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Trove is a sandbox MMORPG game developed by Trion World. It was first released for PC Platform on July 2015, and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 2017. The game itself resembles the extremely popular Minecraft game, which gives the player a direct impression of what the game is all about. After creating your first character in Trove you find yourself in an area called the "Hub". This is basically the center of Trove universe, where players access Portals to different locations, where all the action takes place.  Portals have different colors, which determine what type and quality of loot can be found inside. hosts it's own Player-to-Player Market for Trove. Join our growing community of gamers, and Buy and Sell your Trove Flux, Items Mounts, Dragon Eggs, Stellar and Radiant equipment and much more. On Odealo all the offers are posted by regular gamers, all of them are verified, which makes it the most secure Marketplaces for Trove. Also having several different sellers makes them compete with prices and quality, which allows you to find the cheapest offers for Trove online. Odealo supports trading in Trove with the use of real money. Go to Odealo now and enjoy being a part of the most secure Trove Marketplace.