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Artifact - The Dota Trading Card Game

Artifact is a Trading Card Game (TCG) developed and published by Valve Corporation. Artifact is planned to launch in October 2018 and it is based upon the popular Dota 2 game. Artifact sticks to the three-lane theme, where the players' goal is to destroy the enemy towers. Players control a Hero in each lane and support them with Creeps, Spells, and Item cards. The game itself is planned to be the biggest Card game with community drive trading as one of its' core aspects. 

Artifact offers one-on-one matches where both players bring two predefined Decks to the battleground. The Main Deck consists of 5 Hero Cards and another 35 Cards including Spells and Creeps. On top of the Main Deck, both players must also use Item Decks which consist of 10 Item Cards that can be purchased by the player during Shopping Phase at the end of each round. While players receive 280 Cards after purchasing the core game, the most valuable and expensive Cards will be obtainable by purchasing Booster packs or via trading with other players on Steam community market and other platforms including

Artifact trading

Artifact is a Trading Card Game and all players are allowed to Buy, Sell and Trade their Cards. While most of the cards can be obtained from Booster Packs, in order to build the best decks based on rare cards, trading with other players is inevitable. On Odealo you can buy cheap Artifact Cards from other players, including Hero Cards, Spells, Creeps, and More. You will find all the best Artifact Cards on our market. Player-to-Player trading that Odealo supports and low per-transaction fees allow you to buy rare Artifact Cards for the best prices, with fast delivery times. At the same time, Odealo guarantees the highest security of each user transaction.

Artifact Real-Money-Trading

Trading on the official Steam community market involves very high fees and makes it impossible for players to cash out the money they earn from selling the best Artifact Cards. If you are looking for a place where this can be omitted, join today. It offers the lowest per-transaction fee, high-security level by supporting Escrow transaction system, and Feedback and Rating systems that allow you to verify who you are trading with. On Odealo you can Buy, Sell and Trade Artifact Cards with the use of real money. All offers are posted by regular players, which allows us to maintain very competitive price-levels and fast delivery times.

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