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0.00 Credits are the medium of exchange on
Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars (1 Credit = 1 USD)
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Odealo provides each user with an individual, personalized wallet which is used to store credits, which are the medium of exchange on Odealo. Users obtain credits through deposits and the sale of goods. Odealo credits have a 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars
(1 Odealo credit = 1 USD).

Funds deposit Transaction Credits withdrawal


Buyer deposit funds in order to get credits for buying goods and services.


After the purchase
the buyer confirms the items have been successfully delivered, and the transaction concludes.


Users who have obtained the appropriate authorization level are able to withdraw their Odealo credits directly to their Webmoney, Skrill or Payoneer accounts.

Fee: 0% Fee: 4% Fee: 6-8% +1 Credit


How can I obtain credits?

You can obtain credits through deposits with the available payment methods (these include PayU, Skrill, credit/debit cards, Neteller, Webmoney, and more) or concluding transactions with other users. 

Can I transfer my credits to other users?

No, credits are not tradeable. 

It is possible to cash out credits?

Yes, you are able to withdraw any amount of your available credits to your Skrill, Webmoney, or Payoneer account after attaing the third authorization level.

I have requested a withdrawal? When do I receive it?

Withdrawals are processed once a week and after reuqesting it you will have to wait at least 72 hours so withdrawals requests made on Wednesday or Thursday might be sent in the next week.

Do I have to pay for withdrawals?

Yes, we do not charge any fees when accepting deposits and the fee to cover payment operators fees are charged at the moment of withdrawing funds from Odealo.