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Albion Online Silver Farming Guide

Albion Online Silver Farming Guide

Find out what are the best and most efficient ways to earn Silver in Albion Online

Albion Online Silver Farming Guide


The world of Albion, like any other, revolves around money (Silver in this case). There are a lot of ways of earning Silver, the main Albion currency, but not many of them are really worth your while. Many Players struggle to make a good profit from in-game activities, and some others make quite nice amounts, but with great time investment. This guide will help you make more Silver more quickly. Because after all, the time you spend in the game is your main currency, which you invest in Silver-earning in-game activities. Many players do not respect their time and often waste it unnecessarily, while they could be spending it more efficiently. For example, the assumption, that money made out of Gathering is "free" is fundamentally wrong because You have spent a lot of time collecting those raw materials, that you are now selling. For this reason, the time-consumption is one of the main factors that we have taken into account while making this guide. The other factors include the difficulty of the described activity, the level of risk associated with the said activity, potential profits, and an initial investment that has to be made to earn money over time. 

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Point system explanation

We have granted from 1 to 10 points to every activity in each of the following categories: Time Consumption, Difficulty, Risk Level, Potential Profits and Initial Investment Needed. You check the meaning of those scores in the table below (scoring system in some categories may feel unintuitive or reversed, but this is necessary in order to make the Total Score straightforward)

Time Consumption - A higher number means LESS time needed for the activity
Difficulty - A higher number means LOWER difficulty level of said activity
Risk Level -  A higher number means LOWER risk associated with said activity
Potential Profits - A higher number means HIGHER potential profits (a Silver/hour invested is taken into account)
Initial Investment Needed - A higher number means that LOWER initial investment is needed
Total Score - This shows how easy and profitable said activity is overall, the HIGHER the number, the better

How to earn Silver

1. Market flipping and The Gold Market
Time Consumption 9 / 10
Difficulty 6 / 10
Risk Level 6 / 10
Potential Profits 10 / 10
Initial Investment Needed 3 / 10
Total Score 34 / 50
Description - Marketplaces are a great source of income, and you don't have to gather/craft items yourself to make a profit on the Marketplace! You can earn it via reselling items, materials etc., or by manipulating prices on the market instead.

General Strategy - Buy for cheap, and sell with high profit. Playing on the Marketplace requires a lot of strategic thinking, analyzing, and high initial money investment as well as taking some risks. Arm yourself with a pen and paper or an excel spreadsheet, and start gathering data about prices - you need to know the exact price of every worthwhile item if you want to make a large profit. When you know the prices, you can start to buy items listed below the actual value and resell them for a profit. Remember that Market prices are fluid, and you are always at risk of losing money on some transactions, but if you think, analyze, and keep your head cool, you will always make a great profit in the end.

As for the Gold Market, a principle is basically the same. You buy Gold cheaply, and then sell it with profit. This may require a lot of investment to be worth a while, however, and get quite risky at times when the player population is dwindling (therefore lowering the demand and a price), or when someone (a guild typically) is trying to manipulate prices.

Tips and Tricks
  1. Don't list all your items of said type at a time, store part of them (or all of them - depending on current price) for later.
  2. Don't rush your auctions, it is better to wait for the prices to stabilize on a reasonable level before creating your auctions.
  3. Periods, when prices are plummeting down, are a good time for restocking your warehouse with items for future auctions (invest your money and be patient! - the prices will most likely get back up to normal)
  4. If you are certain that an item is in high Demand and quite Rare, you can Monopolize it! Buy all available items of that type, and set the new, higher price (please note, that this is very risky, and requires regular Marketplace visits, to ensure that nobody is listing said item cheaper)
  5. Periods when servers are more populated (Weekends, Holidays etc.) are the periods when the prices are generally higher than normal (because more people are buying stuff), sell your stashed items in those periods!


2. Refining and Crafting
Time Consumption 7 / 10
Difficulty 8 / 10
Risk Level 8 / 10
Potential Profits 7 / 10
Initial Investment Needed 2 / 10
Total Score 32 / 50
Description - Raw materials are generally cheaper than their refined counterparts, and high-end gear is often more expensive than the materials required for crafting it. In other words, you can earn money by refining materials and crafting certain items.
General Strategy -  This will be expensive at the start because you will need to Master your Refining and Crafting skills (without it your profits will be rather marginal). After you level your Masteries it is time to gather information - you'll need to know the price differences between raw and refined materials and between items and the materials required to craft them (the bigger the difference, the bigger your profit will be). When you know the prices, you can start buying raw materials and begin the process of buying refining, crafting and selling for a better price. This requires price knowledge comparable to that required for Playing on the Market, so these two activities can be easily combined for even more profits!
Tips and Tricks
  1. Invest in Laborers, You'll need them if you want to make good profits
  2. Use the Trade Channel and the trade sub-forum in order to find the best raw material offers
  3. Get to know price differences between different Markets, and use them to your advantage
  4. Use Alts - this will be expensive and time-consuming, but Alts with leveled Masteries will highly increase your profits (more Alts = more Focus to spend)
  5. Don't waste your resources, and don't slow your production - waiting for "better" offers might bottleneck your production and in turn your profits.


Freight transport
Time Consumption 4 / 10
Difficulty 7 / 10
Risk Level 5 / 10
Potential Profits 7 / 10
Initial Investment Needed 4 / 10
Total Score 27 / 50
Description - Albion's Marketplaces are not connected with each other, and therefore the price of certain goods will differ greatly from one Auction House to another. This creates a great opportunity for making a profit.
General Strategy - The Demand-Supply relation will be the foundation of your activity. If the Supply of an item is higher than the Demand for it, its price will diminish, and if the Supply is lower than the Demand, its price will rise. So, you can profit from buying High-Supply, Low-Demand items at one Marketplace and selling them at another, where the Supply-Demand relation for said items is reversed. In simpler words, the price of wood in a city located in a forest will be lower than the price of wood in a city located on a plain or a desert; so you buy said wood in a forest city, transport it to a plain/desert city, and then sell it on a local Marketplace with profit. To make good money out of it, you'll have to do some research and compare the prices of materials at different Marketplaces. This strategy can be combined with Refining and Crafting for increased profits.
Tips and Tricks
  1. Write down the average prices of most popular items from every decently-sized Marketplace - this will be your crib sheet (remembering all the prices from all the Marketplaces is almost impossible, you will get everything mixed up)
  2. Always be transporting goods, empty mileage will limit your profits greatly.
  3. Plan ahead, and try to optimize your Freight route.
  4. Place buy orders for items that are in a high Supply, that way you'll buy them even cheaper.


4. Gathering
Time Consumption 1 / 10
Difficulty 9 / 10
Risk Level 3 / 10
Potential Profits 3 / 10
Initial Investment Needed 8 / 10
Total Score 24 /50
Description - Become a workhorse of the Albion economy, and invest high amounts of time into gathering resources, that will earn you some money. There are many less time-consuming money-earning activities, but this one definitely the simplest.
General Strategy - Make yourself a large bucket of coffee, check the Marketplace to see what raw materials are in the high demand, and start working day and night, because that node will not mine itself. You will have to level your Gathering skills and Masteries at the beginning, and this will take a lot of time, but your profits will staidly rise as you level up. If you really plan to make your living out of the gathering, you should invest in a proper gathering gear, equipment, and a Mount. This activity can be combined with Refining/Crafting, and Freight Transport for a large increase in profits!
Tips and Tricks
  1. Gather nodes corresponding to the Tier of your tool (equal, and one lower) for the best progression.
  2. Try to avoid gathering during server prime times, in order to evade competition and hostile players.
  3. Always be ready to escape from hostile players, try to stay calm (panic is a common cause of death in Albion Online), and remember to use your defensive/escape abilities wisely.
  4. Keep your Mount close to you at all times, to increase your chances of escaping the danger unharmed

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Albion Online presents a lot of opportunities for money-making, and we have described just a small portion of them. Every player will for sure find his favorite way of making a lot of Silver without getting too bored or exhausted.

Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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