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Windripper MF Deadeye [Complete Setup + Currency] [Blight SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes]

Windripper MF Deadeye [Complete Setup + Currency] [Blight SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes]

Blight Softcore

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Why should you choose me?

  • Lifetime Guarantee: I ensure a lifetime guarantee for anything you buy from me. If you have any questions or problems concerning the items purchased, I will do my best to solve these.
  • Satisfied Customers: 100% Positive Feedback.
  • Speed: If I am avaliable, I will contact you instantly and collect all the necessary items within 1 hour. If I am not (Shop Closed is written on my image), I will deliver the items as soon as I come back.
  • Communication: I will inform you of everything during the transaction.
  • Tips: I give you the knowledge to master the build you chose.
  • Currency: I give you a starting currency to tweak your gear if you feel like it.
  • Fun: The only thing you are required to do is buy the pack and you will be fully ready to enjoy gameplay. Save time for fun!

Looking for any other build? Feel free to write me and we will work it out!

  • You are guaranteed to have your Elemental Resistances capped!
  • All of the Gear is Non-Corrupted.
  • Every gem you get is Level 20 and Quality 20%, unless specified.
  • All flasks have 20% Quality.
  • The gear has the exact socket colors to fit in the given gem setup.

Windripper Tornado Shot is still the uncontested king of clearspeed, when it comes to mapping! With the new patch live, the build is still the best choice for anyone who wishes to make big profits from clearing maps really fast. The build utilizies a 6-Link Tornado Shot setup, together with around 200% movement speed and screen-covering projectiles. For single target, we are using a 5-Link Barrage setup to deal with map bosses. 

Starting Currency:

  • 50x Chaos Orb
  • 50x Orb of Alchemy


  • Weapon: 5-Linked Windripper
  • Quiver: Hyrris Demise
  • Helmet: Rare Helmet with 70+ Life and Elemental Resistances
  • Body Armour: 6-Linked Queen of the Forest
  • Gloves: Sadimas Touch with 10%+ Quantity
  • Boots: Goldwyrm with 18%+ Quantity
  • Ring: Thiefs Torment with 16%+ Quantity (Greatly improves survability, as it gives you a lot of life and mana for enemies on hit)
  • Amulet: Biscos Collar
  • Belt: Rare Belt with 90+ Life and Elemental Resistances
  • Jewels: 3x Rare Searching Eye Jewels with 30+ Life, and 10+ Cold Damage to Bow Attacks

Total increased item quantity: 59% + (35-50)% on normal monsters.

Gem setup (Level 20 and Quality 20%, unless specified):

  • Tornado Shot-Added Cold Damage-Greater Multiple Projectiles-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Mirage Archer-Ice Bite (Body Armour)
  • Barrage-Added Cold Damage-Slower Projectiles-Elemental Focus-Elemental Damage with Attacks (Bow)
  • Curse on Hit-Assassins Mark-Onslaught-Herald of Ice (Gloves)
  • Blink Arrow-Faster Attacks-Vaal Grace-Precision (1) (Helmet)

The build provides you with 4 free Gem slots (in the Boots), which you can use to your own advantage to level gems for profit (good examples are Enlighten or Empower)!


  • Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching (Against Bleeding)
  • Diamond Flask of Warding (Against Curses)
  • Jade Flask of Heat (Against Freeze and Chill)
  • Experimenters Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
  • Dying Sun

Recommended passive tree:

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