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Blade & Soul

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Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is a popular massively multiplier online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by NCSoft. NCSoft is a renowned South Korean studio which developed also the Lineage series, Guild Wars series, Wildstar, and Aion games. Blade & Soul was released for Windows PC in September 2012 on in the Korea region, and later on became available for European and American players in January 2016. 

Blade & Soul is a martial-arts themed game that bases on Wushu and other Chinese martial arts. Players take part in the Blade & Soul's adventure in an open-world environment. Blade & Soul players can explore the vast world, quest, participate in real-life combat, complete dungeons and much more. Further in the game, also PvP (player-versus-player) combat is available.

BNS Gold for sale

Blade & Soul's reception was rather positive, with a record of 150,000 players active during the open beta test in June 2012. The game provides a very unique and dynamic combat and linear, but interesting storyline. The game has developed a solid trading system which allows players to trade BNS Gold with each other. Players can purchase powerful equipment, including weapons and armors for Gold. Odealo hosts one of the most secure BNS Trading post, which allows players to Buy, Sell, and Trade their BNS Gold, Items, and Boosting Services for real-life cash.

Blade & Soul Trading

Trading in Blade & Soul is conducted between players via Auction House and the in-game mail system. Players can trade with each other with the use of Gold after they reach level 15 and make a real money purchase from NCSoft at least once. The available system makes it easy for players to trade the best Items, Gold and anything else between each other. With BNS Gold the primary medium of exchange, it's easy for players to get all the equipment they need and start playing on higher levels.

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Odealo is not a typical MMORPG Shop. Odealo is a player-to-player marketplace, and all BNS Gold, Items, and Power Leveling is user-posted. Our users are both professional and casual gamers, which allows us to maintain a full stock of cheap Blade and Soul gold on all popular game servers. With community driven trading, you can expect the best prices, high quality of service and available stock on all game servers and modes.

Odealo allows trading on all available game servers which include all European and North American servers like Eisenherz, Jinsoyun, Naksun, Yura, Zulia. With each update, we update our markets and trading on new servers is possible right from day 1.

Blade & Soul RMT

If you were looking for a website where you can securely Buy, Sell, and Trade your BNS Gold, Items, and Power Leveling with the use of real-life money, Odealo is the right place for you. Odealo is an open, player-to-player Marketplace that offers its' users free account registration, free offer posting, the lowest transaction fees, chargeback protection, and guaranteed delivery. Odealo is one of the best markets for Blade & Soul Gold, Stock, Items, and Power Leveling.

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