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Burning Arrow Elementalist [Complete Setup + Currency] [Ultimatum SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes]

Burning Arrow Elementalist [Complete Setup + Currency] [Ultimatum SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes]

Ultimatum Softcore

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ATG: Bringing you the best build setups since 2 years. You are at the right place!

Important note: After you placed your order, write me your current level and I will create your own POB for the appropiate passive skill tree.

Burning Arrow features an amazing build, if you love the bow playstyle: amazing map clearing speed, and nice tankiness thanks to the Elementalist ascendancy and your Golem buffs: you are immune to any elemental ailments, and also elemental reflect, so you can literally run any maps. The build is also capable of doing any hard bosses of the game, but its true strength lies within its farming ability, when it comes to maps. You will receive every single item required to play it.

Why should you choose me?

  • Satisfied Customers: 100% Positive Feedback.
  • Speed: If I am avaliable, I will contact you instantly and collect all the necessary items within 1 hour. If I am not (Shop Closed is written on my image), I will deliver the items as soon as I come back.
  • Best Prices / Safety: Since I dont represent any company, I have the best prices for complete build setups: everything I do is farmed and collected by my hand, making our transactions 100% safe. 
  • Communication: I will inform you of everything during the transaction.
  • Tips / Post-Purchase Assistance: I give you the every help you will need to play the build you bought from me. I can help with setting up the build correctly: my job is not done until you are satisfied and know everything necessary.
  • Currency: I give you a starting currency to tweak your gear if you feel like it.
  • Experience: I have more than 1500 successful sales behind my back. I am a veteran PoE player who is constantly looking at trends to optimize the builds for my buyers. I am updating builds accordingly to the current meta to provide the best experience for my customers and I do my service longer than 1 year without any problems.
  • Fun: The only thing you are required to do is buy the pack and you will be fully ready to enjoy gameplay. Save yourself the time to enjoy the game!

Looking for any other build? Feel free to write me and we will work it out!

  • You are guaranteed to have your Elemental Resistances capped!
  • All of the Items are Non-Corrupted.
  • All Gems you get is Level 20, unless specified.
  • All Flasks have 20% Quality.
  • The gear has the exact socket colors to fit in the given gem setup.

The Burning Arrow Elementalist has been a very popular setup among the Ultimatum League, and the reason is clear: the clear speed is almost unbeatable: it is overall a very strong all-rounder. It is also very beginner-friendly: you only need to press Burning Arrow, and the debuffs for boss encounters: the golems resummon themselves if they die, thanks to the Elementalist ascendancy: you are going to run with a total number of 9 Golems: the optimal distribution is 4 Stone, 2 Chaos, 1 Ice, 1 Flame and 1 Lightning Golem.

Starting Currency:

  • 50x Chaos Orb
  • 100x Orb of Regrets (in order to restore your tree from any given leveling process)


  • Weapon: 6-Linked Xophs Nurture [Core item]
  • Quiver: Rare Quiver with 60+ Life, 40+ Dexterity and 20%+ Fire Damage over Time Multiplier
  • Helmet: Rare ES-Base Helmet with 80+ Life, +2 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems and 70%+ Elemental Resistances
  • Body Armour: Rare Evasion-Base Body Armour with 100+ Life and 50%+ Elemental Resistances (No need for 6-Link there, as our main setup is in the Bow)
  • Gloves: Rare ES-Base Gloves with 80+ Life and 70%+ Elemental Resistances
  • Boots: Rare ES-Base Boots with 80+ Life, 30%+ Movement Speed and 50%+ Elemental Resistances
  • Ring: Bereks Respite and a Rare Ring with 70+ Life, 40+ Dexterity and 80%+ Elemental Resistances
  • Amulet: The Primordial Chain [Core item for +3 Golems]
  • Belt: Dyadian Dawn
  • Jewels: 2x Large Cluster Jewels with 8 Passives and Primordial Bond, 2x Medium Cluster Jewel with 4-5 Passives and Blowback+Circling Oblivion, 1x Medium Cluster Jewel with 4-5 Passives and Blowback+Exposure Therapy, 1x Medium Cluster Jewel with 4-5 Passives and Blowback+Brush with Death, 2x Primordial Eminence, Mantra of Flames, Anima Stone, 2x Rare Abyss Jewels with 25+ Life and 10+ Fire Damage to Bow Attacks, 1x Rare Abyss Jewel with 25+ Life and (6-8)% Chance to Gain Onslaught on Kill

Gem setup (Level 20, unless specified):

  • Vaal Burning Arrow-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Unbound Ailments-Deadly Ailments-Burning Damage-Greater Multiple Projectiles (Mapping)-Swift Affliction (Bosses) (Bow)
  • Blood Rage-Smoke Mine-Faster Casting-Summon Ice Golem-Steelskin-Flame Dash (Body Armour) [Use Steelskin on your Left Click to automatically cast it as you are moving, and use Flame Dash / Smoke Mine as mobility skills]
  • Summon Lightning Golem-Summon Chaos Golem-Summon Stone Golem-Summon Flame Golem (Helmet)
  • Wave of Conviction-Arcanist Brand-Flammability-Combustion (Gloves)
  • Herald of Ash-Malevolence-Precision (1)-Enlighten (3) (Boots)


  • Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching (Against Bleeding)
  • Atziris Promise
  • Bubbling Divine Mana Flask of Warding (Against Curses)
  • Experimenters Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
  • Taste of Hate

Recommended passive tree from Path of Building: (you will might need the Community Fork variant to open it:

Explained video guide with Gameplay from BigDucks:

Recommended Bandit choice: Kill All (2 Passive Points)

How it works?

  • After you placed an order, I will contact you both in-game and via odealo.
  • We will discuss, how and when exactly the trade is gonna take place.
  • I will set your passive tree and setup accordingly to your current character level, and I also help you with future progressions.
  • I never use any illegal softwavers or bots, so our trades will never get you flagged, making the transactions 100% safe.

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