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Tibia, first released in January 1997 is one of the first MMORPG's ever created and arguably one of the most successful, with over 1.3 million accounts created over the years. The game is based on a Free-to-play model with an option of upgrading your account to Premium. At the pinnacle of its popularity, Tibia peaked at over 64000 online Players in 2007; this number has shrunk over the years, but the game still has a solid player base and peaks at over 15000 players online with an observable popularity resurgence in three recent years. One of the reasons for the recent increase in its popularity is definitely implementation of the BattleEye anti-cheat program, which nearly eradicated the plague of Gold Farming and Power Leveling Bots. By substantially thinning ranks of cheaters, the anti-cheat has revitalized Tibian economy, and now Tibia Gold, the main in-game currency, is actually rising in value (even the leveled Character, and leveling service prices have risen, just search for "Buy Tibia account" or "Buy Tibia Power leveling" to see for yourself).

Being a very old, and continuously developed game, Tibia has undergone countless content and quality-of-life updates and changes over the years. At its core, it is still the 2D, square-based game without any sounds, but the game experience between the older versions (like 7.6) and current (11+) is massively different. To visualize this better, here are some changes and upgrades implemented over the years: revamped combat system (including a complete rework of Targetting system, implementation and subsequent upgrades of Hotkeys, and the addition of advanced skill-group based cooldown system), few graphics and client overhauls (including completely new Version 11 Client released in 2016), implementation and subsequent development of outfits and add-ons system, and course countless content updates (the Base game had 1 major city and 1 continent; the current game has 15 major cities, 2 continents, 8 big islands, and countless small islands and dungeons). We can't also forget about the addition of in-game auction house which has become the main Tibia Gold source for countless players. The market lets you place trade orders, and exchange Gold for Premium Currency - the Tibia Coins which are the next big thing added to the game; buying Coins for Gold lets you exchange in-game currency for Premium time, Mounts, Add-Ons, Outfits and many other Cash Shop items and perks. Tibia Coins can also be bought from the official Tibia website, but they are very expensive, and purchasing them this way is inviable, to say the least. The great alternative is to buy Tibia Coins and/or even Tibia Gold from an assured seller through Odealo.com.

Trading Tibia Gold

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