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Cheapest trove flux

Cheapest trove flux


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  • 2 hours
  • 16:27:12
Actual price 0.29 for 100000 Flux
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Total price 0.29 for 100000 Flux
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You will need to add any item in marketplace for sale , at the value of ur order, you give me name of the item, i will buy it, you get the flux, exmaple ( if you order 2500k ( 2,5m ) flux , u add any item on marketplace for 2.500.000 flux and i will buy it ).

I Deliver flux in aprox 1h , if you don`t get it in 1h pls do not panic , do not call 911 , do not cancel order , do not enter in mad mode .

It means i am sleeping or away from pc in that moment , but i will deliver as soon as i see you`r message , so pls do not worry .

Contact me if you have any question or need any help.

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