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✅[Kalandra SC] [1-95] + 4 labs + [1-10 act]✅Fast✅

✅[Kalandra SC] [1-95] + 4 labs + [1-10 act]✅Fast✅

Lake of Kalandra Softcore

✅[Kalandra SC] [1-95] + 4 labs + [1-10 act]✅Fast✅ - image
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Looking to buy boost for Path of Exile? You have come to the right place.

✨ Information about service:

✅ Boost will be done only by hands without any cheats, bots etc

✅ We agree both launchers - Steam/GGG

✅ Estimate ETA of Boost 8 - 12

✅ You will receive char 95+ lvl with 4 labs and 1-10 act done as wel

❗️Please dont enter in account during boost execution

✉️ If You have questions feel free to contact us via chat in site

• Trusted and experienced seller
• We always do our work in time. No exceptions and excuses.
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• Leveling will be performed by professional players with years of experience.
• Everything stays on your account, we don't steal any items or gold
• Our team is located in eastern europe, but we may use VPN to emulate your original location.
• You will receive screenshots showing current progress on a regular basis.
• We are online every day and always open to help

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