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Trove Game Description

Trove is a sandbox MMORPG game developed by Trion World. It was first released for PC Platform in July 2015, and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March 2017. The game itself resembles the extremely popular Minecraft game, which gives the player a direct impression of what the game is all about.

Trove Trading and General Gameplay Mechanics

After creating your first character in Trove you find yourself in an area called the "Hub". This is basically the center of Trove universe, where players access Portals to different locations, where all the action takes place.  Portals have different colors, which determine what type and quality of loot can be found inside. They also change color as you progress through the story, allowing you to enter and explore higher level Portals with better loot. Items in Trove have 13 rarity tiers which are: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Relic, Resplendent, Shadow (levels 1 to 5), Radiant and Stellar. With Stellar being the highest, most valuable and sought-after tier of items.

Unlike in majority of MMORPG games, Trove players can only obtain three types of equipable items from slain monsters. These are hats, weapons, and masks. While all the other items can be traded with other players (or bought with Trove Flux), crafted (again, you need Flux to craft good items), bought in the in-game store, rewarded for completing events, reaching Mastery Levels or gaining badges. This interesting change completely changed how trading and player interaction affected the game. This forces Trove players to either socialize, find groups and friends to play and trade with, or buy Trove Flux and Items for real money.

Trove Flux - the main currency item in Trove

Flux is the main currency item in Trove. It is a common material that is used to craft items. It can also be used to alter item statistics at the Chaos Forge, purchase Troves of Wonders from the Weaver of Wonders (a chest that contains legendary Dragon Mounts and other valuable rewards). Flux is also shown in the in-game's marketplace as the official currency, and all Trove items prices are usually shown in Flux. There are various ways of obtaining Flux. While adventuring - completing Lairs and Dungeon is the most common one, it's buying Flux for real money the easiest and fastest way to obtain big quantities of Flux. And if you have decided to Buy Flux, you are exactly where you should be. hosts one of the best Trove marketplaces out there.

Trove Trading - making Flux on exchanging items

As stated already, Flux is the main currency item in Trove. Since most of the items can be traded with other players(or bought and sold for real money, through RMT), a lot of Flux can be made purely on trading on the Player Marketplace in game. Selling rare and valuable items can make a great profit for the more experienced players, as well as buying underpriced items is a good way to become rich in Trove. Obviously, it's the Stellar and Radiant gear that yields the highest potential profits, but also this are the hardest to get.

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