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Unkillable - 20 Mil Sirus DPS? Has to be Low-Life Golemmancer! <Heist SC> <60 Min Delivery>

Unkillable - 20 Mil Sirus DPS? Has to be Low-Life Golemmancer! <Heist SC> <60 Min Delivery>

Heist Softcore

Unkillable - 20 Mil Sirus DPS? Has to be Low-Life Golemmancer! <Heist SC> <60 Min Delivery> - image
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Why you should never go to our competion - We have remained silent long enough.

  • While competitors might have tons of sales behind their backs, do note that 99% of those were made when there was no competition whatsoever. We have had customers stalked, or items bought & cancelled while we were closed just to leave bad feedback to boycot our business.
  • Falsely Advertising builds dealing over x million Damage whilst the actual gear you're getting nets you around half of it is just scamming your customer base. Apparently, most of you never even noticed as no negative feedback is to be found.
  • Constantly pushing prices towards points they know we wont go to just because you offer builds that have items which are far from optimized, generally worth 1 alchemy or just don't work for your build are not a things we wish to be associated with.
  • Showing off Path of Buildings with items that are completely different from the items you specify you will be supplying is not something we will ever do.
  • Sure, we might be 5 to 10$ more expensive from time to time, but you will always be treated by professionals, rather than by people who just want to spend 30 minutes collecting something and make some money on it.

Don't be fooled, by anyone! Inform yourself before Purchasing! We are available 18 hours a day through this websites chat platform, email, discord or any other source of communication.


Where Golemancers were generally strong throughout the Leagues, We think this league has it topping charts for a reason. Having 20 Million Shaper / Sirus DPS whilst being impervious to Damage with over 7000 Energy Shield, 88/88/86 All Res, Pretty solid Physical Damage Reduction & Over 3-400 Energy Shield Regen per second should probably be illegal. However, it is available, for you, in this package and comes in a Bronze and a Diamond variant!

Diamond Upgrade (35$): You will be receiving a Set of L5/20Q Awakened Gems and a 21/20 Carrion Golem to Scale up your build even further. Additionally, this package will include the Animate Guardian setup with an Increased Physical Damage Taken Helm & a Kingmaker and all the defensive items. This combination will be about 80% More Damage combined! On top of that, there'll be little tweaks in gear left, right and center to further optimize how your pieces fit eachother.

If you're in doubt check out this video from a Juiced T16 with Alvas, Breaches and what not with LL Carrion Golems:

We can edit every build to your liking / choosing - Drop us a Message and we will theorycraft / work out your build!

  • Completely optimized Resistances - Defences - Life & Damage on every build
  • Non-Corrupted items unless it's beneficiary to your build
  • Level 20, Quality 20 gems are our standard! We will specify changes if need be!
  • Best set of Flasks with 20 Quality
  • All your gems come predelivered in your gear meaning all your sockets / links are in order.

Items in this package :

  • Weapon: Clayshaper for an Additional Extra Golem
  • Weapon2: Prism Guardian for your Aura Reservation
  • Helmet: Vertex (Really Solid Energy Shield & Gemlevels for you other minions to stay alive)
  • Body Armour: 6-Linked 4 Off-Colours Shavronne's Wrappings
  • Boots: Sin Treks (unbeatable for this build, as they offer much needed Dexterity as well as 30% MS and High ES)
  • Gloves: 180+ Energy Shield Gloves
  • Amulet: Presence of Chayula annointed with Charisma
  • Ring #1: An optimized ring to make up for not using Vivinsects with + to level of gems, attributes & %ES
  • Ring #2: Since we don't have to use Vivinsect now, we use a highly effective Crusader Ring here to get more ES.
  • Belt: Darkness Enthroned to guarantee the 75% Increased Effect of our 2 Abyss Jewels
  • Jewels: 1x Anima Stone, 1x Primordial Might, 2x Primordial Harmony, 1x Primordial Eminence, 2x Rare Abyss Jewels for your belt, 1x 6% Energy From Within, 2x Large Cluster Jewels (With Renewal and an other optimal Notable) and 4x Medium Cluster Jewels (Replenishing Presence + First Among Equals which is the core of the build)

Flasks in this package :

  • Taste of Hate: Super Efficient Flask. Since we have 88% Cold Resistance, taking Phys as Cold is a huge boost to survivability!
  • Granite Flask of Heat: Freeze Immunity
  • Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline: We're a Speed-Farmer! Gotta go Fast!
  • Jade Flask of Warding: Some extra Evasion with Curse Immunity
  • Quartz of Staunching: Bleed Immunity on a Phasing & Dodge Flask

Gems in this package:

Optimal Gems change with gear. We will therefore generally stop listing our Gemchoices here.
On top of that, we don't want to be copied by competition preying on our optimizations.
We will at all times make the more optimal choice in order of the budget.
Early in a league, this might mean you're getting 20/0 Gems, and later in the league you might get a 40 Exalt Awakened Gem depending on how important it is to the build. If you have any specifc questions, feel free to ask them before purchasing!

This package contains a 6-Link Carrion Golem setup, 3 Aura setups and 2 Additional Minion Setups. Additionally there's a Utiliy and Movement Skill Setup.

About BoosterExperience

BoosterExperience is a company that was founded based on a but a couple objectives.
These are however of the greatest value for us. We strive to achieve perfect customer satisfaction by being as professional, knowledgable & trustworthy as we can be.

Who are we & how do we fulfil your order

BoosterExperience is a combination of a handful of high end superstar players and a couple of people managing the businessend.
Your acccount, should you sign up to buy any of our services will therefore NEVER be at risk.
Our accounts are carefully maintained an played from unique IP adresses to protect our customers integrity.

The manner in which we fulful your order obviously depends on the order & our current workload. No matter how, we will always strive to reach the promised delivery time

Questions? Feel free to hit us up!

If you have any questions about any of our services (before or post ordering) feel free to hit us in Odealo PM`s or on Facebook Messenger!


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