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<Harvest SC> Optimized HeraldStacker 2.0! No cutbacks - Full budget! Info in Description.

<Harvest SC> Optimized HeraldStacker 2.0! No cutbacks - Full budget! Info in Description.

Harvest Softcore

<Harvest SC> Optimized HeraldStacker 2.0! No cutbacks - Full budget! Info in Description. - image
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-- Adapting this build to your level! Just let us know! -- 

We have decided that unlike our general policy we do not want to make a budget version of this build.
A bronze package (e.g. 65CR) would just not perform the way we all have learned to know these types of builds.

Cutting back on Precision levels, Clarity levels (and thus relying on a vaal skill to be able to cast), having 4K ES and only 10M DPS just didn't feel right to us.

Harvest League will always be remembered as the league where we remembered and grieved because of HeraldStackers being gone.
We have however discovered the best & most optimal way to play old HeraldStacker through Aura effect stacking!

What can you expect from our Harvest AuraStacker :

  • Approximately 30million bossdamage on Spark or Half a Shaper per second! (Which equates to +/- 100M on an EK variant or more to an Arc / BL variant. We recommend spark because it clears exquisitely aswell)
  • Over 6K energy shield. Most of the Aurastackers nowadays run around with 4.5K because of the pressure put on their gear. We opted to spend more money on gear to make it so we can achieve very high effective HP.
  • 50% Physical Reduction - 90% to Fire, Lightning & Cold resistance - High Energy Shield Regen & Leech.
  • Incredible movementspeed & clearspeed (250% added movement speed)


Check out Whispp's very scuffed version (with less defences than ours & way less damage) if you're in doubt :


Welcome to BoosterExperience 

We strive to deliver every single item in under an hour but in case of this build we reserve a little more. This build requires a lot of trading as it has to buy 30 Extra Jewels over a standard build. Since we never put speed before satisfaction, finding the correct items might take a little bit longer.
We will obviously at all times communicate this with you and keep you posted.

Why choose our builds?

  • Currently 100% Satisfactionary customers. We have a reccuring customer base that prefers us over any other.
  • We try to work as fast as possible, foregoing everything else going on to get your build setup delivered.
  • We setup the gear for you, and we assist you in fixing the tree & what not so you are able to start playing the build in its final form instantly. You will be guided by one of our veteran players who`s sole job is to keep an eye on trends & optimize all the packages we offer.
  • Skip all the farming! Just contact us, communicate with us and you`ll be ready to blast in no time! We work enough in life right? You`re supposed to enjoy the little free time you have.

Any build available! Contact us with any budget & your wishes and we WILL find something that works out for you!

We offer : 

All Gear in the following list!
Maxxed out elemental resistances on every build!
20Quality/Level20 Gems unless otherwise specified!

20Quality Flasks
All gems socketed in the right items upon delivery (all links & colours are correct)

Cast on Crit IceNova (Platinum Package) - You can contact us for more infomation
Upgrade to :

  • Headhunter Package (Add a Headhunter to your build for maximum enjoyment - We will make sure all stats & everything are optimized for HH play) - 144,99$ (PM us to get a buylink for this variant)


  • 100 Orb of Regrets to help you fix your tree to fit our build.

Items (For the Platinum Variant)

  • Weapon: High Rolled Nebulis (19 CastSpeed + 19/19 Lightning / Cold)
  • Helmet: 250+ Energy Shield Hubris circlet w/ 5% Reduced Mana Reserved (High ES requirements)
  • Body Armour: 6L Shavronne's Wrappings (Lowlife Build)
  • Gloves : 180+ ES & Unnerve on hit Gloves (We do not wish to use maligaro's, as we are dedicated to optimizing rare jewels so we can outperform this lazy pair of gloves)
  • Boots : Sin Trek's with a Really High roll. They're just incredibly hard to beat when looking for ES & Movement Speed
  • Amulet Awakener Orbed StrBased Amulet with %Reduced Mana & Grants Vitality Skill to save sockets so you are given a movement skill & a curse on hit setup (which aplifies damage greatly) with crafted %Energy Shield
  • Rings : 2x Catalysed Call of The Brotherhoods for maximum damage & conversion double dipping.
  • Belt :  Catalysed Bated Breath (It beats a T1 ES T1%ES Crystal Belt every day of the year)
  • Jewels 2x Voices, 1x Large Cluster w/ 2 good noteables, 8x Medium Cluster jewels with optimized combinations between (First Among Equals, Purposeful Harbinger, Pure Aptitude/Might, 6Passives + Increased Effects, ..), 7x Rare Cobalts: 6x with Energy Shield & 2 Optimized Damage mods for your build (Usually Crit Multiplier since the absense of Maligaro's Gloves) and one Immune to Corrupted Blood, Conquerors Efficiency (Mana), Might of the Meek (Mana) and Hazardous Research (SparkNova) with Damage Pen corruptions, 1 Split Personality for ES, 1 Watchers Eye with Hatred Crit


  • Bottled Faith (Who doesn't want 20% More Damage)
  • Critical Strike Cinderswallow (Insane for sustaining ES & getting you good damage)
  • Atziri's Promise (Can't miss out on the Ele as Extra double dipping here)
  • Diamond Flask of Heat (Freeze Immunity)
  • Basalt Flask of Warding (Curse Immunity)

Higher packages might have different flasks as they can achieve Freeze / Bleed immunity on expensive items & thus free up unique flask slosts like bottled faith / wise oak / vinktars / ... 

Gems (20/20 Unless otherwise specified)

  • Inspiration - Awakened Controlled Destruction (5/20) - Spark (21/20) - Awakened Cold Penetration (5/20) - Arcane Surge - Spell Echo 
  • Purity of Lightning - Purity of Fire - Discipline - Vaal haste
  • Purity of Ice - Clarity (20) - Precision (20) - Blood Magic (21)
  • Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder - Vaal Righteous Fire - Smite (Smite & Vaal RF are sustainable for big damage)
  • Leap Slam (1) - Curse on Hit - Frostbite (Since we saved sockets by optimizing, we had spare sockets for a movement skills & 20% more damage because of the curse on hit)
  • Wrath - Hatred - Zealotry

Other packages might have some links differentiated as their scaling might differ. You will always receive the best optimized set of gems for the package you opt in to.

Path of Building

  • PoB will be delivered by the agent handling your order as he assists you in setting up the build personalized for you with all your specific items, breakpoints & handy notes to help you out while levelling up or setting up the build.


  • Help Eramir for 2 Skill Points

About BoosterExperience

BoosterExperience GmbH is a company that was founded based on a but a couple objectives.
These are however of the greatest value for us. We strive to achieve perfect customer satisfaction by being as professional, knowledgable & trustworthy as we can be.
We are always available for past customers on Skype, Whatsapp, Discord or Facebook messenger (through our business page) to provide you with the best after sales possible!

Who are we & how do we fulfil your order

BoosterExperience is a combination of a handful of high end superstar players and a couple of people managing the businessend.
Your acccount, should you sign up to get boosted, will therefore NEVER be left in the hands of a botter or will never ever break any ToS.
Our boosters log in from IP`s that have never used PoE before and will play the account manually until the boosting process is over. 
You therefore having nothing to worry about.

The manner in which we fulful your order obviously depends on the order & our current workload. No matter how, your experience will be accumulated in a fast and efficient way.

Questions? Feel free to hit us up!

If you have any questions about any of our services (before or post ordering) feel free to hit us in Odealo PM`s or on Facebook Messenger!

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