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RuneScape, developed in 2001 by Jagex Ltd. is the sandbox MMORPG. Players can experience real freedom when exploring the RuneScape's world, as it has close to no limitations. You can fight evil monsters, or avoid them and choose other activities, like baking or farming. The game equips every Player Character with a set of skills necessary to survive and develop, for example, Fishing, above mentioned Baking, Woodcutting, Gardening, and setting up Traps (there are 27 skills in total). Performing those skills increases your Character's knowledge about them, and lets you accomplish more and more complicated tasks. For those who prefer more classic MMO adventures, Game offers many Quests, starting from simple fetch tasks, and finishing at difficult rescue missions. All of the above-mentioned activities will earn you a multitude of rewards, the RS Gold being the most notable. The Game, being a Sandbox, has a very strong economic system and the Gold earned in the game has value in the real world. If you do not believe, just check our website for RS Gold, and you will see for your self (this also means, that selling RuneScape Gold, can make you some real $).

On July 22th 2013 a large collection of new features was added to the game, the whole game is known as RuneScape 3 or RS3 since then. This updated version features improved audio, better weather, and environmental effects, customizable interface, an HTML-5 based game client, and more story-driven player experience. Those changes focused mainly on the quality of life and aesthetic improvements, and the sandbox core of the game has stayed as it was; so players still have their much-desired freedom and can perform all 27 of activities featured in the game. Thanks to this, farming RS3 Gold, Questing, exploring, and Crafting looks better than ever before. It is also worth mentioning, that the whole combat system was reworked in the content update named RuneScape Evolution of Combat (called also RSEoC of simply EoC), which was released on the 20th of November 2012.

We, to this day, didn't forget that the RuneScape is, most importantly, a very nostalgic game; Developers didn't either, and so the RuneScape Old School or OSRS / RS2007 was released in February 2013. At first, it was the exact copy of the August 2007's version but was since then improved with both content, and game engine updates. This version of the RuneScape is the most popular currently, and over 200000 players are Questing, Gardening, Woodcutting, getting RSOS Gold, and generally having fun simultaneously in the world of RuneScape Old School.

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