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The tenth world is a harsh and inhospitable place, and you definitely wouldn't like to find yourself there. Alas, you don't have a choice in that matter, so you have to do your best to adapt, survive, and eventually fulfill the quest Odin himself has tasked you with. To do that, you have to make good use of various Valheim Items you will find and create during your adventures. Just be aware that even the best gear does not guarantee your survival in this forsaken place. To make your survival a bit easier and to increase your chances of eventual success, Odealo has prepared this short guide. In it, you will find some basic tips and tricks you can use to improve your crafting and combat skills. Moreover, this page also serves as a shop where you can Buy Valheim Items that will make your in-game progression smoother. Don't hesitate to take full advantage of the aid we and our sellers can provide you with, as your task is very difficult and you will need any help you can get. 

Resources and Building

The world of Valheim is teeming with resources that wait to be gathered. Almost every tree can be cut down for wood, almost every rock can be smashed for stone, and almost every animal can be slain for food. To gather the resources, you need appropriate tools and higher tier resources require better ones which introduces a linear progression system to the game - you start with the basics and gradually make your way up the industrial ladder. Resources can be used in two main ways - for crafting Valheim Items and for building structures. While the crafting system is quite self-explanatory as you unlock new recipes automatically, the building system might require some further explanation because it can be quite frustrating if you don't know the basics.

The main resources used for building are:

  • Wood - Multiple tiers; simple Wood from trees, Core Wood from Pines, Fine Wood from Birches and Oaks, and the Ancient Bark that drops from the Ancient Tree in the Swamp. 
  • Stone - These can be found laying on the ground. You can also break larger stones with a pickaxe. Later in the game, Stone is often gathered as a secondary resource from Copper and Silver Deposits. it is also dropped by some monsters. 
  • Iron - A high-tier building and crafting material that can be obtained by smelting scrap iron in the Smelter. It is used to craft some advanced structures and tiles, like Wood Iron Pole, Iron Gate, or the Blast Furnace. Iron is very hard to come by initially and if you'd decide to Buy Valheim Items, it will likely be one of your first choices. 

If you have tried building in Valheim, you know that it can get quite tricky. Here are some tips and tricks that will make it easier for you: 

  • Stability is extremely important - Elements of your structure will take damage and get destroyed over time if there are not enough reinforcing elements to hold them properly in place. While in the build mode (while holding a Hammer), when you hover your cursor over an element, you will see the level of support it has from reinforcing elements. The colors range from Blue - "grounded" which is 100% stable (trees and rocks also count as being "grounded" which means that elements attached to them will get 100% stability), Green - very stable, orange - unstable, and red - threatening to collapse. If an element is fully-red it will take damage and fall apart. 
    • The stability of each element mainly depends on how horizontally far away it is from a part that is anchored to the ground (a pole or a wall, for example). This means that you will have to make supporting beams and columns if you want to create a large enclosed area. 
    • Stronger Wood can support more weight and thus is better for erecting higher and bigger structures. If you struggle to construct something with regular Wood, try Fine or Core Wood instead. If that also fails, you can use Wood Iron Poles as reinforcement - they are the best Valheim Items for that purpose. 
  • Don't forget about the chimney - You can suffocate if you don't create a place where the smoke from your fireplace can escape outside. Making a hole in the roof directly above the fire will work, but it does not look too well and it allows rain to extinguish your fire. The better idea is to place a few beams around the hole and put a roof on them; that way you will have a place through which the smoke can escape and your fire will be protected from the rain. 
  • You can stack chests - If you place a small floor tile on the wall, you can place a chest on top of it. Destroying the floor tile will not make the chest unstable which means that you can put multiple chests on top of each other with this method. 

Combat in Valheim

There are two main resources you have to keep a close eye on while in combat; Health and Stamina: 

  • Health - Indicates how much Damage can your character take before collapsing. You can regenerate your Health by eating. Moreover, many food consumables increase your maximum Health on top of regenerating it. The higher the food's tier, the stronger effect it will have - you can take advantage of it and Sell Valheim Items, like Lox Meat Pie or the Serpent Stew to your friends who are new to the game. 
  • Stamina - A personal resource that is consumed when your character attacks, swims, dodges, runs, and so on - basically, any action outside of walking and interacting with objects consumes Stamina. When you run out of it, you will not be able to attack, dodge or block so make sure that you always have at least some of it saved during combat. Effects like Wet, Freezing, and Cold reduce stamina regeneration, keep this in mind before engaging in combat while you have these effects active. Eating Food helps with your Stamina; you can also increase its regeneration rate with stamina meads or by resting. 

Combat in Valheim is all about managing these two resources; if your Health runs out, you're done for, if your Stamina runs out, you can't fight and you're also done for. Learning how to manage Health and Stamina will greatly improve your overall combat skills in Valheim, but that is often not enough so here are some more tips: 

  • Don't get surrounded - kite your enemies so that they can only attack from one direction, as it will make dodging and blocking their blows much easier.
  • If you hold the Block Button and press Space Bar + one of the movement keys (WSAD), you will perform a dodge in the chosen direction. 
  • Don't underestimate the Bow, it will let you defeat enemies that would destroy you in melee combat. All you need to do is learn how to keep your distance without running out of stamina. 
  • Get yourself a Stagbreaker. This massive two-handed hammer deals high AoE Damage and pushes all enemies back which makes it extremely powerful when fighting against groups of enemies. Just be careful while using it in the proximity of your structures as it will damage them as well. 

The only currently available NPC merchant - Haldor - deserves a mention here. From him, you can Buy Valheim Items that are not obtainable by any other means. To do that, however, you first have to find him. He resides somewhere in the Black Forest biome - ANYWHERE in it, which means that he can spawn relatively close to your starting location or at the edge of the world - it all depends on your map's seed. When you get into a 290 meters radius around him for the first time, his location will be marked on your world map; this makes searching for him a bit easier. To trade with Haldor, you will need Coins. Luckily, he does not only sell stuff but also purchases valuables, which means that you can Sell Valheim Items to him in exchange for Coins; Haldor will gladly purchase Silver Necklaces, Amber Pearls, Amber, and Rubies. When it comes to his assortment, you can expect to find the following: 

  • Fishing Rod - Trading with Haldor is the only way of obtaining this extremely useful item. With the Fishing Rod, you will be able to catch fish which will make you much less reliant on hunting and foraging to get sustenance. If you'd like to buy one, prepare 350 Coins. 
  • Fishing Bait - Sold in stacks of 50. Bait is required for fishing and not currently craftable, which makes Haldor the only source of it - you will have to return to him to Buy Valheim Items each time you run out. 50 pieces of Bait cost just 10 Coins. 
  • Ymir Flesh - This rare resource is needed to craft high-tier equipment, including the mighty Frostner and the Iron Sledge. One piece of Ymir Flesh will set you back 120 Coins. 
  • Megingjord - One of the most useful Valheim Items currently available. This powerful belt will increase your carry capacity by 150. It can be equipped into the accessory slot. Megingjord is the most expensive of the items offered by Haldor and it costs 950 Coins. 
  • Dverger Circlet - This magic circlet is basically a headlamp - it provides light in front of you which is very convenient in dark areas and during the night. Dverger Circlet costs 620 Coins. 
  • Yule Hat - A cosmetic headpiece that uses a helmet slot. It does not have any practical application, but at least gives 1 point of armor. Yule Hat costs 100 Coins. 

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