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Best rivens with -Zoom negative for each weapon

Best rivens with -Zoom negative for each weapon


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Link on image hosting -here you can see updated riven list with better quality:

Here you can find all best rivens with -zoom negative, which i have in stock.
If you interest any riven mod from list below - let me know
To find riven for your weapon - use (CTRL + F) combination, and start typyng your weapon, for example: (CTRL + F)>rubico, after that you can see where direct rivens for your weapon: "Rubico(A2,A3,A4,A5,B1)". If you didnt find riven on your weapon - tell me about it, probably i have rivens for that weapon with another harmless negative. I always glad to help you with any questions!


Fulmin(A1), Rubico(A2,A3,A4,A5,B1), Acceltra(B2), Snipetron(B3), Tiberon(B4,B5), Opticor(C1,C2), Battacor(C3), Komorex(C4,C5), Lenz(D1,D2), Zhuge(D3,D4,D5), Gorgon(E1), Grinlok(E2), Ignis(E3,E4,E5), Amprex(F1,F2,F3,F4), Synapse(F5), Vectis(G1,G2,G3,G4), Glaxion(G5), Stradavar(H1,H2), Soma(H3,H4), Lanka(H5,I1,I2,I3,I4,I5), Supra(J1,J2,J3), Zarr(J4,J5), Zenith(K1), Tenora(K2), Hema(K3,K4,K5), Latron(L1,L2,L3), Vulkar(L4), Nagantaka(L5), Grakata(M1), Buzlok(M2), Boltor(M3), Braton(M4), Quartakk(M5), Javlok(N1), Baza(N2), Miter(N3,N4), Paracyst(N5), Scourge(O1), Dera(O2), Tetra(O3), Karak(O4), Mutalist Cernos(O5), Quanta(P1), Imperator(Q1), Velocitus(Q2,Q3,Q4), Grattler(Q5,R1), Cyngas(R2), Twin Gremlins(S1), Akjagara(S2,S3), Akstiletto(S4,S5), Euphona Prime(T1,T2,T3,T4), Plinx(T5), Sicarus(U1,U2), Staticor(U3,U4,U5), Aklex(V1), Akbolto(V2), Lato(V3), Pandero(V4), Castanas(V5), Azima(W1), Knell(W2), Afuris(W3), Sonicor(W4), Marelok(W5), Aklato(X1), Dual Cestra(X2), Twin Rogga(X3), Twin Kohmak(X4), Akzani(X5), Ballistica(Y1), Twin Vipers(Y2), Angstrum(Y3), Hikou(Y4), Cycron(Y5), Catchmoon(Z1,Z2,Z3), Tombfinger(Z4,Z5), Rattleguts(Z1-1,Z1-2,Z1-3), Gaze(Z1-4)



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