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Power Leveling - Level 1-10

Power Leveling - Level 1-10

US East - Balnibarbi

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Enter the name of the game character

1. Why you need this service?
- Why you need to level your character up to a higher level? As for each level you gain, you will receive Attribute Points and also Attribute Respec. Every player character in New World has access to 5 core attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. These attributes each offer different benefits, and can be levelled up either by assigning points to them whenever you reach a new character level. Each of the attributes affects the damage you deal with certain weapon types. Therefore, it's essential to have your character levelled up as long as get your weapon mastery and other trade skills up too. Our booster will log into your account and get you to your desired level in a short period of time and you can find out more about the convenient pack that grant many bonuses for ya!

2. What do you receive?
- All leveling service is done 100% manually (NO BOT) so your account is in safe hands.
- Reach your desired level
- All gear and loots during the leveling process is yours
- Please avoid logging in during the leveling process. This may disrupt the finishing time for the order.
ETA for Power Leveling is between 1 day - 2 weeks, depending on how high the level you need is and the previous orders already in the queue.

3. Requirements
New World game purchased.

4. We need below information
- Your ID and PW
- Access code
- Your character name and server
- Your faction name

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