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Platinum (1000p -> 10.99$) •Limited time offer• --> ( 7000p 70$ !! )

Platinum (1000p -> 10.99$)  •Limited time offer•  --> ( 7000p 70$ !! )


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  • 15 mins.
  • 08:30:42
Actual price 10.98 for 1000 Platinum
Units Discount rate Price / 1 unit
1 - 6 0% 10.98
> 6 9% 9.99
Total price 10.98 for 1000 Platinum
Discount rate: 0%
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requirements for buying,

►You must have a unveiled riven mod for our trade. (to avoid ban risk)

►You mush reach, minimum Mastery Rank 8 to trade unvelied riven mod. (If you have unvelied riven already in your account. You can use it to trade me, the mastery rank is unimportant in this case)



►Please donn't forget to confirm delivery after trade.

►You need a credits to trade platinum, (game tax) please be sure, you have enough credits before trade. (to trade 1 platinum you need a 500 credits)

►You can contact me to find unveiled riven mod if you don't know how to find. 

►Trash unvelied riven mod prices range from  5 - 15 platinum, i can gift that prices if you dont have enough platinum, before real trade.

i am not support any conversation in game chat. Please contact me from this website. Any in game message will leave unanswered. However if you can't reach me from here, just write in game chat  ''platinum'' i will back you from here immediate.




check my status, if im online delivery only take 1 min :) 






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