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Scourge Softcore Power Leveling Service

Scourge Softcore Power Leveling Service

Scourge Softcore

Scourge Softcore Power Leveling Service - image
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Welcome to the Aquarius's Service

The Golden Rule ! Don't forget that my service is the best if you trust it.

1-45 lvl includes 1st lab, 65 lvl includes 2 lab, 80 lvl-3lab and lvl 85+ includes all labs. 65 lvl takes 5 hours and 85 lvl takes approximately 8-10hrs.

- Who are me?

I've been a PoE player since 2013 until now. I know what you are looking for and I dont use any programs or bots. All leveling process is hand-made. Whenever you want to keep your characters progress, you can join our discord channel that we provide to you after your purchase. Also you can ask about further improvements about your build, we are always here and glad to help you about game.

- Why should you choose me?

I have been doing this work for many years in my local market, I know exactly what you want to see on your character. Its meme or meta build I can make your dreams come true. My relationship based on trust.

- When are me online?

UTC (+7) - 06.00 AM - 03.00 AM ( 21 Hours / day )

This process needs your account information.

Your ID, password, security code on your email at first login.

I still have lots of other items in my store, you can see them by clicking "other user offers".

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