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[Heist Softcore PC] 1-90 Fast & Cheap Leveling under 12 hrs!

[Heist Softcore PC] 1-90 Fast & Cheap Leveling under 12 hrs!

Heist Softcore

[Heist Softcore PC] 1-90 Fast & Cheap Leveling under 12 hrs! - image
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  • 12 hours
  • 01:32:40
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Harvest Softcore PC Power Leveling 1-90


Hello and welcome to my store!

I´m an experienced poe player and i´ve already done many powerlevelings!

My priorities when performing a service are security, trust and speed.

Many people choose me several times for the good service I offer! :)!


♦ All leveling Service is done 100% manually (NO BOT) so your account is in safe hands.

♦ All passives point done (for 65+)!

♦ All acts done (for 70+), so you will be able to jump straight into the maps.

♦ All currency drop is yours!

♦ Please avoid logging in during the leveling process. This may disrupt the finishing time for the order.

♦ I can strem in discord if you want me to!


For 1st and 2nd lab: 60+

For 3rd lab: 70+

♦ For 4th: 80+


After the purchase you just need to give me this information:

Email Account


Unlock code

Send me the desired build (include: passives tree + ascendancy + bandits)

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)

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