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Last Epoch Swords

In Last Epoch, swords are a category of melee weapons that players can use to deal damage to enemies. They are favored for their balance of speed and power, making them suitable for various character builds and playstyles. Swords are the most popular type of Melee weapons, which is reflected by the number of available Uniques in the game this category offers. It is not equal to being the best, as different playstyles and different builds will surely find other specific weapons better. 

Below you can find the list of all Unique Swords in the Last Epoch. We will try to add a brief description of each, and possibly hint towards some interesting build options, and hopefully, with your feedback, we can make this text a valuable source of information for all players.


Unique One-handed Swords in Last Epoch

Humming BeeHumming Bee (Unique Gladius) - a low-level sword with very high bonus Attack Speed. With the extra Haste and Movement speed, it is simply a perfect leveling weapon. The bonus damage per Ward looks like it carries some potential for end-game builds, but we tried... even with a nearly perfect Legendary piece and tons of Ward, it worked on level of a mediocre build without such excessive investments

Implicit modifiers
+10 Melee Damage

(20% to 25%) increased Melee Attack Speed
(3% to 7%) increased Movement Speed
(3 to 7) Ward Gain on Melee Hit
1% Chance per 20 Ward to gain Haste for 2 seconds when you directly use a Melee Attack
Elemental Attacks deal 1% Increased Damage per 200 Ward

Related ailments

Requires Level: 6
Random Drop (Common)

Rainbow EdgeRainbow Edge (Unique Falchion) - a solid weapon for mid-tier leveling, with high flat added Elemental Damage, and increased chance to apply the basic ailments

Implicit modifiers
+27 Melee Damage

+(25% to 75%) Critical Strike Multiplier
+7 Lightning Melee Damage
+7 Fire Melee Damage
+7 Cold Melee Damage
+(25 to 75)% chance to Shock, Ignite, and Chill on Hit

Related ailments
Ignite, Chill, Shock

Requires Level: 30
Random Drop (Common)

Gladiator's OathGladiator's Oath (Unique Broadsword) - associated with the Dancing Strikes ability making it somewhat useless for classes other than Bladedancer

Implicit modifiers
+22 Melee Damage

(10% to 15%) increased Melee Attack Speed
+(10% to 15%) Critical Strike Multiplier while Dual Wielding
(20% to 40%) Increased Area with Dancing Strikes
Dancing Strikes' 3rd Strike Creates a Fighting Arena
+100% Melee Critical Strike Chance while in Dancing Strikes' Fighting Arena

Related abilities
Dancing Strikes

There is no mercy among the sands of the arena. Majasa demands beauty, be it the glory of victory or the dance of blood.

Requires Level: 31
Random Drop (Common)

Transcriber's GraverTranscriber's Graver (Unique Dawn Blade)  - a Runemaster's weapon with bonuses to various Skills. We might be looking at some interesting build options with this one, but we haven't had a chance to test it properly yet

Implicit modifiers
+54 Melee Damage

+(16 to 24) Spell Damage
Modifiers to Volcanic Orb speed also apply to Flame Rush speed and distance at (60 to 64)% effectiveness
Increases to Fire Aura Area also apply to Glyph of Dominion
(40% to 80%) chance to cast Fire Aura each second while standing on your Glyph of Dominion
+(4 to 8) Spell Damage with Flame Rush per stack of Fire Aura
+(16% to 24%) Elemental Penetration

Related abilities
Flame Rush, Glyph of Dominion, Volcanic Orb, Fire Aura

Carve the burning nightmares into stone.

Requires Level: 48
Random Drop (Common)

AurelisAurelis (Unique Longsword) - a weapon that can be used by Smiters with tons of bonuses to associated Skills and an extra way to trigger this Spell constantly. We managed to get a decent Legendary Aurelis, so we will be looking to make some interesting builds with it

Implicit modifiers
+50 Melee Damage

+(20 to 28) Lightning Damage with Spells and Melee Attacks
+(1 to 2) to Level of Multistrike
+(1 to 2) to Level of Smite
100% Chance to cast Smite after you use Multistrike and hit a Boss or Rare enemy
+(40% to 48%) Chance to apply Electrify on Melee Hit
(44% to 84%) Lightning Penetration with Electrify

Related abilities
Multistrike, Smite

Related ailments

The sky's wrath alights in a golden storm.

Requires Level: 50
Random Drop (Common)

Apogee of Frozen LightApogee of Frozen Light (Unique Longsword) - while this weapon has decent base Melee DPS, it surely is more of a Summoner weapon, which grants tons of bonuses to Cold and Necrotic Minion Skills and damage

Implicit modifiers
+50 Melee Damage

+(38 to 76) Cold Melee Damage
+3 to Cold and Necrotic Minion Skills
(24 to 38)% chance for Minions to Chill Attackers when Hit
Minions deal (14 to 24)% more Cold and Necrotic Damage to Chilled Enemies
When a Minion dies you gain a stack of Frozen Vengeance
Up to 8 stacks. Stacks last 8 seconds and gaining a new one refreshes their duration.
When you Hit an enemy with a melee attack you expend a stack of Frozen Vengeance to grant all your minions Frenzy and 24% more Damage to Chilled Enemies for 8 seconds and Freeze up to 8 nearby normal and magic enemies for 3 seconds
This effect cannot trigger more than once per second and the buff does not stack. The freeze has a range limit of 8 metres.

Requires level 65
Random Drop (Common)

Eye of ReenEye of Reen (Unique Katana) - one of the best Melee Ignite weapons in the game, with massive Fire Damage and Ignite Chance. We made a build for this weapon in beta which worked quite fine, you can check it here: Ignite Warpath Forge Guard Build

Implicit modifiers
+38 Melee Damage
+(30% to 50%) Critical Strike Multiplier

+(25 to 45) Fire Melee Damage
+(100% to 200%) Chance to apply Ignite on Melee Hit
(75% to 100%) Chance to gain a stack of Reen's Ire for 5 seconds on melee crit
Each stack of Reen's Ire grants 5% melee critical strike multiplier and 5% increased fire damage over time

Requires level 70
Random Drop (Rare)

ChronostasisChronostasis (Unique Dawn Blade) - a powerful weapon with interesting synergy with Ward. If you find an attack that is cast with bigger delays (every couple seconds) and possibly lasts for a set duration, this might work well with Chronostatis and high Ward pool

Implicit modifiers
+54 Melee Damage

Your melee skills consume up to (500 to 2000) ward, gaining +1 melee damage per 10 ward consumed
Dual wielding this weapon will not provide this benefit twice, but it will raise the maximum ward you can consume for additional damage
+(50 to 80) Ward per Second
+(6 to 10) Intelligence
(10% to 15%) increased Attack Speed

Requires level 75
Random Drop (Common)


Set One-Handed Swords

Blade of the Forgotten KnightBlade of the Forgotten Knight (Set Longsword) - a Void Knight weapon which offers high base Void DPS and various bonuses that scale with Time Rot debuff

Implicit modifiers
+50 Melee Damage

+(25 to 35) Void Melee Damage
+(35 to 50) Void Spell Damage
(30% to 70%) increased Void Damage
(10% to 15%) Chance to gain Haste for 1 second on Hit
15% increased Attack and Cast Speed
Part of the Forgotten Knight Set

Forgotten Knight Set bonuses:
(2 Set) 75% Void Penetration with Time Rot
(3 Set) 3% more Void Damage per stack of Time Rot

Requires level 50
Random Drop (Rare)

Shard of the Shattered LanceShard of the Shattered Lance (Set Broken Sword) - a God Hunter Argentus exclusive Drop which offers high Cold Melee Damage and might be interesting for some Health Regen stacking Melee Primalists

Implicit modifiers
+14 Melee Damage

100% Chance to gain Deicide for 15 seconds when you kill a rare or boss enemy
Deicide grants 20% more movement speed and damage
+(70 to 85) Cold Melee Damage
(70% to 100%) increased Cold Melee Damage
+(100% to 150%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
+(5 to 10) Health Regen

Shattered Lance Set bonuses:
(2 Set) 15% Increased Melee Cold Damage per 10 Health Regen

Requires level 68
Dropped from: God Hunter Argentus (The Stolen Lance Timeline) - Common, 50% chance


Unique Two-Handed Swords in Last Epoch

DreamthornDreamthorn (Unique Split Greatsword) - a decent leveling weapon with the lowest level requirement out of all Two-Handed Swords from this list. It is particularly good for a Void Knight character due to the provided bonuses

Implicit modifiers
+30 Melee Damage

+40 Void Melee Damage
+40% Void Penetration
+(10% to 20%) Block Chance
(20 to 40) Health Gain on Block
+(250 to 450) Block Effectiveness

Eater of dreams, weaver of nightmares.

Requires Level: 15
Random Drop (Common)

Battlemage's EndeavourBattlemage's Endeavour (Unique Claymore) - a very powerful mid-level weapon with tons of added Elemental Damage, and an extra chance to trigger Lightning Blast on Melee hits, offering a very interesting playstyle

Implicit modifiers
+60 Melee Damage
+(35% to 45%) Cold Resistance

+(18 to 24) Lightning Melee Damage
+(18 to 24) Cold Melee Damage
+(18 to 24) Lightning Spell Damage
+(18 to 24) Cold Spell Damage
(12% to 18%) increased Melee Attack Speed
(6% to 12%) increased Movement Speed
(36% to 48%) Chance to cast Lightning Blast when you use a Melee Attack and hit at least one enemy

Related abilities
Lightning Blast

In times of strife the inflexible are doomed to break. A true Battlemage must master all the arts of war.

Requires Level: 46
Random Drop (Common)

The Last LaughThe Last Laugh (Unique Imperial Warblade) -  very powerful Physical DPS weapon with high Attack Speed that instantly takes down enemies below 15-25% Health, making it a perfect weapon for Boss fights. It has great potential if turned into a high-end Legendary

Implicit modifiers
+40 Melee Damage
+(10% to 25%) Chance to apply Shred Armour on Melee Hit

+(50 to 66) Physical Melee Damage
+5 Strength
(15% to 25%) increased Melee Attack Speed
Instantly kill enemies that are left below (15 to 25)% Health by a Melee Attack
5% of Overkill Damage Leeched as Health
+5% melee critical strike chance if you have less than 100 dodge rating

Related ailments
Shred Armour

When the headsman's blade falls, Sarno laughs in triumph.

Requires Level: 47
Random Drop (Common)

MerophageMerophage (Unique Winged Blade) - a weapon with presumably the most unusual modifier, that allows you to gain Legendary affixes or exchange existing ones by shattering Two-Handed Swords with this weapon equipped

Implicit modifiers
+80 Melee Damage
(5% to 15%) of Melee Damage Leeched as Health

+1 to Level of All Skills
(10% to 17%) Increased Leech Rate
(17% to 10%) less Damage Taken while Leeching
(100% to 170%) increased Damage
When you shatter a Two Handed Sword while you have Merophage equipped, it absorbs the shards you would gain, using them to gain Legendary affixes or replace its existing ones.

Forged by Archmage Drinial for his remaining son, it carries a powerful enchantment to draw out yearning. Now, its wielders unburdened, the sword itself yearns for its shattered kin.

Requires Level: 51
Dropped from: Exiled Mage (Rune Prison encounters) - Uncommon

VolcanusVolcanus (Unique Flamberge) - a powerful Sword heavily associated with Fire Damage and Fire Spell Damage, with an extra chance to trigger Magma Shards on Melee hits

Implicit modifiers
+90 Melee Damage

+(37 to 57) Fire Melee Damage
+(37 to 57) Fire Spell Damage
(37% to 57%) increased Fire Damage
7% of Fire Damage Leeched as Health
10% chance to cast Magma Shards on melee hit

Related abilities
Magma Shards

Crafted in the Divine Era in the great forges beneath the mountains of Rahyeh.

Requires Level: 58
Random Drop (Common)

Spine of MalatrosSpine of Malatros (Unique Flamberge) - a very interesting weapon that may find some uses for a Chthonic Fissure Warlocks, that completely redefines how this skill works

Implicit modifiers
+90 Melee Damage

+(1 to 3) to Level of Fire Skills
+(1 to 3) to Level of Damage Over Time Skills
+(1 to 3) to Level of Acolyte Skills
Chthonic Fissures cast Flame Whip instead of releasing Spirits
Chthonic Fissure's Skill Tree applies to Flame Whip from all sources

Related abilities
Chthonic Fissure, Flame Whip

The withered dragon Malatros taught his followers the art of chthonic fire and sorcery. The rage of dragons would not die with him.

Requires Level: 61
Random Drop (Common)

Torkrefin's HungerTorkrefin's Hunger (Unique Claymore) - a deadly weapon with tons of bonuses to Bleeding DPS, making it one of the best Melee weapons for this archetype

Implicit modifiers
+60 Melee Damage
+(35% to 45%) Cold Resistance

Every 2 seconds you gain a stack of Viscera
Maximum 3 stacks
20% Chance to gain a stack of Viscera on Kill
When you use a non-channelled Melee or Throwing Attack you expend a stack of Viscera to grant the attack +1% Physical Penetration with Bleed and +5% Bleed Chance per 5% uncapped Physical Resistance
+(150 to 300) Health
(20% to 45%) Physical Penetration with Bleed
+(100% to 150%) Chance to apply Bleed on Melee Hit
(10% to 15%) of Melee Damage Leeched as Health

Related ailments

The nomads around lake Mawn were optimistic as Grand Matriarch Torkrefin rose to power among the nearby Wengari. She had at first seemed more civilised than the average Wengari, carrying a giant sword instead of a crude axe or club. Nevertheless she proved particularly difficult to reason with on account of her propensity to devour their envoys.

Requires Level: 65
Random Drop (Rare)

AlluvionAlluvion (Unique Flamberge) - an exclusive drop from Lagon Boss. It offers tons of mixed Cold and Lightning Melee Damage, and grants a chance to trigger Tidal Wave for some extra damage

Implicit modifiers
+90 Melee Damage

+(30 to 62) Cold Melee Damage
+(30 to 62) Lightning Melee Damage
+(46 to 62) Spell Damage
+(20% to 40%) Cold Resistance
+(20% to 40%) Lightning Resistance
100% Chance to cast Tidal Wave when you use a Melee Attack (2 second cooldown)

Requires Level: 72
Random from Lagon, God of Storms (Ending the Storm Timeline) - Common, 50% chance

Eternal EclipseEternal Eclipse (Unique Khopesh) - a build-defining weapon for our Smelter's Wrath Forge Guard build, and presumably several other interesting Sentinel builds that utilize both Fire and Void DPS

Implicit modifiers
+50 Melee Damage

+40% Fire Resistance
(200% to 240%) increased Fire Damage
Every 2 seconds your next Fire Melee Attack has +(200 to 240) Melee Void Damage and +(200 to 240)% Time Rot Chance
Every 2 seconds your next Void Melee Attack has +(200 to 240) Melee Fire Damage and +(200 to 240)% Ignite Chance
(200% to 240%) increased Void Damage
+40% Void Resistance

Related ailments
Time Rot, Ignite

The triumph of man and osprix culminates upon the altar of Solarum. A frail sun rises behind an illuminable shadow, spreading a corona of half light upon the ruined world beneath. This feeble shadow is no salvation from the end, but only from the hope of what might have been.

Requires Level: 72
Dropped from: Rahyeh, The Black Sun (The Black Sun Timeline) - Rare

Leviathan CarverLeviathan Carver (Unique Solarum Greatsword) - the highest Physical DPS sword in the game

Implicit modifiers
+120 Melee Damage

+(60 to 90) Physical Melee Damage
(200% to 280%) increased Physical Melee Damage
+(6% to 12%) Physical Penetration
You cannot avoid critical strikes
70% reduced Bonus Damage Taken from Critical Strikes

Forge Master Rupin'Ur sought to create a weapon capable of slaying any beast, but to most it more resembled a hunk of raw steel.

Requires Level: 80
Random Drop (Rare)

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