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Cospri CoC Assassin [Complete Setup + Currency] [Blight SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes]

Cospri CoC Assassin [Complete Setup + Currency] [Blight SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes]

Blight Softcore

Cospri CoC Assassin [Complete Setup + Currency] [Blight SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes] - image
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  • 60 mins.
  • 12:19:51
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Why should you choose me?

  • Satisfied Customers: 100% Positive Feedback.
  • Speed: If I am avaliable, I will contact you instantly and collect all the necessary items within 1 hour. If I am not (Shop Closed is written on my image), I will deliver the items as soon as I come back.
  • Communication: I will inform you of everything during the transaction.
  • Tips: I give you the knowledge to master the build you chose.
  • Currency: I give you a starting currency to tweak your gear if you feel like it.
  • Fun: The only thing you are required to do is buy the pack and you will be fully ready to enjoy gameplay. Save time for fun!

Looking for any other build? Feel free to write me and we will work it out!

  • You are guaranteed to have your Elemental Resistances capped!
  • All of the Gear is Non-Corrupted.
  • Every gem you get is Level 20 and Quality 20%, unless specified.
  • All flasks have 20% Quality.
  • The gear has the exact socket colors to fit in the given gem setup.

"This build is one of incredible power and potential, that feels capable with only a few core investments, but scales into a monstrously powerful end-game that hardly any builds can match. Incredible offensive firepower is distilled into a simple and engaging end point, allowing you to annihilate bosses like The Shaper in seconds."

Cast on Crit is back again, and it feels as smooth as ever. The Assassin ascendancy recieved numerous changes in the past, and its current state is perfect to get this build going. Insane clear speed and single target damage, very strong choice for anyone who likes shattering enemies while spinning around with insane tempo.

Starting Currency:

  • 50x Chaos Orb
  • 50x Orb of Alchemy


  • Weapon: Cospris Malice
  • Shield: Light of Lunaris
  • Helmet: Starkonjas Head
  • Body Armour: 6-Linked Loreweave with 78% Maximum Resistances and 40+ Life and Global Crit. Chance
  • Gloves: Rare Gloves with 70+ Life and Elemental Resistances
  • Boots: Rare Boots with 70+ Life, 30%+ Movement Speed and Elemental Resistances
  • Ring: Mark of the Shaper and a Rare Elder Ring with 60+ Life and Elemental Resistances
  • Amulet: The Pandemonius
  • Belt: Rare Belt with 90+ Life and Elemental Resistances
  • Jewels: Watchers Eye with +(20-30) Energy Shield Gained for each enemy hit and 6x Rare Abyss Jewels with 30+ Life and Global Critical Strike Multiplier

Gem setup (Level 20 and Quality 20%, unless specified):

  • Cyclone-Cast on Critical Strike-Ice Nova-Increased Critical Strikes-Hypothermia-Increased Critical Damage (Body Armour)
  • Discipline-Enfeeble-Blasphemy-Enlighten (3) (Gloves)
  • Vortex-Bonechill-Unbound Ailments-Arcane Surge (1) (Boots)
  • Shield Charge-Faster Attacks-Fortify-Culling Strike (Helmet)
  • Frostbolt-Ice Nova-Life Leech (Cospri)
  • Herald of Ice-Precision (1)-Phase Run (Shield)


  • Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching (Against Bleeding)
  • The Wise Oak (You will have Cold as highest resistance for Penetration)
  • Diamond Flask of Warding
  • Atziris Promise
  • Experimenters Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline

Deatiled guide with Passive Tree, Path of Building and Description:

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