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Account registration

Odealo is an innovative online trading platform for gamers. It provides a safe environment for buyers and sellers of goods and services in online games to meet and trade. With user-friendly offer management and transaction processing tools, and seamless implementation of advanced security measures, Odealo takes player-to-player trading to a whole new level. Registration on Odealo gives you access to one of the most promising online game's trading community!

Each registered user's status is represented on their public profile. Users can choose an avatar picture(wchich can be for example their real photo or a logotype). Next to their avatar, their account level and status(seller or buyer) is displayed in form of small icons. The five color blocks under the user's avatar indicate user's authorization level (each block corresponding to one of the five authorization levels).  


Is account registration free?

YES! Account registration is completely free of charge. Also we do not charge any extra fees for the use of the website -- you only pay for goods you want to purchase from other users.

What can I do with my basic account?

After you have created your own account you will be able to browse through all available offers on the portal and communicate with other users. However, in order to become an active trader, verifying your personal information and attaining authorization levels will be required.

Why do I have to verify my personal data?

In order to maintain safety of all transactions within Odealo we have to collect this kind of data from every user. Because of anti-money laundering regulations and to prevent all kinds of fraud we will refuse service to anonymous users.

Can i have more then one account?

Odealo accounts are individual, and are restricted only for personal use. On Odealo you conclude legaly binding agreements -- it is not allowed to share your login information with others.

Can I close my account?

Of course, as long as you don't have any obligations towards Odealo owner or other users you are free to close your account at any time. Account closure will be effective after 30 days from your last transaction.