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Any Primed mode Primed ContinuityPrimed FlowPrimed RavagePrimed Point Blank

Any Primed mode Primed ContinuityPrimed FlowPrimed RavagePrimed Point Blank


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Primed Continuity\Primed Flow\Primed Ravage\Primed Point Blank\Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation\Primed Reach\Primed Heavy Trauma\Primed pressure point\Primed Fever Strike\Primed Cryo Rounds\Primed Fast Hands\Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation\Primed Bane Of Infested\Primed Bane Of Corpus\Primed Bane Of Grineer\Primed Bane Of Corrupted\Primed Heated Charge\PRIMED PISTOL MUTATION\Primed Pistol Gambit\Primed Slip Magazine\Primed Target Cracker\Primed Morphic Transformer\Primed Regen
Trading tax 1.000.000 credits for 1 Primed mod
if you do not have enough credits see my offers
if you cant find your mod here .. check my other lists .. or ask  me via message
- Transfer your item exclusively through Dojo
- You must have mastery rank 2 to be able to receive item in game.
- Leave useless mod or cheap prime parts in trade window
- Please make sure that you have a trade slot available for the day to be able to complete the transaction.
- Pls, don't mention RealMoneyTrading, it's for your safety.
- Confirm order after delivery is complete.
Delivery time:
30 minutes if I am online.
Business hours 5.00-23.00 GMT.
 when i`m offline, you also can place an order, i`m available to delivery every day and it will be done immediately when i come back.
 Write me via message  and I will find any item warframe and put the lot


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