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SAFEST METHOD ON ODEALO/Low price 1$ per 10 Mil Instant&Trust + Big Bonus

SAFEST METHOD ON ODEALO/Low price 1$ per 10 Mil  Instant&Trust + Big Bonus

1 - PC

SAFEST METHOD ON ODEALO/Low price 1$ per 10 Mil  Instant&Trust + Big Bonus - image
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Actual price 1.00 for 10000000 Coins
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Total price 1.00 for 10000000 Coins
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Delivery Methods

During the transfer of coins, I use 3 levels of transfer security at the same time, which in general give the most secure transaction and it is from this that I have so many customer

Any transfer methods do not provide 100% protection from being banned, but my team and I are constantly doing tests and finding the maximum of existing methods, unlike the person in the 1st place who simply resells

now it has come into my use and there are no problems with the account!


Prices And Stock!

I also give good bonuses that will not let you be on the sidelines,


1 Units = 10+ mill
Bonus for all order - 0.1-20+ mill

10 units - 2+ mill+Discounts
25 units - 5+ mill+Discounts
50 units - 12+ mil+Discounts

STOCK: About

bonuses and promotions add up
to 30-50 units+promotion

I really give out bonuses and worry about the safety of my customers, for this I have developed my own methods of transferring coins, transfer methods

if you transfer from a clean profile, I will transfer as safely as possible, but without a guarantee


I have more than 4000 transactions on this site alone, for a total of more than 10000,

I'm too lazy to make a beautiful description to prove something, the number of orders and reviews for me all say, you can just make an order and make sure that I'm not a scams

If you are reading this, then you are interested in why I have such a price, if you are interested, I will tell you why sellers are cheaper, it is not worth buying and that they risk your account

Do you have a question? Do you need help?

Just write to me
(All trades must go through

Any completed order cannot be cancelled.

-I use only the safest way to transfer coins, as well as all the necessary actions for this, you can write to me before buying, and I will tell you everything I worry about every buyer's account, see for yourself:)

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