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Albion Online

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG game developed by Sandbox Interactive. It was released for PC Platform on July 2017. This game itself is heavily focused on the economy. On top of fighting both computer-controlled monsters and human players, gathering resources, crafting and exploration will be your main in-game activities. In Albion players can use Silver and Gold to trade for items, equipment, and other merchandise (excluding cosmetic items, and premium account feature). Silver is considered the main currency in Albion Online making it the most sought-after merchandise and the most popular asset to be traded on RMT markets. The economic aspect of Albion Online is one of the most interesting, and a lot of players mainly focus on gathering valuable resources, crafting and trading. Most of the trading is done with the use of Silver and Gold as the means of exchange. Gold can be purchased with real money from either the game developers or regular players, or by trading it in the game for Items and Silver. On the other hand, Silver is the primary currency in Albion Online, used by every player to trade for items, materials, and equipment. The richest players can even flip Silver on the Gold exchange for high profit, as it shows many similarities to the stock exchange, where Buy and Sell offers can be posted.

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