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✪✪✪LUMA Noxolotl✪✪✪

✪✪✪LUMA Noxolotl✪✪✪


✪✪✪LUMA Noxolotl✪✪✪ - image
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Enter the name of the game character

By placing order, you will receive a  LUMA Noxolotl or Evolve-able Toxolotl( Random SVs, Gender, Fert)
If you want this Luma/TEMTEM with specific  SVs, Fert , Gender, please send me a message in beta chat  ( by pressing the beta chat button near my avatar & store name ) 

Please put in any TEMTEM in trade to make it look like normal trade

Feel free to contact me if you have any special request. 

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