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Platinum for Warframe PC

Platinum for Warframe PC


Platinum for Warframe PC - image
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Enter the name of the game character

Connect with me after payment, please.

For delivery:

   1. You need to have Mastery Rank 2-8 (2 for small amount, 8 for big amount in trade with Riven Mods for safety).

   2. You need to have Credits for ingame tax - 500000 Credits for 1000 Platinum (if you don't have Credits then tell me and i will help you).

   3. For safety in return for Platinum you must give me Unveiled Riven Mods (need 1 Unveiled Riven Mod for trade 500 - 1000 Platinum, Unveiled means Rivens must be without quests) and/or the like Items.

   4. Make sure you have available trades left.

   5. Do not write anything in the game chat upon delivery and do not tell anyone about it at all.

I can also sell other Items, Credits, Accounts, Boosting and more (if you need something then write me).

Please confirm the full delivery your order in "My purchases" after you get all you ordered.

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