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Top 1 DPS Toxic Rain Deadeye Full Set w/ Mirrored Gear Included

Top 1 DPS Toxic Rain Deadeye Full Set w/ Mirrored Gear Included

Standard Softcore

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If you looking for a good build that can burst bosses in seconds then this is what you're looking for

- It is a deadeye toxic rain build with min max gear and mirror-tier gear that can melt boss easily.. This build has topped as no.1 highest DPS for toxic rain build compared to all other class and its own class..


1) Down boss in sec.

2) Clearing is moderately fast with arrow nova + caustic arrow hit and run pattern (only need 1 skill to kill mobs, probably 2 hit for rare mobs)

3) Mirror-tier gear that boost high aspd to proc pods that stack to melt boss

4) Able to do EVERY content this game provided


1) Clearing is average and not as fast as HH build

2) Does not have a very high lifepool - average about 4.5k ish

If you seek for the fun of doing boss content and fun build, this is highly recommended.. PoB, jewels, skill gems, gear everything is included for your reference, however there would be some adjustment on PoB that you would need to change according to your preference as PoE is constantly upgrading/changing their content..

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