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✅ [PC] Divine Orb Sanctum - Fast Delivery - Hand made by real player - No bot

✅ [PC] Divine Orb Sanctum - Fast Delivery - Hand made by real player - No bot

Forbidden Sanctum Softcore

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★★★ Clean Divine Orb Sanctum Softcore - Fast Delivery ★★★
If you're reseller trader please don't place order, im only sell for character lvl 80+

Delivery time: 0 - 5 min
Delivery method:
Face to face trade

How to do it: There's two popular ways
1. I will send you an message mention i want to buy
your item for amount of divs that you place order
2. Or you could list your item and give me the whisper link

★ Please give an multimod rare or corrupted/synsthesis/timelessjwl item when trading with high volume for your safe
( Hard to price check )
Some low tier - unique item / low item level trade for big amount of divines can lead a ban
★ Divines were farming by real player -
clean divines - no bot, i'm not reseller,
You trading direct with real player's main account, not through a reselling clone account, character level 9x- 100, so it's 100% safe

Just don't mention Odealo or real money trading in game
★ Price is always cheapeast
Please give a second for confirmation & leave me a positive feed back if you enjoy the trade.
★ I'll really appreciate that. Thank you! ★

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