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Full Dclone Sorceress

Full Dclone Sorceress

Ladder Softcore

Full Dclone Sorceress - image
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Dclone sorceress for sale
Steel shade 2sk. 2os [with Vex Vex]
Darkglow 2os 15 all res perfect roll [with Ohm Ohm]
Eschuta's 3sk 2os perfect roll [with 2x fire facets 5/5]
Stormshiled 3os perfect roll [with 3 diamonds]
Verdungo 15% pdr perfect roll [+20 FHR corrupt]
Magefist +1 fire, [+25 life corrupt]
Waterwalk 55 life [+8max fire res +10 fire res corrupt]
Mara's Kaleidoscope 30 all res perfect roll
Nature peace ring +3
Dwarf star ring +8 fire absorb [+cannot be frozen corrupt]
Hellfire torch Sorceress 60/20 perfect roll
Annihilus near perf
Skillers Fire+1 +~35 life

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