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EVE Online

Buy cheap ISK and Skill Injectors

Odealo users offer cheap ISK and Skill Injectors in EVE Online. Deliveries are made by legitimate players mainly from Europe in a timely fashion. Our transaction system guarantees item as-described receipt or a full refund. If you were looking for Cheap ISK, PLEX or Skill Injectors and you are reading this - you are in the perfect place!

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EVE Online has community-driven economy based on ISK (InterStellar Kredits) which can be obtained from all types of activites in the game. You can also buy EVE ISK for real cash from other players on secure Odealo marketplace. By seamless implementation of advanced security measures we maintain over 99.5% score of transaction's success rate. Our sellers are regular professional gamers and can deliver any type of merchandise, including Skill Injectors, Battle Ships, Pilot certificates and more. 

EVE Online Game Description

EVE Online is a science-fiction MMORPG Game released in 2003 by CCP Games. All players of EVE Online share a single game world on the main server named "Tranquility". EVE's world consists of 7,800 star systems which can be explored by players. The game earned its' popularity because of complexity and the scale of direct player's influence on how the game world is shaped.

Players can form corporations (similar to guilds or clans in other MMORPG games) and participate in very exciting economic, military and political competition. EVE Online holds one of the unofficial records for the most expensive battle in gaming history - the Bloodbath of B-R5RB, which cost approximately $300,000-$330,000 (US Dollars) which was an estimate based on the real-life value of EVE's in-game currency PLEX.

Every pilot in EVE Online requires traininig and Battle ships. Both can be purchased by real money and save you a lot of time. You can buy EVE ISK for real money, which can be used to purchase Battle Ships and modules, and Skill Injectors, which can be used on your character to enhance certain skills that will allow you to control more advanced Tech Ships and equipment. Skill Injectors are available for sale both on Odealo and the in-game Market, and you can choose whether you spend real money on them or EVE ISK. We have some of the most reliable suppliers of Large Skill Injectors in the game, who supports players across the EVE Universe.

EVE Online Currencies and Trading

In EVE Online players are able to own and control Space ships, in which they participate in fierce battles. As in most online games, the better the ship the more resources are required to get it. In EVE Online ships are bought for ISK (InterStellar Kredits) which is the equivalent of Gold in other MMORPG games - and the official in-game currency. Together with PLEX and Skill Injectors, they are the main three EVE currency items. All of them are commonly traded between players. In order to get the upper hand players are able to buy ISK, PLEX or Skill Injectors from one another or simply trade it for other goods and items. is a newly formed player-to-player marketplace where players of EVE Online are buying, selling and trading their ISK, PLEX and Skill Injectors. 

Where to Buy, Sell and Trade EVE ISK?

If you are EVE Online player, and if you were looking for a place where you could securely buy, sell and trade your EVE ISK, PLEX, Skill Injectors or other valuable items Odealo is the place just for you. You can create your own and free account in couple minutes and start trading right away. We offer the lowest fees, chargeback protection, innovative and intuitive transaction and offer management tools and much more!

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