makes it laughably easy to use; however, our version of the build forgoes this particular Modifier, because we like to have complete control over our abilities (we believe that skipping Flak Launcher considerably increases both the build's skill ceiling and potential). Below, we present to you our current version of our Avenger Exorcist Autoturret Build. 

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Important note: This is a beta version of our Avenging Exorcist Autoturret Build that we have just recently started working on. It exhibits great speed-clearing potential and allows you to go through the campaign very quickly. Thanks to above-average utility, decent crowd control, and great mobility, it is one of the most dynamic pistol builds currently available. As mentioned earlier, we have just started this "project" so we are still far away from determining the perfect mix of active and passive abilities (it is possible that we will swap some of them around in the foreseeable future. Moreover, we will definitely add new passives as we level up our characters). More passives and gear testing are required to finetune the build. Despite being in the early stages of development, it already shows great promise and performs at a satisfying level. 


1. Gameplay

When it comes to gameplay, our Avenging Exorcist build turns out to be much more dynamic and satisfying to play than one might expect from an Autoturret-based setup. The build utilizes the "Avenger" Autoturret as its main source of damage and multiple utility spells to support it. In simple words, the course of action with this build looks as follows: pre-cast the Bulwark of Dawn for its utilities, engage a group of mobs, use Winter's Grasp to Crowd Control them, afflict them with the Mark of Impurity and then proceed to shred them with your Avenger Autoturret. If the situation heats up too much, use the Aether Jump as an escape tool; Aether Jump can also be used to replenish your resources and to relocate very quickly. Thanks to the Admire From a Distance Modifier, Winter's Grasp can also be used as a ranged CC ability - take advantage of this by freezing distant trash mobs in place. Overall, when mastered, this build allows you to shred the opposition without taking too much retaliation. If you like high mobility combined with some good AoE Crowd Control, you should definitely try this one. 


2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • Very high Damage output
  • Strong self-sustain thanks to Life Leech and good Rage generation
  • Good Crowd Control options
  • Above-average mobility
  • Somewhat gear-dependant
  • You can experience survivability problems when leveling up with this build - this can be countered by increasing Toughness, however
  • Work in progress; it still requires fine-tuning and testing


3. Attributes

For this DPS build you want to focus Ferocity for increased Attack and Spell Critical Strike chance, and the highest DPS bonus. The higher your crit chances are the better. The ideal DPS setup would be all points into Ferocity, but that might be a bit too ambitious depending on your gear. If you are having survivability problems, put some points into Toughness. When it comes to Wisdom and Agility, they are not worth it; you can put some points in if you find it really necessary, but it will be a waste. 

Attribute priorities
  Ferocity 90%
  Toughness 10%
  Agility 0%
  Wisdom 0%


4. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passives for our Avenging Exorcist Autoturret build. It grabs as much damage and critical bonuses as possible and also builds around Rage to maximize damage output. Build's Passives are allocated in a way that maximizes DPS, Crit Chance, and Rage, but they also provide Life Leech that greatly increases build's survivability (high DPS combined with Life Leech is very powerful). 

Avenger Autoturret Exorcist Build for Wolcen Online

The Wild Card This greatly increases your Critical Hit Chance Score for both your Attacks and Spells. 
Feast for the Crows Grants insane Life Leech which is amazing for self-sustain. It applies to all damage types as well. 
Manic Slaughter Increases the Damage Dealt proportionally to the current amount of Rage. This modifier applies to all forms of damage, which makes it universally good. 
Residual Energy After you cast a spell, your next attack gets empowered with additional +30% damage, based on the spell's type, for a short period of time. The type of damage is the same as the last spell cast. Empowering attacks with magic damage increases DPS, just remember to weave attacks between spells to maximize this effect. 
Duty to Exterminate

Increases maximum Willpower and, more importantly, Rage levels, which allows you to cast more spells and attack skills. This also synergizes with some other chosen passives. 

If you are looking for points to drop because your level is not high enough, we advise you to drop this, as the bonus damage provided is not that high and the build works just fine without the additional Rage pool. 

Merciless Lethality Decreases the damage dealt by your normal hits, but increases the damage dealt by your Critical Hits. This gives a 30% Damage penalty and a +100% Crit Damage bonus. The more Crit chance you have, the more powerful this passive gets, and the build is constructed around Critical Chance. 
Which Time Cannot Heal When you hit enemies afflicted with Stasis, they take 100% of the Hit Damage again after 1.5s delay. This can provide a considerable boost to your damage output. 
Blessed Silver You gain 5 "Anointed Ammunition" points that regenerate every 2 seconds and after you use a Dodge Roll. Each "Anointed Ammunition" point increases your projectile Damage by 10% and each "Anointed Ammunition" point missing increases your melee damage by 10%. Points are consumed after you use a Projectile Skill. This adds some micromanagement and a lot of potential DPS. 
Branded Burst If you are not being hit for a few seconds, you gain a "Tenet" Point. If you get hit while you have "Tenet" Points, you ignore a percentage of the damage and lose 1 Point. Damage reduction is proportional to the amount of "Tenet" Points stored. Each point reduces Damage taken by 15%. 
Furious Appetite You generate Rage instead of Will Power. Your Will Power Regeneration will be applied to Rage Regeneration from now on. 


5. Skills

[PRIMARY DPS] "Avenger" Autoturret
"Avenger" Autoturret "Avenger" Autoturret is this build's main ability and everything else is built around it. It summons an automated turret that attacks your enemies from distance. The turret can be picked up and wielded like a hand-held heavy weapon. 
  High Calibre Ammunition increases turret damage by 10%. Avenger is our main DPS ability, so maximizing its damage output is very important. 
  Twin Repeater provides your turret with an additional barrel, which increases its Damage, but rises Rage cost by a bit.
  Unstable Engine of Destruction increases turret's damage output at the cost of its stability. With this Modifier, Turret will stay active for a shorter duration, but the damage bonus is worth the drawback. If you want to counter the drawback, you can pick up the Sleepless Sentry Modifier that will add +2s to the turret's duration. 
  Ballistic Reinforcements is a very powerful Modifier because it allows you to summon a second turret. This considerably increases your damage output but also hurts your resources by a bit. 
[UTILITY] Mark of Impurity
Mark of Impurity Mark of Impurity debuffs your targets, making them much more vulnerable to your attacks. This utility skill considerably increases your damage output. 
  Big Game Hunting causes enemies afflicted with Mark of Impurity to take more damage. 
  Weight of Culpability causes enemies afflicted with Mark of Impurity to be more vulnerable to incoming damage. 
  Target Eliminated makes enemies afflicted with the mark much more susceptible to Critical Damage; critical hits made against marked enemies deal more damage. 
  Borrowed Time makes your Ailemts spread between nearby enemies when you hit a market target, which makes Mark of Impurity much more efficient. 
[UTILITY] Winter's Grasp
Winter's Grasp Winter's Grasp allows you to emanate an aura of cold around you. Enemies caught within its area of influence will become frozen.  
  Ice Pawn lowers the ability's cooldown, which increases your CC potential and makes defeating groups of enemies much easier. You can also take Century of Cold Nights for even higher Cooldown reduction. 
  Hail the Ice Queen provides you with a buff that makes you deal extra damage based on the base element of the Winter's Grasp. This also works on your allies. In this case, Hail will provide you with additional cold damage. 
  Admire from a Distance allows you to cast Winter's Grasp in a circle around your cursor location which makes the ability much more versatile. Thanks to this, you can freeze enemies that didn't have a chance to get close to you yet. 
[UTILITY] Bulwark of Dawn
Bulwark of Dawn Bulwark of Dawn is an area Skill that blesses an area around the caster with the light of dawn. The light heals allies who stand in it over time.
  Everlasting Aura is a simple modifier that increases Bulwark's duration. This makes it much more cost-efficient. 
  Sacred Grounds turns this defensive AoE HoT ability into a potent AoE Damaging one. With this modifier, Bulwark's area of effect also deals damage to enemies in range. Thanks to this, Bulwark of Dawn becomes one of the most versatile skills available. This will provide you with some additional AoE damage. 
  Blade of Truth makes you deal additional sacred damage with your attacks while you remain in Bulwark's area of effect. This, combined with the Divine Omnipresence provides you with a constant Damage buff. 
  Divine Omnipresence is what makes the Bulwark of Dawn truly amazing. With this Modifier, Bulwark's area of effect follows the caster (which converts it from a simple AoE into an aura-like effect around the caster). Thanks to this, you can get Bulwark's full benefit without hampering your mobility. 
[MOBILITY] Aether Jump
Aether Jump Wings of Ishmir is a very powerful mobility Spell that will help you escape from back to the wall situations with relative ease. Also, you can recast it several times, and it will give you a brief bonus to Rage generation after you do it, which is great, because Avenger is cost-heavy. It also increases your Attack and Movement Speed for a short duration after Teleporting with it, which makes it even more appealing to use. 
  Escape Artist increases the range of your teleport which further boosts your mobility and allows you to disengage from combat even easier. 
  March of the Time Devourers allows you to cast it a few times in a sequence with increased Willpower cost. This effectively removes Jump's Cooldown, which is very powerful. 
  Spirits of the Void deals Aether Damage to enemies you pass through when jumping. It will also have a high chance to put enemies into Stasis. This synergizes very well with the rest of the build. 
  Aethereal Bounce increases your Attack Speed Score after you Teleport. 
  Time Paradox allows Aether Jump to dispell any crowd control effects from your character when you jump. 


5. Recommended Gear

This section is still in "construction" as we don't have enough data to give you exact item proposals. We can't provide too detailed gear suggestions right now as there aren't many Unique and Legendaries revealed. However, below you can find the recommended Stat priority for items used in this build, which should help you get through the campaign. In the following days, we will try to update this section. 

Note: This build is based on Pistol and Catalyst Active Skills, so dual-wielding these two will be necessary. 

Stat priorities
  1. Rage and Willpower Cost Reduction
  2. Flat Damage Bonus added to Attacks
  3. Critical Hit Damage
  4. Physical Damage
  5. Material Damage
  6. Elemental Damage
  7. Critical Hit Chance
  8. Ferocity


If you have any other build requests please let us know in the comments section below. We are going to continue our work on Wolcen characters to fill up the list with all major build archetypes in the following weeks. Stay tuned. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Wolcen Studio.