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PATH OF EXILE Harbinger Hardcore


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Path of Exile Game Description

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. Path of Exile was officially realeased in 2013. The game itself resembles the Diablo series games. All areas except for main encampments are randomly generated, and can be restarted all over again by creating new instances. The player controls their character from an overhead perspective and progress in the game through exgploring and clearing new areas and locations divided into 10 different acts. 

Path of Exile offer its' players seven completely different classes: Duelist, Marauder, Shadow, Ranger, Templar, Witch and Scion. Each of them can be built and played in nearly unlimited number of ways. The way you choose to play your character is determined by many factors that include: main class, specialization (ascendancy class), selection of skills and supporting gems, gear specific attributes, selection of various talents and passive skills on a very wide Passive Skill tree available for every character. Instead of gold, Path of Exile has introduced a completely different currency and trading system. Path of Exile orbs are currency items that are used to alter your equipment or act as in-game currency. Each orb type has different value, with Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb being the most commonly used Orbs to trade items.  In order to be able to fully enjoy Path of Exile it's recommended to buy PoE Currency and Items at odealo.com marketplace.

Path of Exile Challenging League System

Grinding Gear Games offer its players an alternative play mode within a time-limited Leagues. All players have to start from scratch in those Leagues  and are able to compete with others in various challenges. Players with the most challenges cleared in each league are awarded with various items when the league ends. Usually the rewards are alternative skins for most valuable and popular unique items in game - making them very expensive and desired by item collectors in PoE.

There are also various special events in PoE. Their time varies from 30 minutes to about one week. Each even has different set of rules and goal to achieve by players. Those events are usually called the "Racing leagues" and usually their purpose is to achieve a certain goal as the first person in the race - obviously for valuable rewards.

In order to be prepared for Path of Exile league challenges, a lot of players seek to buy cheap POE Orbs and Power Leveling instead of wasting hours to be able to compete with others. Most players that are at the top get the support of other players - otherwise making the progress at their pace wouldn't be possible. Unless you have an "army" of supporters that donate their orbs, uniques and valuable items to you, buying cheap POE Currency at Odealo.com marketplace  is the only option to stay in the race. Odealo is the most secure and enjoyable marketplace for buying, selling and trading PoE orbs, uniqes and items. 

In August 2017 Grinding Gear Game studio has released POE's biggest expansion - the Fall of Oriath. The Harbinger Softcore and Harbinger Hardcore Leagues have started at the same time. Among all the new additions to the game you can find a lot of new unique items and orbs. Some of the new POE orb types are: Ancient Orb, Orb of Annulment, Orb of Binding, Orb of Horizons, Engineer's Orb, and shards including very expensive Mirror Shard, Exalted Shard and Chaos Shard.

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