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(PC) Necramech mod pack // Instant delivery

(PC) Necramech mod pack // Instant delivery


(PC) Necramech mod pack // Instant delivery - image
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Welcome to Badrukk`s Warframe shop!

Cheap price. Professional service. Instant Delivery.

Delivery Method:

-- This pack includes all usefull mods for your necramech - 16 mods
Necramech Blitz, Necramech Continuity, Necramech Fury, Necramech Hydraulics, Necramech Intensify, Necramech Pressure Point, Necramech Reach, Necramech Redirection, Necramech Refuel, Necramech Seismic Wave, Necramech Slipstream, Necramech Steel Fiber, Necramech Streamline,  Necramech Thrusters, Necramech Vitality, Necramech Stretch.

- You must have mastery rank 2 to be able to receive item in game.

- Prime set includes only blueprints and components, you still need some resources and orokin cells for crafting.

- Transfer your item exclusively through my Dojo (0% tax).

-- Pls, don't mention odealo or RealMoneyTrading.
- Prepare for trade 6 any useless relics or, if you have, 1 trash unveiled riven mod.

- Please make sure that you have a trade slot available for the day to be able to complete the transaction.

- You must have 10.000 credits to trade.

- Confirm order after delivery is complete.


Delivery time:

5-15 minutes if I am online.

Business hours:

GMT 05:00 - 22:00 or 5 a.m. - 10 p.m.

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