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User authorization

In order to unlock all options available within Odealo accounts, users have to attain authorization levels. This process is based on personal data verification carried out by our designated staff members. Higher user's authorization level increases his limits of payments(in form of deposits), while for sellers the third authorization level is required to be able to post offers in the powerleveling and the account's market, and also allowing them to withdraw their credits to their Skrill, Webmoney, or Payoneer accounts. 

There are five different levels of authorization, and we advise our users to participate in the process -- making the Odealo community a safer place. and allowing users to enjoy it to the full extent.

Keep in mind -- all authorization steps are OPTIONAL, you do not have to do them all in order to trade on Odealo.


How does the authorization process work?

Steps required for the first two authorization levels are taken by users by themselves. The first verification level is completed by confirmation link on user's email address and for the second level, by confirming PIN code sent to the indicated phone number.

Further authorization levels(3,4 and 5) require approval by Odealo administrator. Users are required to upload certain documents through forms in Authorization subpage. Administrator approval is granted if the data on documents provided is correct and in accordance with the data provided by the user on earlier levels.

Why can't I buy anything without providing my personal data?

Because of our domestic legal regulations and Anti-money laundering Act, it would be impossible for Odealo to provide its' services without requesting this kind of information from users participating in transactions within Odealo. Keep in mind that these are legally binding transactions. Moreover, users deposit legal currency (USD), and sellers by requesting withdrawals of their credits receive the very same currency on their accounts.

Is the data I provide public?

No. Your personal data provided during registration and further authorization are private. It is disclosed to other parties only under the terms set out in the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

I do not want to share some of the information required, can I still use Odealo?

Of course. You are free to use Odealo the extent allowed by your current authorization levels. Even at the first level, you are able to make low volume transactions and post your offers.