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Atlas Armored Juggernaut Warframe Build

Atlas Armored Juggernaut Warframe Build

One of the most durable Tanks in Warframe

Armored Juggernaut build

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Build notes
March 2, 2019
-Build created


1. General information

This Atlas build focuses on maximizing Armor and survivability. To achieve this we have utilized Umbral Mods and the Armored Agility Mod, which combine for over 1500 Armor and 1070 Health. This results in a very tanky and resilient frame, ideal for using the Titanic Rumbler Augment which will provide you with some offensive power, and a durable damage sponge, that will boost your survivability even further.

This build excels at:
  •  Tanking
  •  Defense missions
  •  Mobile Defense
  •  Capture missions
  •  Survival missions
If possible, avoid:
  •  Stealth missions
  •  Spy missions

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Very high Armor
  •  Good amount of Health
  •  Great survivability
  •  Titanic Rumbler
  •  Very Versatile
  •  Mediocre Damage output
  •  Low mobility
  •  Hard to obtain
  •  Expensive

3. Mods

Our recommended Atlas mods will boost your Health and Armor significantly. Alongside Armor and Health,  we have prioritized Power Efficiency and Strength in order to add some much needed offensive power to Atlas's great hardiness. With the recommended Mods your stats will be at:

Detailed stats
  • 1070.00 Health
  • 300.00 Shield Capacity
  • 30.00/sec Shield Recharge
  • 225.00 Energy
  • 1518.75 Armor
  • 1.03 Sprint Speed
  • +60% Melee Damage
  • 169.00% Power Strength
  • 105.00% Power Duration
  • 100.00% Power Range
  • 175.00% Power Efficiency
  • +30.00% Chance to Resist Knockdown
Notable Skill: Rumblers
  • 25.00 Energy Cost
  • 4563.00 Impact
  • 47.25 Power Duration
  • 1140.75 Throwed Stones Damage
  • 2851.88 Explosion Damage
  • 6.00m Explosion Radius
  • 24102.00 Rumblers Health
  • 2032.50 Rumblers Armor
  • 0.65 Speed
  • 1 Number of Rumblers

This build utilizes the Titanic Rumbler Augment mod for Atlas. It turns your two Rumblers into one solid tank with tons of health, very high armor, and a useful taunt ability, which will boost your survivability by a significant margin.

List of used Mods and add-ons

Helmet: No Helmet equipped

Formas: 3 Formas required

Arcane Enhancements: Arcane Guardian

Mod Capacity: 0/78

Corrosive Projection

Steel Charge: matches V polarity

Blind Rage

Streamline: matches - polarity
mod rank 4 / 5

Primed Flow

Armored Agility: matches D polarity


Primed Continuity: matches V polarity


Umbral vitality: neutral polarity

Cunning Drift

Power Drift: requires adding = polarity

Transient Fortitude

Fleeting Expertise: requires adding - polarity
mod rank 4 / 5

Augur Accord

Titanic Rumbler: requires adding = polarity


Umbral Intensify: neutral polarity
mod rank 8 / 10


Umbral Fiber: neutral polarity

Atlas Warframe Build

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