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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter game developed by Battlestate Games studio based in Russia. Developers have put great emphasis on realistic first-person simulator experience. The game provides players with a story-driven walkthrough with MMO elements. The economy plays a very important part in EfT, players have access to a multitude of customizable skins and items, and the In-game tradesmen offer goods based on their origins: Russian equipment can be bought only for Roubles, and only from a certain trader, while NATO equipment is sold for Dollars only. This double currency system provides a refreshing experience when it comes to trading in Escape from Tarkov; it is worth noting that some items can be bought only with different currencies. Optimizing your storage space is another core aspect of the game. Your warehouse space is very limited, and therefore you will need things like Cases to utilize every bit of available space. When you die in Escape from Tarkov, you lose all your gear keep that in mind when embarking on your first adventure and get your hand on a container as soon as possible, because it will allow you to preserve at least a part of your equipment after you die. Escape from Tarkov introduces a large variety of item customization options which lays foundations for the very interesting game experience. The city of Tarkov is a large playground, and you can go anywhere you want, but some places are hidden behind closed doors and will require Keys to access.

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Escape from Tarkov Economy and Trading

As an online-based FPS, Escape from Tarkov has proven to be a great success. Its realistic mechanics, attention to detail, elaborate equipment-modding systems, engaging gameplay, and very high skill ceiling appeal to thousands of players that play the game each day. However, EfT is much more than just a hardcore online shooter game; it is a survival of the fittest simulator that forces players to make the most out of what they have in an attempt to outsmart, outplay, and overcome their adversaries. On top of that, Escape from Tarkov also does a great job of simulating the economy of an outlawed conflict zone, where big guns and deep pockets dictate who has the power. The game offers multiple EfT Trading systems that let players become a part of the economic machine, which greatly increases immersion:

  • Looting and Scavenging - Let's start with the basics; finding assets that spawn on the maps is what makes the in-game economy rolling, especially early after a wipe. While this part of gameplay is what drives inflation in other games, it is not a problem in EfT as good loot is scarce and extracting it from Raids can sometimes be very tricky.
  • Traders - The pillars of the EfT Marketplace. These people (currently only NPCs) have access to various goods that are essential to players (armaments, provisions, medical supplies, ammunition, construction materials, and more), and are willing to sell them for an appropriate price. To get the best deals, however, players have to earn the Trader's trust, which is associated with completing various, sometimes extremely dangerous, tasks. This ensures that the in-game gear progression is gradual. It also makes completing quests much more rewarding. Traders can also repair player's gear, for a fee of course. Currently, there are eight Traders (Jaeger, Ragman, Mechanic, Peacekeeper, Skier, Fence, Therapist, and Prapor), each of them with different outside connections, currency preferences, and assortment. To prevent inflation and increase the game's difficulty level, prices of The Best EfT Assets offered by traders are very prohibitive. This forces players to look for alternative sources of gear, as only the most skilled and the richest can afford to equip themselves by just reaching deep into their pockets and buying all they need from traders. 
  • Barter - Sometimes cash can't buy you the things you need. Luckily, Traders are a rather peculiar lot (collectors, master craftsmen, scientists, or enthusiasts) and are willing to exchange some of the best EfT Gear pieces for other, less useful, stuff. Thanks to the Barter system, many seemingly useless items are actually very valuable and can be a great source of income if one knows where to look for them. The system also allows players to obtain high-level gear early, but doing so is rather risky as Barters are limited, items that are the part of an exchange tend to be rare, and loosing the bartered asset during a Raid will most likely result in the player not being able to replace it with a piece of the same power-level. This is why it is, most of the time, a good idea to sell the bartered asset to other players and buy a few cheaper replacements. This is where the main Tarkov's economy driving motor comes in: 
  • The EfT Flea Market - The place where players can freely trade with each other and/or with AI Traders. It allows players to browse through the goods that are currently for sale and to create their own deals. After its introduction, the Flea Market quickly became the most popular Tarkov Marketplace. The abundance of offers ensures that prices are lower than those offered by Traders and lack of restrictions enables low-level players to buy the best EfT gear without the need for completing questlines, which greatly speeds up the progression if one knows his way around. However, just like Traders, the Flea Markt has a certain progression associated with it: Increasing Reputation, by completing market deals, increases the maximum number of offers a player can post; starting with 1 offer and ending with a maximum of 100 concurrent offers after reaching 1000+ reputation. To fight inflation and make flipping more difficult, each EfT Flea Market transaction is taxed. A word of advice here: always check the prices before posting/selling something; this way you will ensure that you are charging an appropriate price for an asset and not just throwing it away for practically nothing. 

The EfT Marketplace

Thanks to the fact that, in Tarkov, the best gear is scarce and the most valuable assets are very hard to come by, some of the "virtual" items, in the EfT, have a very "real" value. This takes the gameplay to a totally new level: players are playing not only for pixels but also for actual, real-life, profit. Because of this, Odealo has prepared a place where EfT players can Buy and Sell in-game assets for Real Money. Our Tarkov Marketplace offers the possibility to quickly and safely exchange in-game assets for cash and vice versa. With our help, you will be able to cheaply gear up with the best armor and armaments and/or sell your hard-earned loot to other players. Odealo's EfT Marketplace is 100% safe as we value our client's safety above all else. We guarantee that all transactions made under our agency come smoothly and our security policies are there to ensure the security of Buyers and Sellers alike. Don't miss your opportunity, join our rapidly growing Escape from Tarkov community and take advantage of the best, and safest, deals on the internet!