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[STEAM/EPIC] Titanium white zomba // Fast Delivery

[STEAM/EPIC] Titanium white zomba // Fast Delivery


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Wheels are among the most popular customization options in Rocket League. Just like in normal cars, you will find four of them below your Battle-car body, two in the front and two in the back. Each Wheel in Rocket League has its own unique rim and tire tread design. More expensive and rare Wheels can have cool-looking animated designs that give the rims a more dynamic feeling and makes them much more demanded on the market. On the other hand, most of the common Wheels will have a dull and static design. Most of the Wheels can be Painted and/or Certified - with all Wheels looted from Crates, all Very Rare, Import, Exotic, and Fan Reward Wheels, having the chance to have those attributes. Some Limited Wheels can also have an additional Special Edition and are described in more detail below. Rocket League Wheels have several different rarities, and regardless of their attributes or visual aspect, they play an only cosmetic role and have no impact on your Battle-car's performance. 

Wheels have seven different Rarities, which to some extent determine how easy are they to obtain. The biggest diversity is found in the Limited Wheels category, which includes Wheels from a lot of different sources and has the widest price and rarity ranges out of all Wheel types. 

Types of Rocket League Wheel
Common The most common types of Wheels in the game that are unlocked by playing matches or some like Alchemist, Almas, OEM, Stern, and Vortex already available when you first start your game. This group also includes platform-specific Wheels, as each console (Xbox, PS4, and Switch) has a few unique Wheel designs dedicated only to their players. Common Wheels have a grey background on their Icons
Uncommon Uncommon Wheels are basically Painted versions of the Common Wheels. Some of the Common Wheels can be obtained in Painted Variant by trading-in - when you exchange five Items of Common Rarity for a random Uncommon Item you have a chance for Painted Wheels to show up. They have a light blue Icon
Rare A very niche group of Wheels. Rare Wheels can be awarded for playing online matches and Clodhopper Wheels can be obtained from Vindicator Crate - which are the only Rare Wheels to have been on Crates Loot-list
Very Rare Very Rare Wheels are commonly awarded from a lot of different Crates. There is around 24 different Very Rare Wheels' designs available in Rocket League, with all of the Wheels in this group having Painted and Certified variants as well
Import Import Wheels are found in Crates. They are quite rare, and some of them can be animated too like for example Asik, Cauldron, or Kyrios Wheels. Import Wheels are in the lowest Tier of Wheels which can have Special Editions - these are Asik: Infinite and Apparatus: Inverted Wheels
Exotic In general, the most sought-after Wheel rewards that can be obtained from Crates. Painted, Certified, and Special Edition Exotic Wheels are among the most expensive obtainable Items in Rocket League. Players are looking to Buy and Sell Exotic Wheels on a daily basis, with them having the most interesting looks and other cool features. They still, however, are purely cosmetic. Among others, legendary Wheels like Zombas, Dracos, or Illuminata are the most popular and iconic Exotic Wheels in Rocket League. We have currently 40 different models of Exotic Wheels including three Special Edition Ones: Zefram, P-SIMM, and Zowie.
Limited The biggest group of Wheels which includes Wheel obtained from various sources. In general, Limited Wheels are available only for a limited amount of time, and are awarded from special events, or paid DLCs. You won't be able to get them anymore, but they can still be traded between players (at least most of them). You should also keep in mind that a bunch of Limited Wheels may not be tradeable and they can't be traded in. Limited Rarity Wheels can be divided into many subgroups, depending on how and when were they obtainable:
Alpha Rewards - which were basically the Goldstone Wheels, currently the most expensive Wheels in Rocket League, valued at around 2500 Keys;
Season 3 and 6 Competitive Rewards - during Season 3 and 6, players were awarded Limited Wheels depending on their ranks. None of the Wheels from this source are tradeable though;
Frosty Fest Event - during the limited-time 2018's Frosty Fest Event, you could have purchased the Holiday Hearth Wheels for 150 Snowflakes;
Halloween Events - during two Halloween Events in 2015 and 2016 players were able to obtain the Carriage Wheels. It's been stated that they are not going to appear again in such events, but even then they are quite unpopular and low-valued;
Haunted Hallows Event - in 2018's Haunted Hallows event players were able to purchase Demon Disc Wheels for 150 Candy Corns. Judging by their current price, this wasn't a dream deal;
Stranger Things Sponsored Event - during Haunted Hallows in 2019, players could have bought Timbertyre and Starcourt Wheels for 150 Candy Corns each;
Hot Wheels - Hot Hot Wheels can be obtained by redeeming a code found in Limited Rocket League Hot Wheels pack;
Radical Summer Event - which allowed players to obtain very cool-looking Wheels based on the 80s culture and popular movies and TV Shows from this period. This group includes Wheels like E.T., Ghostbusters, Cassette, Low-Poly, and Sunset 1986 that were available during various phases of the event;
Shazam! Event - all you had to do to obtain the Shazam! Wheels was to input the "shazam" code in the "Redeem Code" section in Rocket League. The code is no longer active though
Twitch Prime - players were awarded the TP19 Wheels for linking their Twitch Prime account with their Rocket League's platform
The Fate of The Furious Event - a short even started to promote the movie with the same title. Players were able to obtain the Gearlock Limited Wheels during it;
Zag Toys - ZT-17 and Z-Plate Wheels were obtainable via redeeming codes found in specific Zag Toys boxes;
Anniversary Wheels - two pair of Wheels; SARPBC-10 and Psyonix were available on sale for 150 Balloons each during the 2018's Anniversary Event;
Esports Shop - which allows players to purchase Limited Wheels using Esports Tokens. Wheels have their corresponding teams' Logos on them including Cloud9, Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, G2 Esports, Ghost Gaming, NRG, Mousesports, Team Vitality, Splyce, Rogue, Team Solomid, Complexity, and Spacestation Gaming;
Jazwares Toys - in 2019 a series of Jazwares Battle-Cars were released with special codes to redeem in the game. You can unlock Vanemail 482 and Vanemail 633 Wheels that way;
RLCS Events - basically awards for watching and participating in live broadcasts of Rocket League Championship Series (and similar Rocket League Rival Series) on Twitch. A lot of interesting Wheels can be obtained this way including Apex, whereas Titanium White Apex is one the most expensive sets of Wheels in the Rocket League. Other popular RLCS Wheels are Razzle, Ninja, Decenium, and Sovereign A/T;
Rocket Pass - nearly 60 different sets of Wheels which are awarded from Rocket Pass. There are quite a bunch of cool-looking ones, though since anyone can get them just by playing they are rather inexpensive when it comes to trading. A bunch of these Wheels also have Special Editions including Wheels like Automaton, Camo, DRN, Irradiator, Sprocket, Rocket Forge, or Gripstride HX;
WWE Event - WWE Wheels could have been obtained by redeeming "wrestlemania", "wwedads", and "rlbirthday" codes back in 2018


Each pair of Wheels found in Crates, and a lot of Limited Wheels that you find from various sources have 25% Chance to be Painted, 25% Chance to be Certified, and another 25% Chance to be the Special Edition set of Wheels (if applicable). When it comes to different pain colors, Titanium White is the single-best and most expensive colors in Rocket League. Players will often look to buy Titanium White Items, as not only they are the most prestigious ones, but usually also the best looking. Titanium White is followed up by Black, Crimson, Grey, Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Lime, Saffron, Green, Cobalt, and Burnt Siena - so when you are looking to buy or sell Painted Rocket League Wheels make sure to include the price differences because of their color variant. The price differences between different colors will vary depending on the specific set of Wheels, and not all Wheels can come in each of the colors. When it comes to different certifications on Wheels, they also increase the price, however, those will be valuable only to collecters. Some players tend to collect Wheels of the same type with a specific Certification and in all its' Paint colors. 

When it comes to Special Edition Wheels, only a handful of them can have this attribute. There is a total of five known Special Edition tags that include: Inverted, Infinite, Remixed, and Holographic. All Special Edition Wheels with confirmed SE version are as follows:

  1. Zefram - Exotic Wheels that can be found in Totally Awesome Crate. They have the Infinite Special Edition version;
  2. P-SIMM - Exotic Wheels also found in the Totally Awesome Crate. They have the Inverted SE variant;
  3. Zowie - Exotic Wheels that can be found in Ferocity Crate. They can come in Infinite Edition;
  4. Apparatus - part of the Vindicator Crate. Apparatus Wheels are of Import Rarity, and can come in the Inverted Edition;
  5. Stella - another set of Exotic Wheels found in the Totally Awesome Crate. They have the Infinite Special Edition;
  6. Asik - Import Rarity Wheels found in Ferocity Crate. You have a chance to find Asik Infinite Special Edition Wheels as well;
  7. Picket - the only set of wheels that have a Special Edition variant and is of a lower rarity than Import. Pickets are Very Rare and have the Holographic variant. They can be found in Vindicator Crate;
  8. A number of Rocket Pass Wheels have a Special Edition variant. The ones that we know of are: Gripstride HX: InvertedRocket Forge II: HolographicSprocket: Infinite,  Galvan: HolographicMetalwork: InvertedPolaris: RemixedAutomaton: InvertedCamo: Remixed, DRN: InfiniteIrradiator: Inverted.

Most of the Wheels listed above can be traded with other players. Players will usually accept Keys or other Items of similar value in the trade, as well as, real money. With the absence of a proper in-game marketplace, a secure trading platform Odealo has opened its gates for Rocket League players. On Odealo you can Buy, Sell, and Trade Rocket League Wheels with the use of real money. Odealo secures each transaction making it the most secure Rocket League Wheels market, with a lot of the most demanded Painted Exotic and Limited Wheels listed for sale. Go to Odealo to buy the best Rocket League Wheels from legitimate sellers with real money where trading is supported on all available platforms including PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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