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[EU]Gandling Horde

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- All items and gold obtained during the leveling process will stay at your character.
- This service is done via the account sharing method (our players log your account and play your character during the boost).
- The entire process is 100% handmade.

- Boost will start on the same day of making the order.
- Service will be completed in the shortest possible amount of time.

- You need to have WoW Classic Character on Level 60
- You need to provide us with your email and password (account sharing orders).
- If you have an authenticator attached. please turn off the option to ask code / approve each time our player tries to log.

We work with any level ranges. so if you are stuck in the middle of leveling – don’t hesitate.
Missing professions or attunements? We are ready to help.
Honor farm. gear boost – just ask.

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